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  1. VOLLARA Your Success Today

  2. 4 Questions • Do you consider the daily intake of fruits and vegetables vital to your health and wellness? Yes No Not concerned Need more information • Are you ever concerned or do you ever think about you and your family not eating enough fruits and vegetables every day? Yes No Not concerned Need more information • Based on studies how many servings of fruits and vegetables are required daily? 1 – 3 3- 5 5 – 9 7 – 9 5 – 13 • If I told you there was a simple, convenient, and affordable way that you could be assured that everyone in your family got the required fruits and vegetables every single day would you be willing to at least look at some information? Yes No

  3. Your Future Health Depends on the Choices you make Today! • On a scale of 1 – 10 how important is your health? (1= don’t care to 10 = extremely important)

  4. Good News – There is help! • Aerus Holdings – Dallas, TX – 85 year history • Founder Joe Urso - 12 years ago a dream begin to materialize. • Some of the top scientist in the world serve on his Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Video – www.morevollara.com • Vollara – a Health, Wellness, and Green Technology Company • “Best in Class” products

  5. Company Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility Aerus Corporate World Headquarters Dallas, TX Operations & Manufacturing Bristol, VA

  6. Fact “Only 6% of Americans eat enough vegetables and just 8% get sufficient fruits in their diets. Source: National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance. At least 92% of everyone in the United States needs to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables if they want good health and provide their body with the nutrition it needs to fight off sickness and disease.

  7. HealthCare Crisis • The National Cancer Institute along with other health organizations say high fruit and vegetable intake helps prevent cancer and other diseases. • “More and more kids increasingly face grown-up illnesses”. …poor nutrition is causing problems like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, Type 2 diabetes… Baylor Medical Center • The average American gets three or fewer servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The latest dietary guidelines call for five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Harvard School of Public Health • #1 disease killer of children ages 1 – 14 is now cancer. CDC

  8. Re:Fuel Your Fruit and Vegetable Answer • 100% all natural whole food vegetarian supplement • Condensed and Compressed Whole Food • 100% Bioavailable – CAeDS • 6 Products in 1 1. Whole Food Multi-Vitamins 2. Patented Chelate Minerals 3. Potent Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals 4. Flora for Digestive Tract Health 5. Digestive Enzymes for proper Digestion 6. Fat-Digesting Enzymes for Metabolizing Fat

  9. 3rd Party Endorsements • WIC • Major League Baseball • NSF certified – Watch NSF video at www.morevollara.com • Scientific studies prove you get 300% more nutrition from your food when you add Re:Fuel. • Take or Eat Re:Fuel with each meal and get your fruits & vegetables every single day PLUS you get much better digestion of your food. Easy & Simple! • No other product in the world will do what Re:Fuel does.

  10. Read Our Label • Acerola fruit extract • Vegetarian yeast • Kelp • Rutin • Broccoli • Brussel sprouts • Safflower oil powder • Spinach leaf • Beet root • Blackstrap molasses • Chlorella algae • Cranberry • Jerusalem artichoke tubers • Quercetin • Alfalfa juice powder 16. Blueberry fruit 17. Carrot root 18. Grape seed extract • Green pepper fruit • Olive leaf extract • Raspberry juice powder • Shitake mushroom • Spirulina • Sweet potato tuber • Tumeric rhizome extract • Olive extract • Pine bark extract • Resveratrol

  11. Re:Fuel After Before Clumped Red Blood Cells Separated Red Blood Cells • Decreases oxygen ( brain). • Decreases nutrients. • Decreases circulation. • Increases plaque build-up. • Increases work on heart. • Increases oxygen ( brain). • Increases nutrients. • Increases circulation. • Decreases plaque build-up. • Decreases work on heart.

  12. Your fruits and vegetables concern has now been solved!

  13. Stay Healthy or Get Healthy • Members can get Re:Fuel for only $49.99 for a 4 week supply. (Less than $2.00 per day, probably less than what you spend on junk food every day.) • If the Multi Vitamin/Mineral Food Supplement that you are taking is not NSF certified, then you have no guarantee that what is on the label is in the product. We challenge you to find a better product than Re:Fuel anywhere in the world. • We guarantee you will feel better and have more energy within 30 days or you get your money back. • For details on Re:Fuel go to: https://www.vollara.com/v_content/doc_support/sellsheets/ReFuelSupplementSellSheet.pdf

