george orwell 1984 rudyard kipling gunga din n.
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Modernism/Post Modern

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George Orwell 1984 Rudyard Kipling “ Gunga Din”. Modernism/Post Modern. Theme: Modernism. A person or persons who depart from what is a traditional style. Modern/Post-Modern Literature. Modernism begins after 1900 Modern/Post-Modern Literature comes after the Victorian Era

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george orwell 1984 rudyard kipling gunga din
George Orwell


Rudyard Kipling

“Gunga Din”

Modernism/Post Modern

theme modernism
Theme: Modernism
  • A person or persons who depart from what is a traditional style
modern post modern literature
Modern/Post-Modern Literature
  • Modernism begins after 1900
  • Modern/Post-Modern Literature comes after the Victorian Era
  • Modern Literature is that which comes after the Victoria Era but before WWII
  • Post-Modern Literature is that literature which comes after WWII
who was rudyard kipling
Who was Rudyard Kipling?
  • He was born in India
  • Personally familiar with British Imperialism
  • Nobel Prize winning story teller
  • Best known for “The Jungle Book” and for “Gunga Din”
  • British Poet Laureateship
  • Declined knighthood
  • Very well traveled
  • The youngest ever to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.
kipling a nazi sympathizer
Kipling a Nazi sympathizer?
  • No, but he was mistaken for one because he included the swastika on many of his books.
  • The Nazi party, however, did not adopt this symbol until 1920 –Kipling had been using it far longer as it is an Indian symbol for “auspicious object,” and is a common basket weaving.
gunga din
“Gunga Din”
  • Narrative: A poem that tells a story
  • Macaronic Verse: Combining two languages together in one work
  • Reveals the racism of the colonial infantry
  • He celebrated the virtue of the non-European
  • There are some off-rhymes, however, with the combination British and Hindi accent –it rhymes
  • “You’re a better man than I am Gunga Din” is one of the most famous, most frequently quoted lines
dystopian literature
Dystopian Literature:

Cautionary tales warning people what is to come in the event society/government continues in its course, or it highlights what is happening presently so society can better understand the implications of what is happening

  • 1984
  • Animal Farm
who was george orwell
Who was George Orwell?
  • He began as a police officer in the Imperial Army (Army of the British Empire)
  • He was stationed in Burma
  • He became very politically aware and later regretted being a part of this
  • He left to write
  • He was an English novelist and Journalist
  • He was very politically active
  • His opposition to totalitarianism and social injustice was reflected in his dystopian writing
animal farm and 1984
Animal Farm and 1984
  • These two novels, together, have sold more copies than any two books by any other 20th-century author
  • They are read by high school students not only in Great Britain but the United States and other countries throughout Europe
  • They are referenced continuously in contemporary popular culture, politics, and literature
on television
On Television
  • The show “Big Brother”
  • The show “30 Rock” –episode “Into the Crevasse”
  • The show “SpongeBob Square Pants” –Manray is watching you
  • Apple Commercials
in music
In Music
  • David Bowie’s album Diamond Dogs
  • John Lennon’s song “Only People”
  • REM’s song “The Battle of Los Angeles”
  • The Dead Kennedys' 1979 single “California UberAlles"
  • Cold Play’s song “Spies”
  • Judas Priest’s song “Electric Eye”
  • Four bands have also named albums “1984”
  • Etc. . .
in video games
In Video Games
  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Half Life 2
  • Sim City Societies
  • Sanctuary Woods
  • Valve Corportation
other dystopian works
Other Dystopian Works
  • Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World
  • Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
  • Ayn Rand’s Anthem