Unit 6 doctor s case book
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Session 1 (p.73) Sample 1 “… chronic bronchitis characterized by … . ”. “ several months ago, a cough somewhat different appeared and became … . ”. Unit 6 Doctor ’ s Case-book. e.g. a doctor appreciated by all his patients. somewhat adv. e.g.

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Unit 6 doctor s case book

Session 1 (p.73)

Sample 1

“… chronic bronchitis characterized by … .”

“several months ago, a cough somewhat different appeared and became … . ”

Unit 6 Doctor’s Case-book


a doctor appreciated by all his patients.

somewhat adv.


He was somewhat encouraged by your words.

Unit 6 doctor s case book

Three weeks ago he noted blood-tinged sputum.”

“During this 2-week interval, he has had … .”


tinge v./n.


blood-shot eyes

blood-stained swabs

well-protected environment


a 3-hour drive

a 7-day holiday

two 2-hour shifts

Unit 6 doctor s case book

Sample 2

“a 60-year-old woman presents to the emergency department having collapsed at home.”

“(She) presents… . She gives a three-day history … .”

having done sth. (in Sub. Clause)


Having finished his duty report, Dr. Bai returned to his consulting room earlier.

She is brought to the emergency department … . She is said to have a severe pain in the past three days… .

Unit 6 doctor s case book

On admission, she had features of osteoarthritis … .”



On hearing a big “Pang”, the nurse rushed to the ward to attend the patient.

On examination he looked well.

Session 2 practical reading

Passage 1

“There is an old saying in English: ’… .’”

“It was found thatlaughter has similar effects to physical exercise. It increases …It also works … .”

Session 2 Practical Reading


An old English saying says …

As an old English saying goes …

“It” laughter

Unit 6 doctor s case book

Other tests have shown that laughter appears to be capable of reducing … .”

be capable of


Laser is said to be capable of deleting some of the facial pigments and moles.

Unit 6 doctor s case book

The reason why laughter can reduce pain seems to be that it helps to produce endorphins in the brain. These are natural chemicals which diminish both stress and pain.”

The reason … seems to be that …




Listerine Antiseptic is a kind of mouthwash which is advertised as the leading product among all the non-prescriptions.

Unit 6 doctor s case book

As a result of these discoveries, some doctors and psychiatrists in the United States now hold laughter clinics, in which they try to improve … by … .”

as a result of


Doctors can now hold on-line discussion on a particular medical issue as the result of the development of IT industry.


This new building is designed to have multi-functions, in which several pieces of sophisticated medical equipments will be installed for examinations and diagnoses.

Unit 6 doctor s case book

Features of advertisement contexts:

Use of sensational words:

e.g. effective; gentler;

  • Use of inducing words:

e.g. as effective as two aspirin

  • Use of convincing words:

e.g. doctors haves


  • Use of formula, print or style of letter or grammatical means to achieve vision effects: e.g.

For arthritis pain, choose

What doctors have…recommended

Millions of times. Advil

Unit 6 doctor s case book

Purposes of using these features in advertisement contexts:

Create psychological vantage for the advertised product

Develop need on part of the potential buyers

Tips for advertisement reading:

  • Look for the object being advertised;

  • Try to form complete sentence from the segments given;

  • Follow the guidance of grammar knowledge;

  • Use the idiomatic expressions in the language;

Passage 2

Advil contains ibuprofen, which was once available only by prescription.”

Just one Advil is as effective as two regular aspirin.

Passage 2

contain v.


Normal healthy diet contains actually almost all the nutrition a person needs.


The new nurse looks as professionally qualified as any other nurses.

Unit 6 doctor s case book

Yet clinical studies show that Advil is gentler to the stomach than aspirin.”

Doctors have recommended Advil over 30 million times for so many types of pains.

to be adj.+ er … than …


It is true that the head nurse is more experienced than the new nurse.

  • authority (person or

  • organization)

  • statistical figures

convincing words:

Unit 6 doctor s case book

The next time arthritis pain goes to work on you, choose what so many doctor recommended. Advil!

Use of positive verb to create psychological vantage or the product or seeming dependence of the buyer

Use of sensational word

what (Obj. Clau.)


You have to do what your doctor has told you to do.

T or f
T or F

  • 3. Doctors recommended Advil many times for stomachache.


… Advil is gentler to the stomach … .



many times



Creating confusion of the information given in the reading