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  2. Is there any important storyteller in your country? In Greece we have a lot of ancient and contemporary storytellers but Aesop is one of the most famous. He lived between the 6th-7th century b.C. and he is supposed to be the creator of myths. He narrated myths with a variety of animals like foxes, lions, wolves etc., which speak with each other. He always wanted to send a message through his stories.

  3. What are the most common characters in a tale? The most common characters in a tale are deer, fox and usually it is a wolf.

  4. What’s the most famous tale in your country? The most famous tales in our country are Aesop’s fables. The most famous fable is The Hare and The Tortoise. The hare and the tortoise have a race. The hare didn't believe in the tortoise’s powers and so he ran quickly towards the finish line, and because he believed this turtle was so slow, he would have time to sleep. He lay down.

  5. As the tortoise walked to the finish, the hare was still asleep. The tortoise beat the hare because she was smart and didn't underestimate her adversary unlike the hare. In all Aesop’s fables, he wants to give a lesson; for example, this tale wants to give the lesson that ''you should never underestimate your opponent''.

  6. What tale do you recognize in these sayings? • A pair of shoes can change your life Cinderella Pinocchio • If you lie your nose will become longer

  7. Don’t accept anything from strangers Snowhite • Be careful to the wolf! Red Riding Hood

  8. Try a different ending for « Red Riding Hood» We all know that Red Riding Hood is a European Fairy tale about a young girl called Red Riding Hood and a big Bad Wolf. But nobody can imagine the real story… Red Riding Hood is a young girl who wants to help her sick grandmother. She walks through the forest to deliver food to her. In the forest a wolf follows her. That’s the real part. All of us believe that the Wolf is mean and wants to eat her and her grandmother. That’s the unreal part. The mean one is the lumberjack. I can explain. The wolf is called John is actually the girl’s best friend and he offers to help her by delivering the food. A thief dressed as a lumberjack had followed the child because he wants to rob grandmother’s cottage. When the child arrives, give to grandmother healthy food and medicines and she invites them inside for a cup of hot chocolate.

  9. But she heard a weird and strange noise in the kitchen and saw a big shadow with a knife. She scared and run quickly and informs the wolf that in the kitchen is a thief probably a killer . Wolf understand that he is the only person that he can help and run quickly in the kitchen screamed the thief with one of his most scared noises and the thief ran away and never came back . The thief had known that this cottage has a behind door and goes inside of there . He began stealing the kitchen . The Red Riding Hood we know that is a naughty girl but in this situation she offers to help the patient and she is going to make chocolates for her and John and a tea for her grandmother.

  10. If you were a magician what would you change in your country • Firstly, I would make people more generous and pleased with their lives dispite their problems or mistakes. • In addition I would like people to cooperate with each other and be more responsible. • I would also relieve a large part of people’s anxiety and disappointment.

  11. If you were Aladdin which wishes could be more important to make our world better? • All the people would be cheerful in spite of the problems of life • Everyone would have the necessary things which make people’s lives more comfortable • People would have leisure time to do whatever they want

  12. Is there any tale that represents your area? There is a tale which is from Macedonia and it is called, the treasure in the vineyard. This tale speaks about a father who had three sons. He was about to die, so he invited his children to say goodbye to them and share his property. When he gave his wish to his sons he told them that there is a treasure buried under the vineyard but it must be honestly shared with each other. But he died and he didn’t tell them the place. So the boys started to search for the treasure digging in the vineyard but they didn’t find any treasure. After a lot of months the vineyard gave them fruits and they became very rich. Then they understood why their father told them to dig the soil very deeply. They would be rich only with their effort and sweat. So, they continued to cultivate the vineyard and they got a lot of money from it.

  13. The cooperation team : Apostoloudaolga Dangoueugenia Ioakeimidouaimilia Zervaeleni