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2008 International Students Writing Competition PowerPoint Presentation
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2008 International Students Writing Competition

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2008 International Students Writing Competition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008 International Students Writing Competition
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  1. 2008 International Students Writing Competition English Department Korea Center (Nov. 24, 2008)

  2. Brief Description Total Number of Participants and Essays: First Round: Second Round: 59 essays by 48 Students 18 Essays 6 Essays

  3. Essays: (1-11)

  4. Continued: (12-22)

  5. Continued: (23-33)

  6. Continued: (34-44)

  7. Continued: (45-55)

  8. Continued: (56-59)

  9. Eng 2F-001

  10. Eng2F-002

  11. Second Round: (18) • Mirim Chang : (2) “Not Different but Step Forward” “The Sorrow of Supermom” • JeongBae Park: “Nature of Education” • Yui Inoue : (2) “The ‘Ojuken’ Ordeal: Problems from Taking Entrance Exams in One’s Early Age” “Improvement of Women’s Participation in the Political Fields” • AnreaSchwaiger: “The Real Meaning of Love and its Twisted Image in Commercialization” • Junghan Kim: “I married for happiness. I divorced for happiness. I am a single mom” • GizemAltin: “True Love Waits” • SofiMathsson: “Without My Family I Would be Nothing”

  12. Continued • JihwanChoi: “Cohabitation: Is Shacking up the key for filtering true love?” • SooYeon Chang: “Same-sex Marriage: Should Homosexuals be Granted the Right to ‘Tie the Knot’” • Lorraine Cheung: (2) “Finding True Love in an ‘Untrue’ World” “For Knowledge or for Money” • JuEui Lee: “College-centered Education in Korea” • Yasushi Koide: “The Importance of Critical Thinking in Education” • Xiping Chen: “What is Love to me?” • Yuke Wu: “The Essence of a Family: Watching ‘Growing Pains’” • AyakaKatakawa: “The Hidden Influence of Education”

  13. First Prize Lorraine Cheung “Finding True Love in an ‘Untrue’ World”

  14. Second Prize SofiMathsson “Without My Family I Would be Nothing” Mirim Chang “Not Different but Step Forward”

  15. Third Prize Andrea Roxana Schwaiger “The Real Meaning of Love and Its Twisted Image in Commercialization” Xiping Chen “What is Love to Me” Yui Inoue “Improvement of Women’s Participation in the Political Fields”

  16. Lorraine Cheung: “Finding True Love in an ‘Untrue’ World”

  17. SofiMathsson: “Without My family I Would be Nothing”

  18. Andrea Schwaiger from Heidelberg, Germany • Hi everyone. • My name is Andrea. First of all I would like to thank all the people who are involved and have organized this special writing competition. I would also like to thank my former English professor Leslie Bai for giving us the very indispensable support and encouragement. • Unfortunately I can not be personally present today because I am studying now in Europe but I’ve prepared a short video and I would like to greet my fellow classmates. I hope you are doing very well.

  19. For those who don’t know me well I thought it would be useful to introduce myself. • My name is Andrea better known as Anni. I am 19 years old and attended C.W Post last year as freshman political science and economics major. I grew up in Belgium and Spain, started English 7 years ago and believe I improved thanks to my great experience in New York. I am currently going to Law School in Heidelberg (Germany) and I am really enjoying myself although I miss the US and the great friends I made.

  20. I have to admit that English 2F has been a great deal of work but it was all worth it because it helped us to better express ourselves. I still remember talking with my classmates about the first attempt to write a research paper, having a blank sheet and no clue how to start. Looking back I can say that after completing the 2 required English classes I have more confidence in my English skills, I have learned to think critical, I have learned new things about myself while trying to discuss important issues. English 2F has also brought people together and out of them one of my classmates, Gizzyhas become a very close friend.

  21. The reason I went to Post was to expand my horizon, get to know the new culture and live the real American dream. I can’t but rave about my wonderful experience and encourage everyone to make the most out of this because we are so fortunate to have this opportunity: this past year was the best time of my life and I met truly amazing people. Going to Law school in Germany now is a very different life. I have 23 credits, class starts at 8am and I have lecture in one room with 380 other freshmen law students. The University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany, established in 1386 and currently 26,000 students are enrolled (enclosed pictures)

  22. But to get back to the competition: my paper talks about love and its twisted image in commercialization. To make the reading effortless and more entertaining I included some humorous parts: I thought that I could prove my point better adding a slightly sarcastic touch. I want to make people realize how the system, that we created, is manipulating us in a harmful way: “love” as theme for St. Valentine’s is being spoiled by introducing it to the market as “product” with the only purpose of gaining profit. This development is materialistic, money-oriented and representing anything else but a thing as simple and real as love is, as you all know.

  23. Once again thank you and to my fellow classmates. Good luck for your studies. Anni’s Greetings from Europe

  24. Heidelberg

  25. Lecture Hall

  26. University Library

  27. Assembly Hall

  28. Andrea Schwaiger: “The Real Meaning of Love and its Twisted Image in Commercialization”

  29. Mirim Chang: “Not Different but Step Forward”

  30. Xiping Chen: “What is Love to Me”

  31. Yui Inoue’s email from Japan • Hello, Dr, Leslie Bai, These days I led a busy life because of my graduation thesis. I will write about comparison of Japanese and American immigration systems. It may seem tough. Actually... it is pretty hard for me. (haha.) Needless to say, I should hand in the graduation thesis or I won't be able to graduate from my Japanese college in March 2009. So I spend a good many hours of the day for writing it everyday. Please cross your beautiful fingers for my graduation in next spring. (haha :).)Thank you for your notification! I cannot believe that my essay won the third prize of the Writing Competition. Honestly, I believe that it owes you because you gave me a lot of advices. If you did not amend my two essays, these would not enter even the first round of the competition. Thank you so much.

  32. (Continued) Would you send me the certificate? I will show it to my parents who supported my studying abroad. Hope they love it. Again, thank you for your notification and teaching.Best wishes for your continued good health and happiness. :-)Yui Inoue Her Essay: “Improvement of Women’s Participation in the Political Field”

  33. I Write, I Blog (Class Blog) • “Lastly, I also wanna thank our school for offering an English course for international students. In this way, all of us can be comfortable with our English subject matter because we have an Asian teacher, and also, we feel at home even for an hour and 20 mins.” (Abilene D. Jesus) (from http://lesliebai.blogspot.com/2008/04/writing-is-what-im-used-to-love-and.html)

  34. Thank you for your attention!