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Missouri offers this opportunity to all of its students. PowerPoint Presentation
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Missouri offers this opportunity to all of its students.

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Missouri offers this opportunity to all of its students. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DID YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO GRADUATES FROM WEST PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL CAN ATTEND COLLEGE OR TECHNICAL SCHOOL ABSOLUTELY FREE?. Missouri offers this opportunity to all of its students. West Plains High School. is an A+ Designated High School !!!!

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Missouri offers this opportunity to all of its students.

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    2. West Plains High School is an A+ Designated High School !!!! Every graduating Zizzer has the opportunity to secure an A+ scholarship.

    3. Whatis A+? Simply, a state-funded scholarship for students to attend a two-year college or vocational-technical school tuition-free.

    4. Why think about college now? A college education increases lifetime earnings. Need to prepare now by taking more rigorous coursework. Begin preparing The A+ programs aim is to prepare you For your future. dollars

    5. Why should you participate in the A+ program? • Helps to form a career pathway by • Tutoring • Job shadowing • Develops good study habits and encourages attendance • A+ graduates are more likely to graduate college. (Source: DESE data analysis) • The program reduces the drop out rates at many high schools. • Prepares students for their lives after graduation.

    6. What do I have to do to graduate with A+ Certification? • Enrollment in and attendance at a designated A+ school for at least three (3) consecutive years. • 2.5 cumulative (gpa) grade point average upon graduation of high school • At least 50 hours unpaid tutoring or mentoring • At least 95% attendance throughout high school • A record of good citizenship and avoidance of the unlawful use of drugs/alcohol • Completing a FAFSA

    7. The A+ Program Pays off • A+ eligible graduates can have tuition and common fees paid through the program. • At today’s prices, the value of the A+ scholarship is approximately • Many students have decided to save money while getting a quality education at two year community college or technical school, including Missouri State University-West Plains. • Many two year degrees prepare you to go directly into the workforce, like Nursing and Law Enforcement. • Half-way to million dollar lifetime earning potential. $7,000* *Based on two years Full-Time tuition at Missouri State-West Plains

    8. Eligibility in college • A+ eligibility is verified by the high school. • Students then enroll full time and may begin the semester right after graduation. • Students just maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. • Students must enroll in a program leading to an associate degree or a certificate at a community college or technical school.

    9. What’s Covered and Where? Tuition and common fees are the items covered by A+ funds. This is contingent upon funds being appropriated for the program by the state of Missouri. Students may qualify to attend any public community college or career/technical school in Missouri (one and two year higher education institutions), FREE. Students that complete an Associates degree by using their A+ scholarship, may transfer to any four year state school in Missouri. Some 4 year colleges and universities provide incentive scholarships ($1,000 in some cases)

    10. Timeline Eligibility • Students may use for up to a maximum of six semesters within four years of high school graduation or • Until completion of associate degree or certificate.

    11. Scholarships • Recipients MAY also receive institutional scholarships. • If the student is applying for community scholarships (i.e. FFA, BPW, Kiwanis, Lions Club, etc.) the donor may designate money for college fees other than tuition.

    12. Eligible Public Missouri Community Colleges* • Missouri State University-West Plains • State Fair Community College, Sedalia • East Central College, Union • Jefferson College, Hillsboro • St. Charles Community College, St. Peters • St. Louis Community College: • St. Louis, Forest Park, Meramec, Florissant Valley, Wildwood • Metropolitan Community College: • Kansas City, Maplewood, Penn Valley, Longview, Blue Springs • Moberly Area Community College, Moberly • Mineral Area College, Park Hills • Crowder College, Neosho • North Central Missouri College, Trenton • Three Rivers Community College, Poplar Bluff • Linn State Technical College, Linn • Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield

    13. Eligible Technical Schools**Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

    14. A+ Students Speak Out

    15. What do I do to get signed up? • Go to the A+ table at Registration or see Jenny Buehler, A+ Secretary, to sign your A+ agreement. • Your child can sign up at any point in his or her high school career. Of course, the earlier the better. But if they are a junior or senior, it is very likely not too late. • Also pick up a copy of the “Options for completing your tutoring,” so that you my begin planning for the best time for you to fulfill the tutoring requirement. Ask at A+ table.

    16. Things to keep in mind about A+ • After you have signed your agreement, you will receive an update of your status in A+ twice a year. Remember, nothing is final until graduation. If your grade point average drops below 2.5 while still in high school, you have the next semester to get it back up. If you have questions, please communicate with Mrs.Shannon or Mrs. Buehler.

    17. A+ Attendance Note to Parents It is highly suggested that you keep a folder of your child’s absences, (i.e. doctor’s notes, court date notes, etc). Begin freshman year. Each day your child is absent, log the reason and add any documentation (doctor’s notes, obituary, court appointment note) to the file. This is a very important resource in case your child happens to need to go through the attendance appeals process his or her senior year.

    18. We want every student to be successful! • We want to see every student complete the requirements for the A+ Scholarship. • Please contact Mrs. Shannon or Mrs. Buehler with any questions regarding A+. If we don’t have the answers, we will help you find the person who does.

    19. THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO LEARN MORE ABOUT A+ Things to make sure are completed: • A+ Agreement to Mrs. Shannon at Registration or Mrs. Buehler. • Pick up a “Options For Completing Your Tutoring” from one of the A+ tables. • Contact Mrs. Shannon, A+ Coordinator, with any questions: 417-256-6150