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Carlsen Contracting Company

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Carlsen Contracting Company
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Carlsen Contracting Company

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  1. Carlsen Contracting Company For the informed homeowner *Click to advance slides

  2. Is Carlsen Contracting the right choice for you? • Is bigger better? • Overhead…who needs it? • Surprise! • I love your hair… • Experience is not our middle name, but it should be. • Haven’t I seen you somewhere? • Have we met? • Thank you, thank you very much.

  3. Size Matters? The “Big Boys” Carlsen Contracting With the housing boom in Manatee County a few years ago came many contracting companies/developers. When the market took a downturn, these companies changed gears to accommodate the need for custom homes and remodels. While these builders are very qualified, they are also supporting overhead acquired from years past, including large office buildings, full-time office employees and expensive development equipment. This additional expense can sometimes be passed onto the client. . Carlsen Contracting is owned and operated solely by Stephen Carlsen. We have been serving Manatee County for 10 years specializing in custom homes, remodeling and commercial buildings. Since the company is light on executives, our overhead expenses are less than other builders. We are able to provide quality service by employing specialized subcontractors on an as needed basis. Most all of these subcontractors have worked for Carlsen Contracting for over 10 years and are highly qualified, insured and trustworthy. *Quick Fact: Carlsen Contracting uses most of the same subcontractors as the largest homebuilders and remodelers in Manatee County!

  4. So where does your money go? Carlsen Contracting The “Big Boys” *Quick Fact: By keeping our operating expenses low, Carlsen Contracting can provide it’s clients with top-notch work at a great price. Overhead. Many of the larger contractors are working to cover their overhead expenses. There are such expenses as large building centers supporting a hefty load of employees on the payroll. This expense is often passed onto the client. Just enough. Carlsen Contracting’s office is housed in a multi-use facility owned by the company . Also, our company relies on subcontracted employees who are only paid by the job. These employees include professionals such as accounts, IT managers, specialized construction staff (carpenters, electricians, cabinet builders, etc.) Since these employees are paid only as needed, Carlsen Contracting can pass the savings on to the client.

  5. There are always unexpected elements that come up during the building process, it happens to all builders. However, many times estimates and bids can vary greatly for the same project and the homeowner is left with a big surprise when the final bill arrives. Carlsen Contracting will give you an actual number that is accurate. Most custom homes and offices are built with high quality materials so these materials should be factored in the project estimate before the building begins. Granite. Granite is only one example of how products can vary greatly in style and price. Some builders consider granite (among other things) an “upgrade” and pass the cost on to the client as an additional charge, above the estimated number. Make sure you know the difference. Carlsen Contracting will take time with the client to learn exactly what the client wants and submit a bid based on these details. After all, it is the details that make the difference. It’s your space and we want you in it! Carlsen Contracting will provide the client with an accurate estimate of building time, too. No one wants to be left out in the cold! *Quick Fact: Carlsen Contracting typically completes a project at or under budget in the time frame promised. No surprises here! Surprise! How can one estimate be so much less than others? Upgraded or expected? Your time matters.

  6. Who does your hair? Choosing a contractor should be a decision you make carefully, like choosing a doctor, dentist or even a hair stylist. Most of us do not choose these professionals from ads, the phonebook or even name recognition. We ask our friends and get referrals! Carlsen Contracting’s business is based solely on referrals from our satisfied clients. *Quick Fact: Carlsen Contracting has many repeat customers who come to us for all their home and business needs.

  7. “Experience” Carlsen Contracting It has a nice ring to it! Carlsen Contracting has been serving Manatee, Sarasota and Pinellas Counties for over 10 years. We are highly experienced in custom home building, remodeling and commercial building. Not only does Carlsen Contracting have a long history in this area, but we have the referrals of clients who are proud to recommend Carlsen Contracting to you. We will be happy to provide any new client with a list of referrals. *Quick Fact: Our clients are so pleased with the w0rk completed by Carlsen Contracting that they have offered to share their satisfaction with future clients.

  8. It’s great to see you again …and again …and again! With Carlsen Contracting you can count on superior service. Stephen is on site to supervise every step of your project. He is also available by mobile phone so he can personally answer your questions as they come up. By being on site, Stephen can pay attention to every detail and will communicate with the homeowner to assure no detail is overlooked. *Quick fact: Many big builders rely on a foreman to supervise their projects while they manage their jobs from an office.

  9. Have we met? Stephen Carlsen was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended military school at North Georgia College in Dahlonega and served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army. Stephen met and married his wife, Lynn Howze Carlsen, a Bradenton native, while in Atlanta. Shortly after marriage, Stephen and Lynn moved to Bradenton to start a family and form Carlsen Contracting in 1990. Stephen is a licensed contractor, a realtor, and is certified in many other subspecialties. He is a member of the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce, the Manatee County Homebuilders Association and serves on the City of Bradenton Contractor Board of Rules and Appeals. Stephen also serves on the Board of Trustees at Trinity United Methodist Church and is a Boy Scout Leader. He is a former MHBA Board Member and past chairman of the MHBA Remodelers Committee. Stephen volunteers his building skills at many local charities, schools and churches. In his free time, Stephen enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing as well as spending time with his family.

  10. Thanks for your time! Thanks for taking a few minutes to discover what Carlsen contracting company has to offer. We appreciate our existing clients and look forward to meeting new clients, too. contact us if there is anything we can do for you. Client satisfaction is our primary goal! 941-722-7799 License #cbc059893