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GOUT. Kayalvizhi natarajan Group 8. Gout-definition. Gout is defined as a peripheral arthritis resulting from the deposition of sodium urate crystals in joints of extremities and in renal interstitial tissue.

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Group 8



  • Gout is defined as a peripheral arthritis resulting from the deposition of sodium urate crystals in joints of extremities and in renal interstitial tissue.
  • Gout is characterized by elevated uric acid concentrations in blood and urine due to variety of metabolic abnormalities that include overproduction of purine nucleotides or the decreased excretion of uric acid

Main defects resulting gout

  • Increased PRPP Synthetase activity
  • Decrease in HGPRTase activity
  • Glucose -6-phosphatase deficiency
  • Elevation of glutathione reductase
  • Lack of feedback control of PRPP glutamylamidotransferase

Other causes

  • Fructose
  • Adiposity
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hypertension
  • Overconsumption of alcohol
  • Defect in renal transport of urate

Stages of gout

  • asymptomatic hyperuricemia: Of those with hyperuricaemia, 20% will go on to develop acute symptomatic gout.
  • acute gouty arthritis: the first attack involves one joint but it can also be polyarticular. Without specific treatment, an attack of acute gout is likely to resolve within 7–10 days.
  • interval or intercritical gout: If the urate level remains high (>0.36 mmol/L) despite the patient being symptom free, there can be ongoing joint inflammation and hence joint damage and tophi formation.

chronic or tophaceous gout: tophi are firm white translucent nodules due to deposition of urate crystals. It can take at least 10 years after the initial attack to develop. As well as causing joint destruction, they are disfiguring and also cause physical hindrance. Tophi can become inflamed or infected and can exude tophaceous material.


Signs & Symptoms

  • severe, sudden pain in one or more joints
  • (most often the joint in the big toe)
  • swollen joint(s)
  • red or purplish, tight, shiny skin over joint
  • Chills
  • Renal lithiasis
  • Uric acid nephropathy
  • Urate nephropathy
  • general feeling of illness
  • rapid heartbeat
  • hard lumps of urate crystal deposits under the skin (called tophi)


  • Gout may be confirmed with the examination of a fluid sample from the joint for the presence of urate crystals.
  • A tophus proved to contain urate crystals by chemical means or polarized light microscopy

Needle shaped MSU crystals identified within the joint. Viewed under polarizing light with a red compensator.



    • Acute
      • Soft tissue swelling
    • Chronic
      • chronic tophaceous gouty arthritis, extensive bony erosions are noted throughout the carpal bones
      • Sclerosis and joint-space narrowing are seen in the first metatarsophalangeal joint, as well as in the fourth interphalangeal joint .


  • Allopurinol
  • decreases both uric acid formation and de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides
  • Colchicine- antiinflamatory drug, other antiinflamatory drugs such as phenylbutazone, indomethacin, oxyphenbutazone,corticosteroids also useful.
  • Uricosuricdrugs- enhance renal excretion of uric acid
  • Restriction in dietry intake of purines and alcohol
  • Vietnamese traditional medicine indicate that 96 plants, including chrysanthemum sinense have been used to treat gout.