  14. Testimonies • “What I like most about Re:Fuel is: For me cold and flu season has become more of a spectator sport. While I have friends around me dropping like flies, I’ve got my health.” David T • “I work in a pharmacy. I love Re:Fuel. I have been taking them since last December and I notice a difference in my energy level. After I eat a large meal I don’t feel so tired, sleepy and lethargic anymore. I noticed more energy after about two to three weeks.” Mark M • “…Re:Fuel supplement definitely has a place in the daily routine of a professional athlete seeking optimal performance (Health) plus we use FreshAir and LivingWater”. Frank Velasquez, Jr. Strength & Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Pirates • “We currently offer NSF approved Re:Fuel to our athletes and we are using FreshAir and LivingWater.” Lee Kuntz, Head Athletic Trainer, Washington Nationals • “Re:Fuel is the most complete product that I’ve ever tried and we’ve started using LivingWater.” Jose Vazquez, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Texas Rangers • “Hi, as you know I have been taking Re:Fuel for the last 10 years or more and have had just 1 cold during that time and never have been sick during that time. Thanks again.    Roger J. Mulder

  15. The decisions you make today will determine your health 5 years from now. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t stumble out of the starting gate. Get with the person who invited you to this presentation and let them show you how to get: • A Vollara Membership - Free • How to start receiving Re:Fuel • How to start your own Vollara Home Based Business if interested.

  16. VOLLARA Your Success Today Business Opportunity

  17. Your Financial Future Depends on the Choices you make Today! • On a scale of 1 – 10 what is your financial situation? (1= real bad to 10 = financially independent)

  18. Business Perfect Storm 1. HealthCare Crisis 2. Financial Crisis 3. Green Technology industry is growing like crazy 4. Consumers are buying more and more of their personal products from their computers online. • That creates a Business Perfect Storm, which means an Awesome Opportunity for us! (Similar to Fast Food Industry & McDonald’s in the early 1960’s.) • Vollara put together a business opportunity that addresses and encompasses all 4 aspects of this Perfect Storm.

  19. Our Home Business Opportunity • Get your products FREE • Earn several $100 to several $1,000 every 4 weeks. • Work from home. 100+ government authorized tax breaks • Wholesale buying privilege on all Vollara products. Buy only the products your family uses. • Earn a FREE car • No selling • No inventory

  20. Show me how to make it work for me and my family • Decide how much money you would like to make every 4 weeks in your Vollara home based business. $ __________ • Start using Re:Fuel. • Set a goal to sponsor 5 – 10 people to duplicate the two things you are doing. Do these 2 things and everything else will take care of itself!

  21. Example of Potential Incomes Your Referrals who get a Vollara membership and duplicate what you are doing (following our SV System), could potentially earn you these projected incomes or much more every 4 weeks. • 5 members = $75 - $1,900+ • 7 members = $140 - $8,000+ plus $600 Car Bonus • 9 members = $225 - $18,450+ plus $600 Car Bonus Let’s get some paper and a pen and do the calculations ourselves. This is absolutely awesome and very doable and realistic. Next step: Immediately go to the Coaching section with your sponsor.

  22. VOLLARA Your Success Today Coaching

  23. “Small seemly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference. The essence of the Compound Effect is this; small, smart choices, plus consistency plus time, equal radical difference.” The SV Re:Fuel program will create financial independence for you if you persevere and don’t quit!

  24. Coaching 1“All things are possible to him who believes”. Mark 9:23 • Re:Fuel Re:Fuel: * One of a kind and absolutely the “Best in Class” product in the world. * Nothing compares. * Every man, woman, and child needs Re:Fuel. * We are ground floor. * Learn everything you can about Re:Fuel. * Use it correctly, set the example by taking it with every meal. * Become a product of the product. * Re:Fuel makes the SV program a winner. * NSF. * It makes you feel better in 30 days. • Penny Compare the Penny earning scale to the Calculator earning scale. The math does not lie. • Family Tree Actually draw it out in detail. The key to everything is duplication. • Calculator(It is the consistent doing of the little things that make the biggest impact.) Teach Calculator with hands on coaching. This is the essence of why we do this business, why you don’t quit, why you are persistent, why you dream big - beyond your normal expectations, and why you believe. This gives you your WHY! It’s not necessarily the money, it is the changed lives. It is very simple, “The more money you make in Vollara , simply means the more people you have helped. The Math is fact–it does not lie. Practice the Calculator over and over and over. Be self reliant, don’t depend on your job or the government. • MAKE A LIST All of your family, friends, and acquaintances need to hear about Re:Fuel. In fact every man, women, and child in America needs to hear about Re:Fuel. Re:Fuel is a life changer.

