Disability employment services disability management service 2015 18 tender
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Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Service 2015-18 Tender. Overview of Presentation. Rationale for the Tender and business available An overview of DES-DMS Tendering information including : Selection Criteria, Tendering requirements and Probity

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Overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation Service

  • Rationale for the Tender and business available

  • An overview of DES-DMS

  • Tendering information including:

  • Selection Criteria, Tendering requirements and Probity

  • RFT Information sessions

  • Useful Resource Links

  • Opportunity for Questions

What is happening for des dms
What is happening for DES-DMS? Service

  • Current Deed expires 30 June 2015

  • DES-DMS business delivered by CRS available for tender

    • approximately 47 per cent of DES-DMS business

    • business available in 97 of the 110 ESAsacross Australia

  • New contracts 2 March 2015 – 4 March 2018

  • DSS intends to offer contract extension for all other providers delivering DES-DMS until 4 March 2018

  • Performance review and business reallocation process

Overview of des
Overview of DES Service

  • Assists job seekers with disability, injury or a health condition to find work

  • Introduced on 1 March 2010

  • Two uncapped demand-driven programmes:

    • DES-DMS - Assists job seekers with disability who require assistance to find sustainable employment, but who are not expected to need long-term support in the workplace, and

    • DES- Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) - Assists job seekers with permanent disabilities who require assistance to find a job and who require long-term ongoing support in the workplace to maintain sustainable employment

Job seeker gateway and eligibility to des dms
Job seeker Service gateway and eligibility to DES-DMS

  • DES-DMS eligibility is generally determined by:

    • Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) or

    • Job Capacity Assessment (JCA)

  • Job seekers can enter DES-DMS by:

    • Referral from Centrelink/DHS

    • Directly registering with a DES provider

    • Job in Jeopardy that assists at-risk workers

Services delivered to des dms job seekers
Services delivered to DES-DMS job seekers Service

  • An individually tailored pathway to employment

  • Development of an Employment Pathway Plan (EPP)

  • Build linkages with employers and local labour market

  • Develop connections with other service providers

  • Up to 24 months of employment assistance available for job seekers

Service fees outcome payments
Service fees & outcome payments Service

  • Service Fees paid until the participant is placed into employment or full-time education

  • Job Placement Fees are payable when participants are placed in a job

  • Outcome payments are paid for a sustainable employment or education outcome

  • Flexible Ongoing Support payments are paid on a ‘Fee-for-Service’ basis for each instance of support

Characteristics of des dms participants
Characteristics of DES-DMS participants Service

DES–DMS Caseload of approximately 75 100 as at 31 March 2014

Characteristics of des dms participants1
Characteristics of DES-DMS Service participants

Characteristics of des dms participants2
Characteristics of DES-DMS Service participants

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse 23 per cent

Homeless 6 per cent

Ex Offender 7 per cent

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 4 per cent

Certification with the national standards for disability services
Certification with the National Standards for Disability Services

  • All DES providers must be certified against the National Standards for Disability Services within 12 months of the Deed commencement date

  • DES Deed commences 2 March 2015

  • DES providers must maintain their certification in order to receive DES funding in accordance with the Disability Services Act 1986

Proposed selection criteria
Proposed Selection Criteria Services

Criterion 1 – Strategies for the delivery of DES-DMS

– Management and governance arrangements

(30% weighting, limit of 25 000 characters)

Criterion 2 – Past performance

(40% weighting, limit of 15 000 characters per ESA)

Criterion 3 – Local strategies and employer engagement

(30% weighting, limit of 25 000 characters per ESA)

Specialist Services Criterion

(pass/fail weighting, limit of 5000 characters per ESA)

Tendering requirements
Tendering Requirements Services

  • The RFT will be released on AusTender

  • All Tenderers must lodge their tender on AusTender only

  • Late Tender lodgments will not be accepted

  • AusTender: Austender

Probity Services

  • Promote open and fair competition

  • External Probity Adviser to be appointed

  • Probity Plan

  • Integrity in evaluation and selection processes

  • Objective and consistent assessment of all tenders

  • Defensible process and outcomes

Contact with ministers
Contact with Ministers Services

  • Business as usual for portfolio Ministers during the tender

  • When meeting with stakeholders, Ministers can only provide publically released information about the tender

Contact with dss and the department of employment
Contact with DSS and the Department of Employment Services

  • Business as usual for DSS during the tender

  • Tenderers can contact Department of Employment’s Employment Services Purchasing Hotline in relation to the tender

  • Departmental staff will not engage with Tenderers in a manner that could be perceived as influencing the tender process

  • Communication processes

Information sessions and webinars
Information sessions and webinars Services

  • RFT Information sessions early to mid-July 2014

  • The RFT contains information about submitting your tender

  • More information

  • DES-DMS Tender

Useful information
Useful information Services

  • Current DES-DMS Deed


  • Labour Market Information Portal

    Labour Market Portal

  • Map of the ESAs with business


Indicative purchasing timeline1
Indicative purchasing Servicestimeline

Questions? Services

  • espurchasing@employment.gov.au

Thank you
Thank you Services