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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. IDAMS. Internationally Developed Data Analysis and Management Software Package. 2004. WinIDAMS – what it contains. User Interface Three modules for interactive data analysis

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United Nations Educational,

Scientific and Cultural Organization


Internationally Developed

Data Analysis and Management

Software Package


winidams what it contains
WinIDAMS – what it contains

User Interface

Three modules for interactive data analysis

Data analysis and data management facilities embedded in “programs”

Standard features

Powerful Recode language for construction of new variables

system requirements
System requirements

32-bit versions of Windows operating systems (Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP)

Pentium II or faster processor

64 megabytes RAM

About 11 MB of disk space for each language version

Files for download (each version):

installation 7.3 MB

manual 2.6 MB

winidams user interface
WinIDAMS User Interface
  • Application option
  • Dictionary window
  • Data window
  • Setup window
  • Option for executing IDAMS setups
  • Results window
  • Interactive data import/export facilities
  • Access to interactive data analysis components
  • Advanced text editing facilities
  • On-line access to the Reference Manual
interactive data analysis
Interactive data analysis

Multidimensional tables and their graphical presentation

Graphical exploration of data (GraphID)

Time series analysis (TimeSID)

data analysis facilities
Data analysis facilities

Univariate analysis

Univariate table and statistics

Distribution and Lorenz functions

Bivariate analysis

Bivariate tables and statistics

One-way analysis of variance

Scatter diagrams

Pearsonian correlation

data analysis facilities1
Data analysis facilities

Multivarate explicative analysis

Lineal regression

Multiple classification analysis

Searching for structure

data analysis facilities2
Data analysis facilities

Multivariate descriptive analysis

Principal components factor analysis

Analysis of correspondences

Stepwise linear discriminant analysis

Cluster analysis

Typology and ascending classification

Partial order scoring

Rank-ordering of alternatives

Multidimensional scaling

Configuration analysis

data management facilities
Data editing and construction of an IDAMS dataset

Checking for non-numerical values

Checking of codes

Checking of consistency

Checking the merging of records

Correcting data

Data management facilities

Data verification and correction

data management facilities1
Data management facilities

Sorting and merging files

Importing and exporting data

Listing data

Subsetting data

Aggregating data

Merging data

Data transformation

standard features
Standard features

Case selection

    Variable selection

    Transforming data – Recode facility

    Weighting data

    Treatment of missing data

    Treatment of non-numerical values

the recode language
The Recode language

Elements of the Recode language


variables, constants, functions, expressions


arithmetic, relational, logical


arithmetic, logical


assignment, control, initialization/definition

data in idams
Data in IDAMS

IDAMS dataset

Data file + Dictionary file with data description

IDAMS matrices

square matrix

rectangular matrix

data file
Data file

Any text file of fixed format, i.e. where the values for a given variable occur in the same positions and in the same record for each case.

data file1
Data file
  • Can contain:
  • up to 4096 characters per case
  • number of cases limited by the disk capacity and by the internal representation of numbers
  • up to 1000 variables
  • up to 50 records per case.
  • identified by a unique number between 1 y 9999
  • reference – number preceded by V or R, e.g. V3
  • numeric or alphabetic, stored in character mode
  • Numeric variables
  • values integer or decimal, positive or negative
  • blank fields are considered non-numerics
  • maximum field width is 9 but only up to 7 significant digits are retained in processing
  • Alphabetic variables
  • any string of characters
  • maximum field width is 255
  • 1-4 first characters can be used in filters and in Recode
data description dictionary file
Data description – Dictionary file

It contains:

  • the variable number, its type and its location in the data record
  • variable name, two missing data codes, the number of decimal places, reference number and study ID
  • labels (names) for different codes of qualitative variables
data exchange
Data exchange

Interactive data import/export

Data: Tab (.txt), comma (.csv), semicolon (.csv)

IMPEX program

Data: free or DIF format

Matrices: free format

executing idams programs
Executing IDAMS programs

Sequence of operations

preparation of instructions in a setup

execution of the setup

revision of results

idams setup file
IDAMS Setup file

$RUN program name


file specifications


program control statements


Recode statements

example of a setup file
Example of a Setup file







‘Standard & stepwise regressions'

badd=md1 mdha=20 cate




idams results file
IDAMS Results file

Structure and contents of results

release number and date

date and time of execution

listing of setup

Recode statements

program name, source, data of last updating

interpretation of setup

input and output dictionary(-ies)

results of execution