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Telescope Carriage System

Telescope Carriage System. By: Kara, Cesar, & Thomas. Problem.

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Telescope Carriage System

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  1. Telescope Carriage System By: Kara, Cesar, & Thomas

  2. Problem • As the Hale-Bopp Comet moves farther out of view, there is a need to view it closely, as well as track its progress. Your company is competing for the engineering contract for Comet Trackers Observatory. A unique part of the contract is the implementation of the Telescope Carriage System.

  3. Design Brief • As a part of the development team, your job is to design, build, and program a fully automated Telescope Carriage System (TCS). The TCS is required to have a vertical rotation from 0o horizon to 75o skyward and a horizontal rotation of 108o.

  4. CriteriaThe designed device must: • Hold the telescope securely. • Be powered electronically (or motor actuated pneumatics). • Have a 75o vertical pivot located at the eyepiece/focus. • Have a 180o horizontal pivot located near its center. • Report vertical and horizontal inclinations (at least 12.5o increments). • Have 5 pre-programmed positions. • Use degree coordinate input to position/aim the telescope. • Have mouse click control of vertical and motion (if possible).

  5. RCX Chip 1 Controls the pneumatics and motors

  6. Pneumatic Pump Pumps air to eventually open the dome.

  7. Pneumatic Piston Opens the protective dome.

  8. Dome Housing Covers the telescope and opens with the pneumatic pistons.

  9. Turntable Rotates the telescope on the horizontal axis.

  10. Telescope Rotates vertically using the torque motor.

  11. Program for theCompressor and Motor – Controlled Valve

  12. Program for theTelescope Carriage System

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