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CribMaster™ ProLock

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CribMaster™ ProLock. CribMaster Advantage Support Options Videos - Technical Support 1-855-CRIB-CMS 1-855-274-2267 CribMaster Support portal –

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CribMaster Advantage Support - Support 1-855-CRIB-CMS 1-855-274-2267CribMaster Support portal –

prolock specifications
ProLock specifications
  • Specs: 83”(Tall) x 35.2”(Wide) x 38” (Deep)

Europe 210.8 cm (Tall) x 89.5 cm (Wide) x 96.6 cm (Deep)

Add 5.9” (15 cm) for pallet height

  • Machine Weight (Empty, w/Pallett) = 550lbs (249kg)
  • Maximum Shelve Weight = 50lbs (22kg)
  • 4.5 Amps.@ 115 VAC 60 HZ and 2.25 Amps @ 240VAC 50 HZ
  • Temperature Range – Temperature Range -4F to 140F (-20 to 60 Celsius)
  • Humidity of 20% to 80% RH Non-Condensing
  • Possibility of 24 individual items.
prolock bin naming
Prolock Bin Naming

Bin Naming Format<Crib #>-<Door #>-<Join or Group Operator>

Ex: 10-01-2

The Join or Group Operator is not required. (See next slide)

prolock door joining
Prolock door joining

The photo shows the versatility of the CribMaster ProLock. If needed, as many as 12 doors could be joined (on either side) in order to make one large bin.

Using the photo example of a two door bin, you would identify Crib/Bin as below: (Assuming 10 is the Crib Number)

Crib/Bin Item Number

10-01-2 567432

10-02 Delete this Bin

10-03 6784563

10-04 987878


prolock shelve removal
Prolock Shelve Removal

Before a shelve can be removed, locate and remove the single screw from the back of the machine. Slide shelve out of the front.

Shelve brackets swing upward. Then pull inward to remove.

prolock bin grouping
Prolock bin grouping
  • Grouping of bins identifies to ATR that you want to dispense product as if the group of bins was actually one bin. Quantities are tracked by the individual bin however dispensing takes place as if the quantities of the grouped bins are one.
  • Dispensing will start at the lower bin and continue until that bin is empty. Dispensing will now take place at the middle bin door. This door will continue to dispense until it is empty then move to the top door.

Many distributors have found that bin grouping is not needed when you set “LIST BY ITEM” = TRUE within CribMaster ATR.

cribmaster prolock master
Cribmaster ProLock Master

When a ProLock is used with an All-In-One computer, (aka: ProLock Master) door number 03 and 04 are not usable to the customer. Do not apply an item number in these two bins.

These two doors could be used by the distributor for storage (not dispensing) if needed. These doors could be opened by swinging the computer case to the left and tapping OPEN on the ADJUST screen in ATR.

atr setup
ATR Setup

The above configuration displays how you would setup two ProLocks that connect to the same All-In-One computer. For each additional ProLock the All-In-One computer will need a additional Serial/Com port. One Serial/Com port per ProLock.

  • Due to the fact that this machine has very few moving parts troubleshooting is simplified.

If no doors will open, check for power to the main board. Check for lights on the main-board.

troubleshooting cont
Troubleshooting (cont.)
  • If one door will not open, check for foreign material that is jamming the door. Is the door binding? Manually activate the door opening mechanism (left panel removed). Is the door latch engaging? Are the wires disconnected from the main-board?