leadership covenant manager of category development n.
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Leadership Covenant Manager of Category Development

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Leadership Covenant Manager of Category Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Covenant Manager of Category Development. November 12, 2007. You Are No Longer a Manager… You Are a Leader in the Organization. A Leader in Thought A Leader in Word A Leader in Action. ** Everything That You Say And Do Communicates **.

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you are no longer a manager you are a leader in the organization
You Are No Longer a Manager…You Are a Leader in the Organization
  • A Leader in Thought
  • A Leader in Word
  • A Leader in Action

** Everything That You Say And Do Communicates **

today we will enter into a covenant with one another
Today We Will Enter Into a CovenantWith One Another


A solemn agreement, oath, or bond. This is not a commitment or contract. It will not be broken but rather honored over time.

the covenant we make has 10 agreements
The Covenant We Make Has 10 Agreements
  • Be A Positive Role Model
  • Support One Another
  • Develop Leaders
  • Put Your People First
  • We Will Win or Lose as the East Team
  • Internally and Externally Talk Up the East Team
  • Understand and Leverage Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Live the Values
  • Stay Externally Focused
  • Commit to Win
be a positive role model especially in public
Be a Positive Role Model …Especially in Public
  • Locker room conversations stay in the locker room
  • Demonstrate a passion for what you do
  • Invest personal energy to make a difference
  • Be Genuine
support one another especially when the other is not around
Support One Another …Especially When the Other is Not Around
  • People are watching and waiting
  • Give each other immediate feedback
  • Communicate with each other not just through me
  • Share Key Learnings, Best Practices, Reports and Tools
develop leaders
Develop Leaders
  • Develop Leaders versus more “Followers”
  • Challenge your managers to take ownership to drive change
  • What is your strategy to win?
    • Encourage identification and adoption of leading-edge ideas
  • Develop the “Innovative Mind Set” to find new solutions
    • Test multiple scenarios against strategies
  • Fix where we have misalignment vs. focus on “win/win”
    • Tackle the problems versus just embracing the wins
put your people first build trust
Put Your People First … Build Trust
  • Understand their Strengths, Weaknesses, and Career Goals
    • Coach on the importance of change
  • Focus on meeting their needs first
    • Who needs more focus or more freedom?
  • Value the different perspectives & opinions on the team
    • Create an environment of participation
    • Is your phone ringing?
  • Be accountable for the results & events of the team
realize we will win or lose as the east team
Realize We Will Win Or Lose as the East Team
  • Support your people, build your team, but the East comes first
  • Friendly competition is Good!
  • Battle to the end is not!
internally and externally talk up the east team
Internally and ExternallyTalk Up the East Team
  • Integrity … Right Approach … Ethics … Sustainable Success
  • Schedule visits for Marketing to come to Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Giant Eagle, Meijer and Jewel
  • Involve Planners in local market activities
understand and leverage your strengths and weaknesses
Understand and Leverage Your Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Business Acumen/Technical Skills
  • Innovative
  • Passionate
  • Results Driven
  • Can Do Attitude


  • Don’t try to change the world – team is already performing at a high level.
  • Realize not everyone thinks like you.
  • Don’t get lost in the details – set direction and get out of the way.
live the values
Live the Values
  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to values
  • Ensure Company interest comes before your own or others agenda
  • Encourage open, candid, trusting relationships
  • Inspire team to embrace our culture
stay externally focused
Stay Externally Focused
  • Push your team to understand better than anyone else:
    • Customer
    • Consumer
    • Competition
    • Category
  • The “Answer” is in the market
commitment to win not just do your best
Commitment to Win …Not Just Do Your Best
  • Stay the course when things get rough
  • This is a Long Term journey and everyone needs to accept the challenge for us to win
  • Reward Results – both the “What” and the “How”