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Monster.Com. Joel Fried. Monster’s Main Page. Monster’s Main Page. The homepage of Monster allows the user to click on pages to help in their search for employment or employees. The bottom of the page contains links to general information on

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Monster com


Joel Fried

Monster s main page1
Monster’s Main Page

  • The homepage of Monster allows the user to click on pages to help in their search for employment or employees.

  • The bottom of the page contains links to general information on

  • The scroll down menu after in the middle of the page allows users to quickly jump to what they are looking for

About monster1
About Monster

  • This page accessible through about Monster at the bottom of the main page tells what Monster’s basic purpose is. It explains that Monster’s Goal is to connect people with jobs to make their lives easier and productive

  • It also contains some basic information on Monster such as its stock symbol

Interactive metrics1
Interactive Metrics

  • This page explains in detail the amount of users Monster has.

  • It also gives info on how many resumes and job agents the site holds.

  • Further down this page compares Monster to its competitors showing how much larger it is then any other online job searching site (About double the size of #2

Monster store1
Monster Store

  • These are items which Monster sells directly.

  • The products are generally work related (clothes, desk equipment etc.)

  • There are also links to other sites which sell items such as books

Monster for employees1
Monster For Employees

  • This is where employers will go on the site.

  • They can buy resumes or pay to post jobs.

  • There are other services available if the users clicks on view all products.

  • In order to use these services that they pay for they must log in

Job search1
Job Search

  • The job search allows you to post resumes, apply for jobs, or have jobs e-mailed to you directly

  • In order to access these features you need a account. The account is free.

Sign up1

  • The form will ask you various basic questions such as name, location, and e-mail address.

  • There are optional services that can be selected such as find out about Monster updates

  • After you are done signing up you can upload or create a resume

Posting resumes1
Posting Resumes

  • There are three ways to post a Resume: build it directly on Monster, copy and paste it, or upload it from a word file.

  • Once uploaded the user may decide whether or not he will let employers look at it.

  • Users can pay money to have an expert help with there resume.

My monster1
My Monster

  • This page lets job seekers send out out agents that will search for jobs given information such as desired location and job title.

  • This page can be personalized to the user

  • Also available here are resume building tools and networking options

Career advice1
Career Advice

  • This page has six sections: Resume Tips, Interviewing, Salary Info, Discussion, Diversity, and Relocating.

  • Each section offer free advice in that category although some require payments for addition services such as a personal salary report.


  • If you have problems with you can e-mail them, call them, read there FAQ or join a live chat.

  • The live chat and FAQ will ask you for specific categories you are looking for help in.


  • Yahoo’s hot jobs is Monster’s largest competitor though roughly only half its size.

  • Career builder,, and represent some other major rivals.

  • Monster has the advantage of letting its employers and employees have many more resumes (over 30 million) and job listings to look at in addition to having more features

Social issue
Social Issue

  • encourages movement to find jobs which can hurt local industries. If a company is able to hire an out of state nonunion worker for cheaper then a local union worker, then this could cause people to be forced to relocate or take less pay.

  • In addition Monster may help companies hire non-American workers costing local jobs and hurting local economies.


  • Monster is the premier site for me, a soon to be college graduate, to search for a job. It has numerous helpful services both free and at cost. I can find jobs using it anywhere in the country for nearly any occupation. I can put out search agents to find jobs for me without even searching myself. makes finding a postgraduate job or changing jobs much easier.