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Dick Smith Advertisment PowerPoint Presentation
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Dick Smith Advertisment

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Dick Smith Advertisment

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Dick Smith Advertisment

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  1. Dick Smith Advertisment

  2. Function: • This advertisement promotesDick Smith’s food products as Australian-owned and supportive of local workers, “When you buy any..., you support Aussie farmers on the land” • The advertisement is also designed to amuse audiences through numerous innuendos involving the Mr Smith’s first name, ‘Dick’.

  3. Audience and relationship • The advertisement may target both older and younger Australians. This is provided that the audience perceives the jokes in a light-hearted manner and do not take offence at the use of minor innuendos • Mr Smith aims to build a bond of ‘mateship’ with the audience as purchasing Dick Smith products will contribute to the welfare of working class Australians. This closeness between him and Australians isdemonstrated through: farmers, first name basis

  4. Context • Leading to Australia Day: values such as patriotism and national identity are emphasised by Mr Smith in his imperative “Don’t be a drongo, a yobbo or a derro”; He therefore encourages viewers to contribute to society • This notion of patriotism includes supporting local farmers and workers and the future generation, highlighted when he suggests that we “buy Dick Smith foods... to give our kids a future”. • The advertisement alludes to current issues in Australia such as rising unemployment and asylum seeker rates

  5. Expression and Content • Mr Smith utilises a broad Australian accent. • He also uses Australian colloquialisms and slang, such as “strewth” and “dead dingo’s donger”, to stereotype the average Australian. This stereotype poorly represents the Australian population and are thereforeutilised for their comedic value and immediate associations. • The advertisement builds on such comedic foundations with jokes involving race and sexual innuendos. “I love Dicks”

  6. Mixed reactions • Although the advertisement does not target a specific group with its jokes, it can be found offensive in how it plays on ‘Dick’ as a proper noun or noun. • This negative view may be generalised towards those who worry about being politically correct, who may view jokes pertaining to race and asylum seekers as untasteful. • On the other hand, younger audiences will generally not be as critical of the advertisement’s material. They will understand how Mr Smith attempts to use minor innuendos to make his advertisement more memorable and enjoyably viewed