Extraterrestrial observance
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Extraterrestrial Observance. Photo Credit: (joearrigo.com). A presentation by Marlee Bonnette -Arizona State University-. What’s going on? Why should you believe? What should you do now?. Extraterrestrials visiting Earth?. What’s going on?. Right under our noses….

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Extraterrestrial observance

Extraterrestrial Observance

Photo Credit: (joearrigo.com)

A presentation by Marlee Bonnette

-Arizona State University-

Extraterrestrials visiting earth

Extraterrestrials visiting Earth?

Right under our noses
Right under our noses…

  • Sightings are reported everyday of Unidentified Flying Objects. Open Minds TV studies up on trends with a critical mindset- only to find that a good sum of sightings are, in fact, unidentified.

If you need credible testimony
If you need credible testimony…

Photo Credit: soundofheart.org

This panel of US Air Force Colonels, Ministers of Defense, and retired CIA agents have stepped before Congress to demand that the government disclose their UFO files to the deserving public.

Extraterrestrial observance

By believing in extraterrestrial visitation, you become more aware about the planet you live on. -You become more environmentally conscious with the knowledge that ET’s are worried about our resource-depletion.

Why should YOU believe?

What should you do now
What should you do NOW? aware about the planet you live on.

Believe. Simple as that.

Believe….and ACT.

Click on the alien for a surprise
Click on the Alien for a surprise! aware about the planet you live on.

Our technology can replace your dependency on natural gas, war, and capitalism. Good deal, right? Now tell your governments to disclose our plans to help!

You can help your planet by simply believing
You can help your planet aware about the planet you live on. By simply believing.

With et technology we can
With ET Technology we can… aware about the planet you live on.

Save the environment

Eliminate War

Create a Utopia

All we have to do is disclose the government’s knowledge.

Thank you for watching
Thank you for watching! aware about the planet you live on.

  • If you want to follow more ET updates, watch me as I co-host Open Minds TV occasionally!