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Kent State Riots PowerPoint Presentation
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Kent State Riots

Kent State Riots

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Kent State Riots

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    1. Kent State Riots Sam Ginsburg and Andrea Fetters

    2. Background Protests of the Vietnam War were spreading all over the United States. These protests were being held by people of all ages. Some means of protesting was burning of draft cards, rallies and marches held, and fleeing the country to keep from getting drafted.

    3. Reasons for Protests There were a many reason protests were popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A few reasons were the bombing of Cambodia, the involvement of the US in Vietnam, and the rising amount of American casualties in Vietnam.

    4. Kent State Riot The Kent State Riot was one of the most well-known riots during the Vietnam War. The riot was caused by students at Kent State University in Kent, OH. They were protesting the American bombing of Cambodia.

    5. Kent State Riot The riot started on May 1. The students threw bottles and rocks at police officers and windows were broken while stores were being looted. The Ohio National Guard was called in on May 2 after the Mayor of Kent declared a state of emergency. The National Guard used tear gas to help control the mob and also make the mob smaller. On May 3, 1,000 troops were on the campus.

    6. Kent State On May 4, a major anti-war rally was held by students. Tear gas was used but to no avail. 77 National Guard soldiers advanced at the students with their guns. 29 opened fire, with 67 shots being fired. 4 were killed, 9 students wounded. Half of the students injured or killed had no place in the riots. The four dead were Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer, and William Knox Schroeder.