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Dear Mike Thanks for your message directed to me by the Office. PowerPoint Presentation
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Dear Mike Thanks for your message directed to me by the Office.

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Dear Mike Thanks for your message directed to me by the Office. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 08:57:15 -0500From: Mike Albrow <>To: JINST Editorial Office <>Cc: mike albrow <>, Albert De Roeck <>,     david.d', coxb@mail.desy.deSubject: Authors questionDear JInst editorial office,Questions:       A major paper on the project to install far forward detectors at CMSand ATLAS,about 180 pages with 100 authors, is ready. It includes some theory as wellas instrumentation,and so has some theoretical authors as well as experimenters and someengineers. I believethat is not an issue, am I correct?      Could you please clarify for me the arrangement with CERN aboutpublishing LHCinstrumentation papers. Does it apply to LHC accelerator instrumentationonly, or to allinstrumentation papers from the experiments also? Is it a formal agreementwith anexpiration date, or informal, more of a guideline? Is there somethingsimilar for physics papers in JHEP?       Thanks, Mike


Dear Mike

Thanks for your message directed to me by the Office.

From what you describe, this document seems to be a proposal for

experiments at both CMS and ATLAS. Am i right?

We never discussed the matter of publishing proposals;

I wonder if JHEP would accept a "paper" suggesting an

idea for experiments. JINST would accept a short article describing ideas for

experimental facilities, but only as technical report (we published 1 i think).

I'm willing to look into this report and discuss the matter

with the other Directors and with Hector.

CERN report summarize the experimental facilities of approved and ready

machine and experiments. We hired "guest reviewers" for these,

which will be published most probably in July 08 as special issue of LHC.

In addition to these LHC detectors and machine TECHNICAL REPORTS

we currently get regular articles on all sub systems of the LHC detectors.

I hope we convince the experiments to publish physics results in JHEP.

Hector and Marc can tell you more on that.

With kind regardfs




Dear Mike,

Following the discussions held at the recent Directors' meeting at SISSA Medialab,

and after having looked at the paper you discuss in your mail below,

we suggest to submit this article to JINST.

I understood from you that the submission should be made

after ATLAS and CMS approval.

Pls note that according to CERN rules, if there are

CERN-affiliated authors, the submission will also require CERN-officials' approval.

The review process of this 180 page report will take about 3 months.

With kind regards,