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  2. Similes Similes compare different things. They usually use words like “as” and “like”

  3. Here are some examples… As light as a feather

  4. As strong as an ox

  5. Run like the wind

  6. How do we use Similes? My mum is as busy as a bee. He is as brave as a lion. She slept like a log last night.

  7. Here is a song full of similes!It’s by Lenka. You may have heard it on TV

  8. Quiz Time!

  9. as fast as a hare

  10. Or, you can also say… as fast as lightning

  11. as brave as a bear

  12. Or, you can also say… as brave as a soldier

  13. as quiet as a mouse

  14. Or, you can also say… as quiet as a falling leaf

  15. as dark as the night

  16. Or, you can also say… as dark as the dungeon

  17. strong like a family

  18. Or, you can also say… strong like a bull

  19. As silly as Spongebob !

  20. Once upon a time, there lived two good friends. One was called SpongeBob and the other was called Patrick.

  21. SpongeBob has a body as yellow as banana and eyes as big as the moon ! as yellow as a banana as big as the moon

  22. Patrick has a body as pink as a flamingo and a pointed head. as pink as a flamingo

  23. Spongebob can be quite silly sometimes.

  24. Nevertheless, Patrick still likes SpongeBob as his best friend.

  25. One day, SpongeBob and Patrick were feeling very bored.

  26. Suddenly, Spongebob got an idea!

  27. “Hey, Patrick! Why don’t we go and collect some sea shells?” shouted SpongeBob as loud as a loudspeaker. as loud as a loudspeaker

  28. “Why are you shouting in my ears? Hmmm, alright, let’s go look for some seashells.”

  29. “But, what are we going to do with the seashells then?”

  30. “That’s a secret”. SpongeBob whispered as softly as a cat this time. as softly as a cat

  31. After half an hour of collecting seashells, Patrick got very tired.

  32. “I am as tired as a kid who just got back from school. as tired as a kid who just got back from school.

  33. Can you tell me what we are going to do with these seashells now at least?”

  34. “Alright, since you are as impatient as a hungry baby, I’ll tell you now. We are going to build a huge Ferrari car using these shells! as impatient as a hungry baby

  35. “Bruum, bruum, bruum! I’m as excited as a puppy dog that I can’t wait to drive my car around!” as excited as a puppy dog

  36. Patrick looked a little confused. “A ferrari car? How are you going to drive the car in here? Cars don’t run underwater…”

  37. SpongeBob looked at Patrick. “Oh yes, why didn’t I think of that!

  38. “Alright, let’s throw these seashells away and go get some rest now.”

  39. “GOODNESS, GRACIOUS, ME! You are so silly,SpongeBob, as silly as a clown!” as silly as a clown !”

  40. “You have wasted my time. I’ll make sure you pay for it!”

  41. The End