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Sustainable Forest Management & Canfor’s Forest Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Forest Management & Canfor’s Forest Management System

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Sustainable Forest Management & Canfor’s Forest Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainable Forest Management & Canfor’s Forest Management System. 2012/13. Outline. Certification Standards Overview of Canfor’s Sustainable Forest Management Program - What is Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Why is SFM important to Canfor? How will Canfor deliver SFM?

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Sustainable Forest Management & Canfor’s Forest Management System

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    1. Sustainable Forest Management & Canfor’s Forest Management System 2012/13

    2. Outline • Certification Standards • Overview of Canfor’s Sustainable Forest Management Program - What is Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) • Why is SFM important to Canfor? • How will Canfor deliver SFM? • Sustainable Forest Management Plans (SFMP) • FMS Overview, Structure, Elements • Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPRP) • Take Away Messages

    3. Certification Standards ISO 14001 Standard • An internationally recognized Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) • Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) • Can be applied to all types and sizes of organizations

    4. Certification Standards CAN/CSA Sustainable Forest Management Standard • CAN/CSA Z809-02 standard is based on a Canadian definition of sustainability developed by the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM). Registers a performance standard rather than a product or systems standard. • New Standard Approved in 2010 (CAN/CSA Z809-08). • Three years to transition to the new standard requirements. • Some of our SFM plans have already been adjusted to comply with the new standard. The remaining plans are currently in the process of transitioning to the new standard.

    5. Certification Standards Sustainable Forest Initiative • Canfor Southern Pine is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative sustainable forest management standard. • SFI is a fully-independent program for sustainable forest management that certifies forest operations across North America. • As Canfor Southern Pine does not manage forestland directly, our SFI certification pertains to procurement activities/programs. • These programs and plans are contained in the SFI Indicators and Evidence Matrix and accompanying SFI Implementation Programs.

    6. Certification Standards Forest Stewardship Council • FSC is an international certification and labeling system dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests.  • Canfor’s Elko and Canal Flats sawmills are certified under FSC Chain of Custody which ensures our tracking of forest fibre through the supply chain.  

    7. What is Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)? • A process to deliver forest values in a way that does not compromise those values for future generations. Goal: “Maintain & enhance the long-term health of our forest ecosystems, for the benefit of all living things both nationally & globally, while providing environmental, economic, social & cultural opportunities for the benefit of present &future generations.”(1998 Canada Forest Accord / National Forest Strategy)

    8. What is Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)? Ecologically Appropriate Options Sustainable Forest Management Options Economically Viable Options Socially Acceptable Options

    9. Why is SFM Important to Canfor? • Customers are demanding products from sustainable forests • A proactive rather than reactive system to manage change • A commitment made by the Forest Products Association of Canada.

    10. How Will Canfor Deliver SFM?

    11. How Does Canfor Deliver SFM? • Engaging the public in discussions about forest values & priorities through Public Advisory Groups (PAGs) • Creating Sustainable Forest Management Plans (SFMPs) • Maintaining Certification for those plans • Implementing the SFMPs through a Forest Management System (FMS) that also guides field forest practices using an Environmental Management System approach.

    12. Canfor’s Forest Management System Sustainable Forest Management Plans

    13. Sustainable Forest Management Plans • Translates the strategic goals of Sustainable Forest Management to operational reality on the ground using locally developed Criteria & Indicators, • Covers a specific area - Defined Forest Area (DFA), • Considers a range of social, ecological and economic values for the DFA, • Considers current legislation and government policy, • Designed to meet the requirements of the CSA Z809-02 or 08 Certification Standard.

    14. Sustainable Forest Management Plans Forest Management System (FMS) Public Values: Communities LRMP’s/Public/PAGs/First Nations Canfor - Policies - Plans Research & Monitoring SFM Plan CSA Standards Government Legislation, Policies Certification Implementation

    15. FMG SFM Plans Canfor is involved with 13 SFM Plans Grande Prairie Fort Nelson Fort St John Pilot Chetwynd TFL 48 Mackenzie PG (Includes TFL 30) Fort St James District Vanderhoof District Lakes District (Houston) Morice District (Houston) Quesnel Kamloops TSA (Vavenby) Radium All are Certified under CAN/CSA Z809 (02) or (08)

    16. FMG SFM Plans Public Advisory Groups (PAGs) • Contribute to the identification of local values • Information sharing, discussing common concerns • Provide feedback through review of performance via Annual Reports Annual Reporting • An annual report showing performance of the SFM Plan indicators is produced every year Regular Auditing Canfor conducts regular third party audits of our SFMPs • Internal ( Consultant) • External ( Registrar)

    17. Canfor’s Forest Management System Review of Canfor’s Forest Management System

    18. Canfor’s Forest Management System - Overview • A System combining the elements of an Environmental Management System (ISO) and a Sustainable Forest Management Program (CSA). • Includes all activities within Canfor's Woodlands on Canfor tenures, whether performed by Canfor's or a contractor's employees.

