improving teacher quality grant administration meeting april 9 2008 l.
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Improving Teacher Quality Grant Administration Meeting April 9, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Improving Teacher Quality Grant Administration Meeting April 9, 2008

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Improving Teacher Quality Grant Administration Meeting April 9, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Improving Teacher Quality Grant Administration Meeting April 9, 2008. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute. The Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program. Funded by Title II: Part A of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

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improving teacher quality grant administration meeting april 9 2008

Improving Teacher QualityGrant Administration MeetingApril 9, 2008

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute

the improving teacher quality grant program
The Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program

Funded by Title II: Part A of the

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

The goal of this program is to improve student academic achievement through initiatives grounded in scientific research that provide high-quality training for teachers.

itq partnerships
ITQ Partnerships

Eligibility is limited to partnerships that, at a minimum, comprise:

(1) a private or public institution of higher education and the division of the institution that prepares teachers and principals;

(2) arts and sciences faculty; and

(3) a high-need local educational agency (LEA)

ma improving teacher quality 2007 awards
MA Improving Teacher Quality 2007 Awards

5 Science

4 Math

1 Science/Math

1 Multi-Subject

4 in Boston PS

2 each in Holyoke/Springfield & Worcester PS

1 each in Fitchburg, Lowell & Southbridge PS




2008 funding: $970,000 for new and $300,000 for continuing grants

science grantees
Science Grantees

American International College (SPS) Physics First! for Teachers

Boston University (BPS, CPS) Improving the Quality of Teaching Physics

Boston College (BPS, RPS) Providing In-Depth Teacher Prep in Science thru content training, PD, & access to inquiry based curriculum resources

Fitchburg State College (FPS, LPS) Science Content Institutes & Integrating Science Inquiry for Grades 5-12 Teachers

Wheelock College (BPS)Outdoor science: environmental Science Professional Development for Elementary Teachers

math grantees
Math Grantees

Framingham State College (SPS) Elementary Math and Its Connection to Technology and Engineering Design

Lesley University (HPS) Lesley-Holyoke Math Partnership

Tufts University (BPS) Problem Solving with Discrete Math

UML (Lowell-Bartlett School)Enhancing Math Collaboration: School-University Initiative for PD

mixed subject grantees
Mixed Subject Grantees

College of the Holy Cross (WPS) Summer Math and Science Teacher Professional Development Workshops

Clark University (WPS) Curriculum and Knowing Program

today s discussion
Today’s Discussion

Program management by DHE/Donahue Institute

  • Project monitoring (site visits and email/phone)
  • Fiscal monitoring (expenditure reports 2X per year)
  • End-of-year Program Report-in spring’09

Project management by grantees

  • Execution of grant projects
  • Compliance with DHE monitoring requirements
  • End-of-year report by 12/31
monitoring visits for summer fall 08
Monitoring Visits for Summer/Fall 08

(In preparation for Federal Audit in 2009.)


Fitchburg State College

Lesley University



Dates to be discussed later today.

forms and reporting
Forms and Reporting

DHE Website for Teacher Quality Resources:

ITQ Program Forms - Eileen

Evaluation Materials - Jean

On-line Reporting - Dave



itq program forms
ITQ Program Forms

*Program Administration Instructions

Contact Information Form(update as needed)

Expenditure Report Form

(need to complete both mid-year and end-of-year)

Budget Amendment Request Form

(if necessary (> 20%) and with 30 days notice)

Grant Extension Request Form

(if necessary and before 12/1/08)

program administration instructions
Program Administration Instructions

The Project Director needs to manage all administration and reporting requirements for this grant and assume the final responsibility for meeting the terms and conditions set forth by the MDHE with respect to project and expenditure reporting. The director must oversee the ITQ partnership’s fiscal agent, use the ITQ forms, and comply with DHE expenditure and end-of-year reporting deadlines.

Payment Schedule:

50% in Jan.

40% “in middle” (after most of 1st payment is spent and 1st expenditure report is received)

10% at end (after receipt of 2nd/final expenditure report)

new equitable participation requirement
*NEW* Equitable Participation Requirement

An "equitable participation" requirement from Title IX of NCLB applies to the Improving Teacher Quality grants program.

Each grant project shall identify the nonprofit private schools that are located within the boundaries of the high-need LEA partner and “shall consult” with officials of these schools concerning design of and participation in the grant. You can ask LEA to help with this.

DHE will ask for evidence in the year-end report that an attempt was made to fulfill this requirement.


Data Collection



donahue institute background
Donahue Institute Background

Is the public service and outreach arm of the UMass President’s Office.

Provides a broad range of services to federal, state, local public and non-profit organizations. Services include applied social science research and program evaluation.

Has experience evaluating statewide education initiatives for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education and Department of Higher Education.

Has experience developing and implementing evaluation plans for professional development and other teacher-oriented activities at the local, regional, and state levels.

what we do
What We Do

The Donahue Institute has been contracted by the Department of Higher Education to provide technical assistance and support services to ITQ grantees as well as to generate a state-level evaluation report of the ITQ program.

To these purposes we have developed data collection and evaluation frameworks, features and forms.


Standard Logic Model of Professional Development:

Improved Student Outcomes

PD and Related Support Activities

Improved Instruction

Growth in Participant Skills / Knowledge


ITQ Evaluation has multiple components:

Object of Evaluation



Project as a whole

Form of Evaluation

Data Collection

Testing / Quantitative

Feedback / Qualitative

Purpose of Evaluation

Formative – Related to improvement

Summative – Related to outcomes


*Evaluation Plan Worksheet*

Anonymous Identifier Note

Knowledge Gains Reporting Form

Participant Data Collection Form

Professional Development Activity Information Form

Participant Feedback Form

Year-end Report: Format and Requirements



Click here to begin report

online reporting logging in
Online Reporting – Logging In
  • You need to set up a project reporting account before you can log in for the first time.
  • Username/ Password help is available. Information is sent only to the contact email address for the account.
online reporting main menu
Online Reporting – Main Menu
  • Report has multiple sections.
  • You can save your work without submitting it.
  • After you submit your report, you will no longer be able to edit it.
  • You can edit your Account Information if necessary.
online reporting activities
Online Reporting – Activities
  • Submit Activities as they are completed.
  • Once you submit an Activity, you will no longer be able to edit it.
  • Schedule Monitoring Visits

AIC, Fitchburg, Lesley, UML, Wheelock

  • Complete US DOE summary forms-electronic

3. Time to talk and share ideas

by region

by content area

by project type

4. Questions from you?

contact information
Contact Information

MA Department of Higher Education:

Eileen Lee (ITQ Program Director) (617) 994-6915

Jessica Cogswell (Financial Info.) (617) 994-6907

David Stewart (Web Interface) (617) 994-6943

UMass Donahue Institute:

Jean Supel (Research Manager for DHE Progams)

(508) 856-1210