  25. Coaching 2 • Tax Benefits (Have your Sponsor email you the pdf of the Home Business tax book. Study it!) • Packs (14 day time sensitive Packs. Focus on the pack that excites you the most.) • Active, Qualified, and 500 PV min. for Team Bonus • Set the example by: • Following the System – Be fruitful and multiply. • Not getting distracted • Learning in detail about Re:Fuel, get passionate about Re:Fuel, lead with fruits and vegetables, learn pudding demo, and eat Re:Fuel with every meal especially in front of people. • We build using Word of Mouth & Referral marketing

  26. This Is What You Do • Decide how much money you would like to make every 4 weeks in your Vollara home based business $_______ Set your Goal, then do this exercise; Draw a “T” on a piece of paper. At the top of the “T” write “My Vollara Goal”. Under the cross of the T, on the left side write “Why I can’t reach my goal”, then immediately put a X on that side because “can’t” does not enter into the equation. Now, on the right side write, “Why I will reach my Goal”. Then list 20 reasons WHY you will reach your goal. Don’t stop until you have 20. It may take a few days to complete. • Start using Re:Fuel. Buy optional packs if you want to. 3. Set a goal to sponsor 5 – 10 people to duplicate the two things you are doing. What is your goal? ________ Do these 2 things and everything else will take care of itself!

  27. VOLLARA Your Success Today Business Building Outline

  28. Flow Chart of Activity that gets Results • Approach Choose the one you are most comfortable with. We suggest the Fruits and Vegetables approach. • Set Appointment • Try to do the SV presentation immediately. If not now then as soon as possible. This can be for coffee, lunch, at their kitchen table, Webinar, meeting, etc. • SV Presentation • Decide individually if you want to present the Business Opportunity to this person. • Sponsor Consumer only: 1. Autoship Re:Fuel 2. Send “Welcome Letter” 3. Put on your email list and continue to educate about Re:Fuel of other Vollara products Interested in Business 1. Autoship Re:Fuel 2. Immediately go to Coaching PPT slides. 3. Attend a Calculator Training Webinar ASAP. • Coaching Go through each item on all 4 slides in detail or direct your new Distributor to the Calculator Training Webinar. See if there is any interest in the FSE+ or LP packs. • Income Goal $_________ • Sponsoring Goal _______ • Start Duplicating with the help of your sponsor or upline. Do not try and do the presentation by yourself initially. • Keep it this simple • Go to SV Training during your Business Building activity. This is not initially necessary, but very important. For a copy of SV training go to: www.learntolivesmart.com

  29. Business Building Guideline 1. Fruit & Vegetables Approach “Are you ever concerned about you and your family getting the fruits and vegetables you need every day? Me to and I think I’ve found an easy, convenient, and affordable way to make this happen. Would you be interested in some info? (You might get them on a Webinar). • SV Re:Fuel ppt Presentation Go to www.learntolivesmart.com. Click on SV, click on SV Re:Fuel power point. Use first two sections of the power point for your presentation. At the end of the Business Opportunity section take a couple of minutes and show the power of just finding 5 people to do the 3 things, then show what happens with just 2 more (7), then what happens with just 9. This little illustration is critical if they have the slightest interest in the business. • Sponsor Sponsor your prospect by signing them up as a Vollara Distributor and starting out with an auto ship of Re:Fuel. Make sure the first ship date is immediately. Continued on next slide.

  30. Business Building Guideline con’t • Mail “Welcome Letter” plus email same letter. Mail the Follow-up letter immediately because of the 14 day deadline on New Distributor packs; include a Vollara DVD. Also send an email of this letter to the New Distributor. Go to www.learntolivesmart.com for copy of the letter in SV section. 5. Contact your new Distributor by phone. Call and see if they have any questions. Ask them to be on the next scheduled Calculator Training or schedule a personal Calculator Training. Also ask them if they are interested in any of the New Distributor packs. • Calculator Training Webinar It is super important to get as many of your New Distributors as possible to attend a Calculator Training. • Email your New Distributor’s name, city/state, and email address to J.K.Baker – jkbaker46@aol.com. He will put them on his Vollara Health Tip email list

  31. VOLLARA Your Success Today Training

  32. Training • You can get a copy of the SV Training guideline at: www.learntolivesmart.com a) Click on “Enter Site” b) Click on “Documents” c) Click on “SV Training” • You can also get a copy of the “SV PPT Presentation” at this same web link and other SV documents.