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Tom Mitchell March 19, 2013 geni - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GENI Experimenter Portal Service Developers Roundtable GENI Engineering Conference 16 Salt Lake City , Utah. Tom Mitchell March 19, 2013 Future of graphical resource assignment tools. GENI Experimenter Portal Introduction. GENI Experimenter Portal Introduction (cont.).

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Tom mitchell march 19 2013 geni

GENI Experimenter PortalService Developers RoundtableGENI Engineering Conference 16Salt Lake City, Utah

Tom MitchellMarch 19, 2013

Geni experimenter portal introduction cont
GENI Experimenter PortalIntroduction (cont.)

Resource allocation tools geni experimenter portal
Resource Allocation ToolsGENI Experimenter Portal

  • Uses GENI AM API to manage resources

    • Currently 7 aggregates (ExoGENI, InstaGENI, ProtoGENI)

  • Point-and-click web-based UI

    • Not particularly “graphical” or “visual”

  • Good introductory tool

    • Makes easy things easy, hard things possible

  • Capable of any web-based presentation

    • Topology visualization

    • RSpec construction (visual, textual)

    • Tool/portal integration or linking

  • Limited capabilites

    • No topology embedding; one aggregate at a time

Resource allocation tools looking ahead
Resource Allocation ToolsLooking ahead

  • There is room for many resource assignment tools

    • They fill different niches: beginners, advanced users, scriptable, adaptive

  • Innovation is important

    • Borrow ideas from others, let experimenters vote with their feet

  • Standards are key

    • Allow access to all aggregates from all tools

    • Construct/embed with one tool, view/modify with another

Tool portal integration geni experimenter portal
Tool/Portal integration interfacesGENI Experimenter Portal

  • The GENI Experimenter Portal currently integrates with existing tools in several ways

    • Embeds Flack

      • Download from Utah, pass in slice and user context

    • Provides configuration data package for omni

    • Acts as OpenID identity provider to Seattle

  • Preliminary discussions with GEMINI to support integration

Tool portal integration looking forward
Tool/Portal integration interfacesLooking Forward

  • Common constructs for tool interoperability

    • Standardize naming, semantics on UIs

  • Focus on inputs/outputs of the various lifecycle phases

    • Encourage interoperability and an open marketplace

  • Tools should:

    • Use standard and common APIs (eg. GENI AM API)

    • Engage in good security practices (private keys, passwords)

    • Hosted tools need a “speaks for” capability

Tool portal integration looking forward cont
Tool/Portal integration interfacesLooking Forward (cont.)

  • Pushing towards a seamless user experience while providing choice and an open marketplace

  • Tools will need more standard APIs (SA, MA/IdP)

  • Tools should choose an appropriate authentication model (certificates, OpenID)

  • Link to online tools, embed online apps, integrate with desktop tools

  • Consume and produce standard artifacts (RSpec)

  • Documentation!