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Project and Victoria’s Secret PowerPoint Presentation
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Project and Victoria’s Secret

Project and Victoria’s Secret

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Project and Victoria’s Secret

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  1. Project and Victoria’s Secret Team 5Marketing Plan Mariah Mostoller, Preston Tagaras, QuynhAnh Truong, Brittney Urdzik, And Cory Hoover

  2. For her, For him VICTORIA’S SECRET By, Get him the gift he wouldn’t get himself.


  4. Victoria’sSecret(RED) Campaign • (RED) is a campaign designed to help eliminate aids. For our BA 220 course (marketing) our objective is to create a marketing plan and associate (RED) with Victoria’s Secret. All participants of this survey are customers in Victoria’s Secret and Belden Village Mall. • If Victoria’s Secret were to have a men’s line would you buy for your friend/significant other? • YES ______ • NO ______ • What kind of clothing would you buy him? Check all that apply • Polo ______ Tie_______ Other______ • Dress socks______ Cologne______ • If you checked “other” please write what you would buy or what you would prefer Victoria’s Secret to have in the “his” section of the store. • Do you think men and women would buy at Victoria’s Secret if they knew it was for a (RED) campaign to help eliminate aids? • YES______ • NO_______ • Do you like the idea of a women’s store having a men’s line? • Agree_____ Disagree______ No Answer________

  5. 16% 28% 16% 52% 72%

  6. Featuring a new product for every major holiday Christmas September 2012 March 1st 2013 Sweetest Day Valentines Day (RED) January 2012

  7. September October November December January February Post picture of you and your sweetest in your red glamour to Facebook. Top 3 couples with the most likes wins tickets to a red carpet premier. Featuring dress clothes for Christmas -(Red) ties, polo, dress socks Celebrity Ads, Commercials and Email Justin Timberlake -Real Men wear red Red Tie Event hosted by Justin Timberlake. Cost = $50/ plate Sample of red cologne Empowe(red) Featuring the all new Empowe(red) cologne. Buy any 2 (red) products to get your name entered into a drawing Win a dinner catered by Emeril for you and your valentine!

  8. September: Getting the Word Out Justin Timberlake 3 Pieces of marketing plan Payment of $1 million Real Men Wear (Red)

  9. September/October: Boxers for Sweetest Day Production Cost Boxers: $12 x 300,000 …so your Sweetest Day can become your sweetest night $3,600,000 $17.99 (Red) S M L XL

  10. October: Facebook Promotion Post a pic of you and your sweetheart in your best red apparel! 3 couples with the most “likes” win the Red Carpet VIP Package Package includes: -Private table for 2 -Admission tickets -Hotel Room $150 $150 $150 $450

  11. Production cost November/December: Dress to Impress x 100,000 x 400,000 x 400,000 Tie: $12 Socks: $7 Shirt: $ 12 Your man will look his best for Christmas in our (RED) formal wear $8,800,000 $29.95 $49.98 S M L XL (RED) $14.99

  12. Building rental Catering Service Furniture (RED) Tie Affair Included:$10,000 Hosted by Justin Timberlake The Altman Building, New York City

  13. January/February: Valentine’s Cologne Production Cost Cologne: $12 x 300,000 $3,600,000 Help your man feel empowered with our new men’s cologne: Very Sexy, (RED) Edition! $34.99

  14. Cater By Emeril: $5,000 Drawing system: $5,000 Valentine’s Dinner with Emeril Lagasse $10,000 Buy any 2 (RED) products and get entered in the drawing Win a candlelit dinner catered by famous chef, Emeril Lagasse!

  15. Push Money Pink Promotion For selling a (Red) product the employee who makes the sale will receive a 3% commission from VS Receive a free bottle of Pink perfume for purchasing the featured (Red) product of the season!

  16. Overall Budget