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METS Revisited

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METS Revisited - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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METS Revisited
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Presentation Transcript

  1. METS Revisited Bill Kehoe Metadata Working Group Forum December 19, 2003

  2. METS • Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard • Digital Library Federation Initiative • Sibling: MOA2 Encoding Format

  3. Why? • Complex digital objects vs physical objects • Metadata containers • Transfer • OAIS information packages

  4. Simplest METS object: concept METS document Structural Map Division METS document METS pointer Structural Map Division File pointer

  5. Simplest METS object: elements <mets> <structMap> <div> <mptr> METS document Structure Map Division file pointer

  6. Simplest METS object: XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mets xmlns=""> <structMap> <div> <mptr LOCTYPE="URL"> </mptr> </div> </structMap> </mets>

  7. METS document with a file METS document Structural Map File Section Division File Group File pointer File

  8. The File tag simplified <File> File location ID (required) MIMETYPE XOR SIZE CREATED File content(XML or Base64) CHECKSUMTYPE CHECKSUM

  9. The full METS object: concept Behavior METS Header Structural Links Descriptive Metadata Structural Map Administrative Metadata File Section METS document

  10. The full METS object: 7 basic elements METS document <mets> <dmdSec> <structLink> <structMap> <amdSec> <behaviorSec> <fileSec> <metsHdr>

  11. Administrative Metadata Section <amdSec> <sourceMD> <techMD> <rightsMD> <mdWrap> <mdWrap> <mdWrap> <mdWrap> <mdRef> <mdRef> <mdRef> <mdRef> <digiprovMD>

  12. Descriptive Metadata Section <dmdSec> <mdWrap> <mdRef>

  13. METS Profiles • “…to specify limitations and restrictions…” • “…to define a document class…” • “…to promote interoperability and exchange of METS documents…” From METS Profile 1.0 Requirements, Appendix 1: METS Profile XML Schema

  14. The METS Profile: concept METS Profile Creation Date Structural Requirements URI Contact Information Technical Requirements Short Title Related Profiles Tools and Applications Abstract Extension Schema Sample File

  15. A real-life example…

  16. What can be done with this METS object? • The Tokyo Tribunal any time thinking about cost models, except where it's obvious that building and maintaining something would be prohibitively expensive. I suppose I have enough opinions, but maybe not enough facts, for a satisfactory working dinner solely about cost models. 

  17. Another example from NYU • Afghanistan Digital Library Page Turner

  18. A Cautionary Tale A presentation by Carl Fleischhauer:The Library of Congress Audio-Visual Prototyping Project

  19. Two more demos from NYU • An archived web site • Multimedia: METS to SMIL

  20. Discussion: METS Pros • Potential for interoperability among CUL sites

  21. Discussion: METS Cons • A lot of up-front expense

  22. Almost everything about METS… The METS Official Web Site