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VEN - The Pearl in Öresund PowerPoint Presentation
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VEN - The Pearl in Öresund

VEN - The Pearl in Öresund

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VEN - The Pearl in Öresund

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  1. VEN - The Pearl in Öresund

  2. BEING A TOURIST • To get to the island, you must first travel by the Ven Traffic. • You take the boat from the busstation in Landskrona. The trip to Ven takes about 30min and you will arrive at Bäckviken.

  3. BEING A TOURISTHow to get around • Ven is most popular for it’s yellow bikes, that you can rent at the top of the hill above Bäckviken.

  4. BEING A TOURISTHow to get around • And if you don’t want to take the bike, take the bus instead. The Ven bus goes around the island every day, every hour.

  5. BEING A TOURISTHotels and camping areas • Ven’s Camping and holiday Village Ven Camping & Holiday Village is run by family Ljungqvist since 1990. The season runs from 16 April to 30 September. The cost of the tents are from SEK 160 per night depending on how big the tent is. The price includes access to showers and toilets in seperat women and men departements, as well as access to a common kitchen. • Ven’s Old Farm The Old Farm was rebuilt 2005, the cabins are 20m2 each. All the cabins have up to 6 beds. The price for one cabin with 4 beds and 2 extra beds is SEK 1 390 / night. • Ven’s Holken Holken is also rebuilt and redesigned. Holken can take up to 8 persons. Holken is near the beach, supermarket and golf. The cost for one night for 2 persons is SEK 385.

  6. BEING A TOURISTRestaurants • PrästaSvängen PrästaSvängen is open the year around, for companies and groups. Reservationsoff season by appointment. From Monday, 23 / 6 to the 10 / 8 open daily from noon until evening a lacarte.The pub serves cold drinks from all around the world. • Pumpkin cafe & restaurant Pumpkin cafe & restaurant you will find in the middle of the island of Ven in Tuna Farm trees.Mainly vegetarian food inspired by Mediterranean and Asian kitchens. Cold and hot dishes, delicious pastries and desserts. They make extensive use of organic ingredients and the coffee is grounded on request.

  7. Animals on Ven

  8. Plants on Ven

  9. Durum wheat

  10. Cycling on Ven Route

  11. S:t Ibbs

  12. The church St Ibb was founded at the end of 13th century of a Dutchman. The church has room for 125 people and is one of the Sweden’s most loved wedding churches.

  13. Gabriel Jönsson Gabriel Jönsson was a Swedish poet who is especially famous for his text ”Flicka från Backafall”. He came to Ven because he thought the island was inspirational for his writing and a lot of his work was written on Ven.

  14. Painters and artist on Ven

  15. A sculptor Lena Cedergren is a sculptor whom you can visit on Ven. She works with bronze andterracotta. Here are some examples of her work.

  16. Art garden Are you interested in art? On the island Ven you find a nice, cosy garden and a small gallery where you can join a course. It’s three days long and the aim with the course is that you can get started with your own painting. From the two people who command the course you will get support, advice, viewpoints and some creative exercise. You also have an opportunity to rent a room and sleep over during the course.

  17. A silver- and goldsmith’s shop The cozy, silver and goldsmith’s shop, which was opened in 1995, lies in the middle of the island. The shop is open during the summer season and you can combine a visit there with a lovely bike trip in the beautiful nature that Ven has to offer. Jan-Åke Ståhl designs and manufactures exclusive jewelry in both silver and gold, you will also find a wide assortment of rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry.

  18. Tycho Brahe

  19. Stjärneborg and Uraniborg The places where Tycho Brahe lived and worked

  20. Uraniborg His castle Uraniborg was Tycho Brahes most impressing building. The roof of the towers were in copper and used by astronomical observations. The castle was surrounded by high dikes and a magnificent garden. Uraniborg was built 1576-1581 as a renaissance castle.

  21. Little facts about Uraniborg • Uraniborg was Tycho Brahe’s first observatory • In the 17th century the castle was torn down • Today there is only a marking of where the castle once was • The renaissance garden of Uraniborg was the first one in Scandinavia • There were both health and ornamental plants in the garden • In Deutsches Museum in München there is a model of Uraniborg

  22. StjärneborgHis observatory Stjärneborg was built below the ground surface. It was built because the balconies of Uraniborg, that first were used for his observatories, weren’t stabile enough. Stjärneborg was attached in the ground to avoid wind.

  23. Museums on Hven

  24. Information about the Tycho Brahe museum • It was built in the year of 2005. • Year 2007it was nominated for the prestigious ’Museum of the year’ award. • It’s located in the former All Saints Church.

  25. His accomplishments • He observed one of the first supernova that could be seen by the naked eye. • He constructed an observatory on the island of Ven. • He made amazingly accurate astronomical observations without the benefit of a telescope.

  26. Significance • He enabled Johannes Kepler to formulate his three laws of planetary motion by collecting the most accurate observations of the planets and the stars • He proved a new star had been born in what was before seen as an 'unchangeable' sky

  27. Sports and Activities on Ven

  28. Football Golf • Football golf on Ven is around Gamlegård, about 10 minutes walk from Bäckviken where the boat from Landskrona arrives. How does it work? Well, it looks like a golf course, with obstacles like a miniature golf course, but you kick a football. You are divided into groups of 2-6 persons. It takes about 1,5-2 hours to go around the track.

  29. 3-fight • You can have 3-fight or 6-fight on Gamlegård. You then choose between 20 different activities which take between 15-45 minutes. You compete in teams of 5-10 persons. You always compete in relay form which means that you compete 2-4 teams against each other with the same activity. The activities you can choose between are beach volleyball, bungy-run, clay pigeon shooting, mc-race, archery and much more.

  30. RobinsonStruggle • Robinson Struggle is a funny, entertaining struggle with both physical and mental activities. There are always 2 teams which compete against each other with the same activity in relay form. There are 5 activities which take about 30 minutes. The activities are dizziness relay, king of the hill, build a bridge, spelling words and keep the fire alive.

  31. TheWhiskey The distillery on Ven is a one of a kind. It is a small pot distillery where all the whiskey is produced in one place. The barrels containing the whiskey are made of oak and the distillery is tryng to achieve the highest standards possible.

  32. TheBarrels The distillery owners go all over Europe to find the best barrels they can lay their hands on. The barrels are kept in a very controlled environment.

  33. The Products • The whiskey is the no 1 product the distillery makes. They describe the whiskey as a ”gentle rain in the autumn while the mild sun shines on the island”

  34. TheProducts • Gin is organic and is handicrafted. The gin is spiced with vanilla and other flavours • Vodka from the distillery is full of flavours and has hints of vanilla • Aqua vitae both tastes and smells like coffee.