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Lesson 34 Danny’s Dinosaur Dinner PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesson 34 Danny’s Dinosaur Dinner

Lesson 34 Danny’s Dinosaur Dinner

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Lesson 34 Danny’s Dinosaur Dinner

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  1. Lesson 34 Danny’s Dinosaur Dinner

  2. 根据句意和所给首字母提示完成句子,每空一词:根据句意和所给首字母提示完成句子,每空一词: • The time at school s_______ my future. • These two countries have different c__________. • P________________ she is the best actress in our country. • We often have d_______ together. • I decided to go there, t_________ it was raining hard. haped ultures erhaps/robably inner hough

  3. 上星期李老师教我们游泳了。 • Last week Mr. Li _______ ____ _____ ________. • 2. 我发现学好英语并不难。 • I find it _______ _______ _________ English _______. • 3. 一定把你的照片带到学校来。 • ______ ________ your photos to school. • 4. 尽管他起得很早,但还是迟到了。 • ________ he got up very early, (_______) he was still late. • He got up very early, ________ he was still late. • 5. 昨天我的朋友邀请我们到他家吃了一顿特别的饭。 • Yesterday my friend ________us _____ his house _____ • a special _________. taught us to swim easy to learn well Do bring Though yet but invited to for dinner

  4. A task: • Danny doesn’t want to tell Jenny and Brain what • foods he is going to serve them. • What do you think dinosaur food is like? • Do you think Jenny and Brain will like the food? Write down your ideas and share them with a • partner.

  5. Think about it! • Have you ever invited a guest to your home? • Have you ever been a guest? • 2. What’s the worst food you’ve ever tried? • 3. What does Danny serve Jenny and Brain? • Make a guess.

  6. Read quickly and find the answer to the question: What does Danny serve Jenny and Brain?

  7. Read carefully and answer the following question: What does Brain and Jenny think of dinosaur food?

  8. 1. At 6:00 on Saturday, Jenny and Brain knock on Danny’s door. knock n. “敲” vi. “敲; 敲打; 碰撞” knock at/on … “敲……” There is a knock on the door outside. 外面传来敲门声。 Who is knocking at/on the window? 谁在敲窗户呢? 不要敲书桌,请保持安静。 Don’t knock at/on the desk. Please keep quiet. 2.Sure! Just hang up your coats in the closet! hang hung hung “悬挂” hang hanged hanged “绞死” She hung her clothes outside just now. The bad were hanged after autumn.

  9. hang up “挂断电话” “把……挂起来” 当他生气时, 他经常挂断电话. 请你帮我将这幅画挂起来好吗? When he gets hungry, he often hangs up. Would you please help me hang up that picture? 3. Would you like something to drink? Would you like …? 肯定回答: Yes, please. Yes, I’d like to.Yes, I’d like that. (Yes可有可无) 较熟的人还可用: OK. All right. 否定回答: No, thanks.

  10. 不定代词用法归纳: 用于肯定句、疑问句、否定句中 用于肯定句中 用于非肯定句中 用于否定句中

  11. 4. Do you have anything else? else adj. “别的” 修饰不定代词、疑问代词或疑问副 词,必须位于这些词后 other adj. “别的”修饰名词,位于名词的前面 else Who _______ can play the guitar? Where _______ did you go? Do you have anything ________ to say? The ________ boys are playing football. What’s that in your the _________ hand? else else other other 5. That’s dinosaurs drank long ago, says Danny. long ago “很久, 很久以前” = long, long ago = a long time ago

  12. 5. I’m only offering dinosaur food tonight. offer v. “提供, 供给” offer sb. sth. = offer sth. to sb. “给某人提供某物” offer to do sth. “主动提出做某事” 他给了我一杯茶。 我主动提出帮妈妈做家务。 He offered me a cup of tea.=He offered a cup of tea to me. He offered to help my mother do housework. 6. Help yourselves to some grass. help oneself to … “随便吃……” Tom, 随便吃些鱼吧。 孩子们请随便吃些蛋糕。 Tom, help yourself to some fish. Please help yourselves to some cake, children.

  13. 7. May I serve you some grass, Brian? serve v. 提供(饭菜) serve sb. sth.= serve sth. for sb. “为某人提供(饭菜)” 请把咖啡端上来。 他给我们端上水果。 Please serve coffee. She served us some fruit.= She served some fruit for us. 8. Brain wants to be polite. polite politely impolite impolitely

  14. 9. Thank you. Just a little. a little (+ 不可数名词/原级/比较级 ) “少量;些微;稍许” Pease give me a little. She slept a little. Don’t worry, we still have a little time. He felt a little better yesterday. I feel a little cold today. 10. We’ll have some leaves for dessert. have … for … “吃……作为……” 我经常以面包和牛奶作早餐。 你晚餐吃什么? I often have bread and milk for breakfast. What do you have for supper?

  15. 11. Danny runs to the television and turns it on. turn on “打开(煤气、自来水、电灯、电视等)” turn off “关上(煤气、自来水、电灯、电视等)” turn down “把声音开大” turn up “把声音关小” Please __________ the radio. Let’s listen to English. I can’t hear clearly. _______the radio _____, please. Remember to _______ the light when you leave the room. The music is too loud. Please _____ it _______ a little. turn on Turn up turn off turn down

  16. Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions or verbs: • 1. Offer some water _______ the guests. • 2. May I serve some grass ________ you? • 3. Listen! There is someone knocking ________ the door. • 4. Help yourselves ________ some soup, boys. • 5. What did you have _________ lunch today? • 6. When you leave the room, you should turn the TV ___. • 7. Don’t hang _______. Please hold on. • 8. Let’s hang ______ the map lower. Then we can see it clearly. to for at/on to for off up up

  17. 根据句意和所给首字母提示完成句子,每空一词:根据句意和所给首字母提示完成句子,每空一词: • Who is k_________ on the window? • When he came back, he h____ up his coat on the wall. • Please o_____ some tea to the guests. • The waiter s______ us some hot dogs just now. • “H___ yourselves to some rice and fish!” Aunt Nancy said to us. nocking ung ffer erved elp

  18. Fill in each blank with the proper word from the brackets: • The soldier ____________(hang) by the enemies. • I opened the door and _________(hang) up the coat in the closet. • Your coat can be _________(hang) outside. • “Help __________(you) to some ice cream!” Uncle Li said to Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang. • My classmate offered __________(teach) me English. • The conductor keeps __________(offer) the passengers hotwater. • In autumn, _________(leaf) turn yellow and the weather gets cold. • It’s _________(polite) to laugh at the old people. • The boy answered the question _________(polite). was hanged hung hung yourselves to teach offering leaves impolite politely

  19. 句型转换,每空一词: • It’s time for our Chinese class. (同义句) • It’s time _____ ________ our Chinese class. • 2. He has something exciting to tell you all. (一般疑问句) • _______ he have ____________ exciting to tell you all? • 3. It’s his favourite TV show. (同义句) • He _______ the TV show ________. • 4. There is a bowl of rice on the table. (对划线部分提问) • ____ ______ ______ of rice _______ there on the table? • 5. The music is too loud! I can’t hear her. (同义句) • The music is _______ loud _______ I can’t hear you. to have Does anything likes best How many bowls are so that

  20. A task: Are guests important in your home? What do you do to make guests feel comfortable? In a small group, talk about how guests are treated in China. Share your ideas with the class or write a passage.