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Hunting For Health

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Hunting For Health. CEO Jill Jorgensen. A little bit about us….

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hunting for health

Hunting For Health

CEO Jill Jorgensen

a little bit about us
A little bit about us….

Hunting for Health was founded in 2000 by Jill A. Jorgensen. At the time, Ms. Jorgensen was a college student who was constantly aware of her subpar hydration levels, regardless of her intentions each morning when she awoke. On a different and seemingly unrelated note, she also noted the constant lack of cleanliness in bathrooms that appeared to originate from the students’ apathetic attitudes toward hand-washing and common courtesy.

Seeing an opportunity to make a difference, Ms. Jorgensen began speaking with Duck Hunt owners about the possibility of installing the game in public bathrooms. To help hydration levels, encourage hand washing, and bring something fun and different to schools, Duck Hunt was indeed brought to colleges across the nation.

Within months, students were reporting illnesses less and janitorial staff were finding that they had less to do on a daily basis. The reasonable startup costs and the outstanding results were more than enough incentive for colleges to start clamoring that Hunting For Health- as the newly founded business partnership between Ms. Jorgensen and the Duck Hunt owners was named- be brought to their institutions.

hunting for health startup p ackages
Hunting For Health Startup Packages
  • Basic Duck Hunt
    • Includes waterproof urinals and game screen stall doors in 3 different men and women’s restrooms across campus.


  • Premium Duck Hunt
    • Includes everything in basic kit, plus 3 additional restrooms for each men and women. $15,000
  • Platinum Duck Hunt
    • Includes everything in Basic and Premium kits, plus a cleanliness sensor that will save high scores once hands are washed and placed upon it.



How to maximize bird kills in 60 seconds or less:


  • Conserve ‘’fire power’’; start and stop for each shot when possible.
  • Aim. Self-explanatory.
  • Don’t underestimate jet stream mode (watch out for ‘’shrapnel’’).


  • Use the gun. Go buck wild.

“I felt amazing after playing Duck Hunt in the bathrooms- I’ve never drank so much water in my life! Thanks Hunting For Health!” –Bathilda B., Godric’s Hollow

  • “Using the bathroom has never been so much fun! Now if only I could major in Urination…” –Albie D., Hogwarts
  • “At first, I felt weird killing all those helpless birds, but after awhile I found myself drinking gallons of water just to play one more round of Duck Hunt.” –T. Rids, Little Hangleton
what comes next
What comes next….

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