Youth participation guidance workshop summit hotel kathmandu 17 april 2009 dfid cso working group
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Youth Participation Guidance Workshop Summit Hotel, Kathmandu 17 April 2009 DFID-CSO Working Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Youth Participation Guidance Workshop Summit Hotel, Kathmandu 17 April 2009 DFID-CSO Working Group. Aims of the workshop. To inform key partners regarding the aims of the Youth Guidance Project.

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Youth participation guidance workshop summit hotel kathmandu 17 april 2009 dfid cso working group

Youth Participation Guidance WorkshopSummit Hotel, Kathmandu17 April 2009DFID-CSO Working Group

Aims of the workshop
Aims of the workshop

  • To inform key partners regarding the aims of the Youth Guidance Project.

  • Increased awareness on youth participation issues and commitment built towards taking action in this area.

  • Collaborative discussion on scoping the potential strategic opportunities for youth participation.

SPW volunteers in Sierra Leone training youth on women’s rights

First-ever mock Youth Parliament held in Nepal after 16 years of civil conflict, organized by SPW

Youth Guidance Project

Definitions youth participation
Definitions: Youth Participation?

  • For this project focusing on one aspect of youth: UN legal definition young people aged 15-24

  • What is youth participation? What words come to your mind? Brainstorm with partner…

Youth Guidance Project

Definitions youth participation1
Definitions: Youth Participation?

Participation is an ongoing process of … active involvement in decision making (at different levels) in matters that concern them. It requires information sharing and dialogue between children and adults, which is based on mutual respect and power sharing. Genuine participation gives children [youth] the power to shape both the process and outcome.  Participation is proactive.’ (Source: Save the Children’s UK Regional office in South and Central Asia, 2001)

Youth Guidance Project

Why this project
Why this project?

  • Identified as a need by:

    • DFID as a component of their increasing work and attention on young people

    • By other NGOs as part of the DFID-CSO Youth Working Group

    • Direct partnership between donors & CSOs to prove youth participation works!

Youth Guidance Project

What we re aiming to achieve
What we’re aiming to achieve:

  • Creation of youth participation guidance materials for bi-lateral and multi-lateral donor agencies

  • Uniquely tested and developed in partnership with those agencies during two pilot phases (in Uganda and Nepal)

Youth Guidance Project


DFID Equity & Rights Team in London

Bilaterals and multi-lateral support at HQ level (input of resources and case studies) from:

UNICEF, World Bank, UNFPA, GTZ, NZ Aid

The Project is led by Students Partnership Worldwide (SPW) on behalf of the DFID-CSO Working Group on Youth.

Key members of the UK Project Committee (7)from this Group are: Plan International, UNICEF, SPW, British Youth Council (BYC), the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council (CYEC), Peace Child international (PCI) & International Alert.

Co-ordinated by SPW Uganda:

SPW Director & Ugandan Youth Participation Officer

UK Project team:

Project Manager & 3 P/t Youth Participation Officers

Co-ordinated by SPW Nepal:

SPW Director, & Nepal Youth Participation Officer

SMART piloting of resources that add value to selected in country partners work

SMART piloting of resources that add value to selected in country partners work

Supported Project Committee (support team to set up)

Supported Project Committee (support team to set up)


The guide
The Guide….

  • Part 1 - Rationale for working with and for youth

  • Part 2 – Generic resources and case studies on youth policy and programming, including specific tools for:

    - Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS

    - Governance, Voice and Accountability

    - Post - Conflict Transitions and Youth Civic Participation (link to employment)

  • Part 3 - Process of producing the Guide itself: a project in youth participation.

Youth Guidance Project

An example case study
An example case study….

How to involve young people as researchers

  • The WRC sought to improve services and protection to adolescents affected by armed conflict: Kosovo; Sierra Leone; and northern Uganda.

  • Experiences of adolescents affected by war and persecution, and the international and local responses. They were designed and led by young people, which included individual interviews & focus group discussions.

    How did Donor Agencies benefit?

  • The United Nations Security Councilincorporated recommendations of adolescents in Sierra Leone on HIV/AIDS & sexual exploitation of children by aid workers into Resolution 1460 (on Children and Armed Conflict).

  • Danida responded to the recommendations by working with young people and community leaders in northern Uganda to design and implement a new Education Initiative (secondary schooling).