    19. Canfor’s Forest Management System - Overview • Canfor’s Forest Management System identifies, addresses and manages environmental impacts and sustainable forest management commitments within all of Canfor’s Woodlands Operations • The system is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act Continual Improvement Cycle

    20. FMS Also Describes • Roles & Responsibility; • Training, • Documentation; • Operational Controls; • Emergency Preparedness and Response; • Monitoring and Measurement; • Incidents, and Corrective and Preventative Action; • Records; • Management System Audit; • Management Review

    21. Canfor’s Forest Management System Environmental Aspects: • Defined as: “An element of an organization’s activities that can interact with the environment” • Every activity that we do (falling trees, site prepping, road building, tree planting, driving ATV’s, etc.) has the potential to cause an impact (good or bad) on the environment. • Canfor currently manages for a list of 18 Environmental Aspects. 9 of these are reviewed at each Pre-work/Inspection: Fire Terrain Stability Soil Productivity Drainage Patterns Fish Habitat Riparian Areas Forest Health Generation of CO2 etc. Petroleum/Chemical Handling

    22. Canfor’s Forest Management System Environmental Program: • The top significant aspects and associated activities are chosen annually • Objectives, targets, and action plans are developed to reduce the potential environmental impact • 2012 Environmental Program Objectives: • Reduce the number of harvest and road trespasses. • Reduce operational related impacts on fish habitat. • Reduce the number of occurrences of sedimentation and/or disruption of water flow.

    23. Canfor’s Forest Management System Operational Controls – are intended to eliminate, reduce or mitigate impacts • Standard Work Procedures • Emergency Preparedness Plans • Management Systems & procedures • Standards - Fuel Standards, Ribbon & Paint Standards • Pre Work Meetings • Monitoring & Inspections • Corrective Action Plans

    24. Canfor’s Forest Management System FMG Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

    25. Canfor’s Forest Management System • The Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP) describes the emergency responsibilities, response organization, and provides associated information and procedures in preparing for and responding to emergency situations. • Emergency situations identified in the Canfor EPRP are: • First Aid • Forest Fire • Spill • Natural Catastrophe

    26. Canfor’s Forest Management System • The EPRP is applicable to all Canfor employees • In BC operations the environmental related sections (Forest Fire, Spill, and Natural Catastrophe) of the EPRP are also applicable to contractors employees and subcontractors. • The safety related section (First Aid) only applies to Canfor staff. • All Canfor staff and Contractors (BC only) are required to have a copy of the EPRP and be familiar with all applicable parts of the document. • The EPRP booklet must be available when activities are being conducted on Canfor tenured operations.

    27. Canfor’s Forest Management System • The EPRP Contains • Emergency Response Concepts • Canfor Environmental Policy • Contract Worker and Contract Supervisor SWP’s • First Aid Evacuation Procedures • Forest Fire Preparedness and Response Procedures • Spill Preparedness and Response Procedures • Natural Catastrophe Response Procedures • Contact Information for FMG staff, Key Contractors and Emergency Numbers • Medivac Information, Spill Report, and Initial Fire Report forms

    28. Take Away Messages • Canfor is Committed to Sustainable Forest Management and to continually improving our environmental results • Canfor’s Environmental and Sustainable Forest Management commitments are delivered through our Sustainable Forest Management Plans & our Forest Management System. • Canfor’s FMS is ISO 14001 registered and FMG has 13 SFMPs registered under CAN / CSA Z809 02 and/or 08. • It is important to be prepared to respond to emergency situations. Canfor manages this through the Canfor EPRP.

    29. Take Away Messages Your Responsibility: • Through your training, understand & carry out those SFM & FMS responsibilities as they apply to your position.

    30. QUESTIONS?