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My Culture. By : Hayden Fant. Scout Camp. Hayden David Fant. Born Sept. 4, 2000 1:30 A.M. Texarkana, TX Wadley Hospital To David E. Fant & Gina Barry Fant. 1 st grade GT play. 1 st grade 1 st day. My Family Tree. Hayden David Fant David Fant Gina Barry Fant

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my culture

My Culture

By :HaydenFant

Scout Camp

hayden david fant
Hayden David Fant

Born Sept. 4, 2000 1:30 A.M.

Texarkana, TX

Wadley Hospital


David E. Fant


Gina Barry Fant

1st grade GT play

1st grade 1st day

my family tree
My Family Tree

Hayden David Fant

David Fant Gina Barry Fant

Joe Fant Sylvia Gould Fant Dean Barry LaCrecia Reed Barry

Thomas Maudie E.V. Lottie Mae Bill Evelyn John Marjorie

Fant Posey Gould Maddox Barry Blackburn Earnest Reed

The Barry’s

The Fant’s

my religion
My Religion

My religion is Christianity. My family has been Christians for as long as my grandparents can remember. Our family over the years have been Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian. Today most of my family are Baptist. My grandfather and several of my cousins have served as deacons.

music and art
Music and Art

Before my grandparents there are not very many known ties to music. My grandmother Fant, along with my mom and my dad are the biggest music lovers. Adult Contemporary, older rock n roll, and traditional country make up the biggest categories.

My fathers hometown , Linden TX, is also the hometown of Don Henley the lead singer for the Eagles.

Both of my grandmothers are the artists in the family. Both enjoy painting landscapes and portraits of family members and family homesteads.

A painting of me

Done by LaCrecia

fant name and history
Fant Name and History

One line of Fant’s date back to the 16thcentury.The leader being Micheal Fant who was an alderman in Wasa, Finland. Most Fant’s from Finland moved to Sweden in 1710. They were in a long line of clergymen highlighted by Johan Michael Fant who was a Bishop. Both he and his brother, a professor of history in Uppsala were friends of King Gustav III, who lived in the later part of the 18th century.

One line of Fant’s moved to Galaway, Ireland during the 16th century. They began what is now know as the “14 Tribes of Galaway”.

The other and most known group of Fant’s date back to Ireland. In the 1200s AD family by the name of Fant settled Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland. They began Fantstown and build Fant Castle in 1400 AD.

William Fant is the first recorded Fant in the America’s. He is listed in THE REGISTER OF OVERWHARTON PARISH-STAFFORD COUNTY, VIRGINIA. He claimed Irish decent and was said to have come from Kilmallock Parish in Ireland.

The name Fant has several meanings. Dude, fop,

coxcomb, tramp and joker have all been listed as

meanings of the name.

Fant Coat of Arms

fant castle
Fant Castle

The land on which the Fant castle is located was owned by Robert Fant in 1234 A.D.

Fantstown Castle was built about 2 miles east of Kilmallock about 1400 AD.

It was occupied by the Fant’s until

at least 1800.

Today it is open to the public and a

restoration project has begun on the


Fant Castle Kilmallock,IR

ethnic background and clothing
Ethnic Background and Clothing

For the most part we are all white anglo-saxonprodestant.

The Fant family came to the America’s from Ireland mostly with others living in Finland and Sweden.

The one known exception is on my grandmother Fant’s side. Her grandmother was Rhoda Virgina James Gould. She was ½ Cherokee Indian. Born a James in Missouri raised questions years ago. Rhoda’s second or third uncles down the line were the James brothers Frank and Jesse.

Clothing has varied over the years. Today we wear standard attire. Suits and ties at church, jeans for play and blend into society.

In the early years of the Fant’s with many being clergymen they would have worn the priestly robes of the day.

My Pappaw Gould was a train engineer and was

partial to overalls. My dad also remembers him

having a pocket watch most of the time.

My grandfather Fant is a Pharmacist and

wears a smock or pharmacy jacket to work.

Joe Fant Pharmacist


We are Christians so we celebrate the average holidays Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. We don’t really celebrate Halloween but we still go trick or treating and when we get home we give out candy.

We celebrate Christmas the most. We hang up lights, hang the manikin and we get our tree out decorating it with lights and ornaments. I get my Christmas train out placing that around the tree and we have a smaller train that goes in the tree and it still goes around the track.

Also, we go to a Dallas train show each year around Christmas.(photos on next slide)

holiday photos
Holiday Photos

The top three pictures are from the Christmas train show in Dallas. Christmas. The bottom

two are from Christmas 2007 &


language literature and food
Language, Literature and Food

All of the known family today speaks English. Pappaw Gould’s mother was part Cherokee so her family would have spoken Cherokee. The early Fant’s would have spoken their native languages of Irish, Scottish, Swedish and English.

My grandmother Fant is the biggest reader. She reads mostly about people from the Bible

and politics. My grandmother

Barry also reads mostly about true life


Everyone in our family loves to eat.

My mom, grandmothers and aunts are

great cooks. Dad says his grandmothers

were the best cooks ever. In our homes

typical American food is made. Beef is the

number one food staple. Both of my

Grandfathers love spicy foods too.

My Dad’s cooking

government and econ system
Government and Econ. System

Our family is politically conservative. My grandmothers follow and support the Republican party with a passion. My Grandmother Fant was the first woman elected to the city council in Linden, Texas. Both she and my grandfather served on the Linden-Kildare ISD school board there. My Grandfather Barry ran for Mayor of Texarkana in the 70’s.

Economically both my parents and grandparents have owned their own businesses. They all believe in low taxes and less government regulation.