  • Young people gained access to high-level policy discussions at the Winnipeg Conference on War-affected Children in September 2000, the United Nations Special Session on Children in May 2002

    WRC, 2005, “Youth Speak Out”

Youth Guidance Project

The pilot
The Pilot…

Proving it works: Testing youth participation through a number of discrete, time-bound initiatives identified as a group of partners

  • 10 months in Uganda and Nepal

  • Coordinated by SPW Nepal in partnership with donor agencies and other CSO’s

  • Adding value to and providing an additional resource and support to donor agencies

SPW Uganda Former Volunteer Richard Wanzala addressing MPs in the UK Houses of Parliament on the need to engage young people in development.

Youth Guidance Project

Mr uday raj pandey
Mr Uday Raj Pandey


National Youth Policy Drafting Task Force

Youth Guidance Project


  • Make youth accountable and responsible towards nation, Nationality and Federal Republic Structure

  • Ensuring the fundamental rights of youth engage them in productive sector for the economic, social and political development of the Nation by their meaningful participation at all levels.

  • Instate dignity of labor, develop intellectual and physical capabilities among youth whereby the youth can remain safe from ill practices hence develop capable youth.

Major areas
Major Areas

  • Education: Formal and Informal

  • Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development

  • Employment: Domestic and Foreign

  • Participation: Social and Cultural

  • Youth Mobilization

  • Health and Family Well being: HIV/AIDS, Malnutrition, healthy lifestyle, mental health,

  • Culture, Sports and Entertainment

  • Drug abuse

  • Human Trafficking

  • Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Science and Technology

  • Sustainable Peace Building and Conflict transformation

Implementation mechanism
Implementation Mechanism

STRUCTURE OF NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCILPresident (Youth Minister)Executive Vice PresidentDirector Deputy Director

(At Central Level) Counseling Information Skill development and Employment

(At District Level)

Office Secretary Counseling Information Skill development and Employment

Youth participation guidance workshop summit hotel kathmandu 17 april 2009 dfid cso working group

Thank You!

Mr Uday Raj Pandey


National Youth Policy Drafting Task Force

Themes from meetings
Themes from meetings…

  • Consensus amongst partners on engaging young people as a priority at government, CSO & donor level

  • Consensus there is a need for co-ordination to avoid duplication & sharing of lessons learnt

  • Possible areas to engage youth as partners (not just as beneficiaries)…

Youth Guidance Project

Potential menu of activities
Potential menu of activities


  • The new National Development Plan

  • National Youth Policy

  • National Plan of Action for Youth Employment

Youth Guidance Project

Potential menu of activities1
Potential menu of activities


  • Mapping of donor youth interventions & policies in Nepal (& CSOs?)

  • Youth led Research:

    • Are youth interventions actually benefitting target groups?

    • Gender based violence

    • Linkages between child and youth clubs: What next for child club members?

    • What are the best structural mechanisms for youth governance (national youth councils, local and district committee representation)?

    • Life skills packages for adolescent girls in the employment fund: what’s needed?

    • Youth & security

    • Transparency & accountability

    • Other thematic areas?

Youth Guidance Project

Potential menu of activities2
Potential menu of activities

Coordination & donor organisational development

  • Guiding framework for donors (principles/ ‘do no harm’)

  • Co-ordinating mechanism/body (involving donors and CSOs?)

  • Youth on donor project advisory committees/ proposal review panels

  • Creating a Bank of donor youth fellowships

  • Greater direct contact with senior staff and youth

  • Youth adult partnerships/mentoring

Youth Guidance Project

Potential menu of activities3
Potential menu of activities

Programmatic processes

  • Development of donor proposal guidelines (for youth interventions)

  • Involving youth in donor/national youth audits/assessments (what are young people’s needs?)

  • Youth led Monitoring & Evaluation (e.g. UNFPA & youth score card or age disaggregation in wider M&E interventions)

  • Celebrating the success of youth (recognition & reinforcement: local, district & national levels)

  • Youth adult partnerships/mentoring (e.g INGOs mentoring youth NGOs)

  • Youth Access to Information: consultations; dissemination; policy into practice

Youth Guidance Project

Questions for discussion
Questions for discussion

  • In addition to the potential areas identified are there other existing and future areas of donor work where youth participation could add value?

  • Identify any potential activities that your organisation may be willing to pilot?

Youth Guidance Project

Youth Guidance Project

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Write up of workshop and discussions

  • Prioritising areas to take forward

  • Feedback to wider donor agency network

  • Development of work plan

  • Next group meeting

Youth Guidance Project

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