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Session #1

Session #1. NSLDS Security and What’s New Ron Bennett Andrea Wise. Agenda . NSLDS Access Security Enhancements What’s new What’s coming Customer Service Reminders Reengineering. NSLDS Access. Gen 05-06 - Access To and Use of NSLDS Information NSLDS Users must:

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Session #1

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Session #1 NSLDS Security and What’s New Ron Bennett Andrea Wise

  2. Agenda • NSLDS Access • Security Enhancements • What’s new • What’s coming • Customer Service Reminders • Reengineering

  3. NSLDS Access Gen 05-06 - Access To and Use of NSLDS Information NSLDS Users must: • Use their access properly • Protect the sensitive data • Do not share User IDs and Passwords

  4. Access Suspension Timeline • April 17, 2007 • NSLDS Access allowed only for • Current school users • ED users • Students and Borrowers

  5. Access Suspension Timeline • April 20, 2007 • Access to NSLDS – Update #1 • April 27, 2007 • SAIG removed on-line registration for NSLDS web access • Access to NSLDS – Update #2

  6. Access Suspension Timeline • April 30, 2007 • “CAPTCHA” implemented at log on • All 3 identifiers required to look up student/borrowers: • Social security number • First name • Date of birth

  7. Access Suspension Timeline • May 2, 2007 • GAs notified of steps to restore access • Reminded to only access borrowers for whom: • They have an established relationship • That have “explicitly authorized” access

  8. Access Suspension Timeline • May 14, 2007- • Access to NSLDS – Update #3 • Lenders (except ELT relationships) and Lender Servicers notified of steps to restore access • Emphasized user must have a relationship with the borrower

  9. Access Suspension Timeline • June 1 – Released User ID letters that had been held since April 17 for new school users • June 12 • NSLDS Update #4 • A completed and signed consolidation loan application required for access of new borrower

  10. Access Suspension Timeline • June 26 • Began to restore access for State Agencies • June 29 • SAIG Web site restored NSLDS online enrollment link

  11. NSLDS Access Do’s • Have students contact FSAIC at 1-800-4FEDAID • Have students access the NSLDS student site using their PIN • Report suspected abuse

  12. NSLDS Access Don’ts • Don’t provide your User ID and Password to ANYONE • Don’t ask students to share their PIN • Don’t make 3rd party calls with a Lender to get data

  13. Resulting Security Measures • CAPTCHA for everyone • Three identifiers to retrieve data • Change in sign-up process through SAIG Enrollment

  14. CAPTCHA • Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) tool

  15. Requirement of all three identifiers • All three identifiers for a student or borrower must be entered.

  16. No Access without all 3

  17. SAIG Enrollment Changes • Only ONE Primary DPA per organization • Primary DPA must have NSLDS on-line access • Primary and Secondary DPA allowed to enroll new users • Primary responsible for monitoring access and completing annual report • Signature Page

  18. SAIG Enrollment Changes • GAs must indicate function GA or GA Servicer • Uses NSLDS for Title IV functions only • Eligibility for Aid • Billing and Collection • Enforcing Loan Terms • Enrollment • Accuracy of Record • Default Aversion • Default Rates • Record Updates • Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Loan Discharge • Compliance  Other ____________________________

  19. SAIG Enrollment Changes • Lenders/Lender Servicers must indicate function Lender and Lender/Servicer  Uses NSLDS for Title IV functions only  Consolidating Lender  Authorized Activity Loan Holder  Enrollment  Accuracy  Deferments  Default Rate  Other _____________________

  20. User Maintenance Reports • NSLDS

  21. User Maintenance Reports • SAIG

  22. What’s New • Email address change –

  23. What’s New • Enrollment management • Withdrawals reported for Schools that Close, Merge, or become Ineligible

  24. What’s New • User Guide for Transfer Student Monitoring on the Web • Updated and available at

  25. What’s New • Fraud Indicator • Effects Eligibility • Report Fraud on Aid Overpayment Web page

  26. What’s New • Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Loan Discharges • Now reported and displayed • Informational icon alerts

  27. What’s New • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Click to see List

  28. What’s New • Loan Discharge • Icon displays on the specific loan Click Loan Detail

  29. What’s New • Loan Discharge • Details show on Loan Detail page

  30. What’s New • Discharge Code Types

  31. What’s New • New Report: School Loan List (SCHLL1)

  32. School Loan List (SCHLL1)

  33. What’s Coming • SAIG TG Numbers Changing • Alpha-numeric • SAIG Signature Page • User Statement changed • Keep for audit purposes

  34. What’s Coming • NSLDS User Letters replaced with an email notification • To the Primary DPA (make sure SAIG has the PDPA email address) • New user will call NSLDS Customer Service and must answer security questions to receive password

  35. What’s Coming • Enrollment Reporting Late Letter will be replaced with email • Maintain contact information on ORG List

  36. What’s Coming • Perkins Loan Reporting • Requires Perkins Loan data be submitted at an award year level • Effective July 1, 2008 • Technical Update PK-2007-02

  37. What’s Coming • College Cost Reduction Access Act (H.R.2669) • Increased Pell Funding • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant • Income-Based Repayment • Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  38. NSLDS Update/Reminders • Foreign School access to NSLDS • Update your Org Contact

  39. NSLDS Reminders NEVER Share your NSLDS User ID and Password Protect the Privacy Act Data in NSLDS

  40. NSLDS Reminders • Customer Service Calls to 1 800-999-8219 • Only addresses issues for schools and data providers • Does not handle student calls • Will not provide student data to persons who do not have a User ID

  41. NSLDS Reengineering • FFEL Data Flows • Project update • Community involvement • Future meetings

  42. Contact Information We appreciate your feedback and comments. We can be reached at: Ron Bennett: • Phone:202-377-3181 • Andrea Wise: • Phone:202-377-3040 • • Fax:202-275-0913

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