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Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Service 2015-18 Tender PowerPoint Presentation
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Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Service 2015-18 Tender

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Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Service 2015-18 Tender - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Service 2015-18 Tender. Overview of Presentation. Rationale for the Tender and business available An overview of DES-DMS Tendering information including : Selection Criteria, Tendering requirements and Probity

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Presentation Transcript
overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation
  • Rationale for the Tender and business available
  • An overview of DES-DMS
  • Tendering information including:
  • Selection Criteria, Tendering requirements and Probity
  • RFT Information sessions
  • Useful Resource Links
  • Opportunity for Questions
what is happening for des dms
What is happening for DES-DMS?
  • Current Deed expires 30 June 2015
  • DES-DMS business delivered by CRS available for tender
    • approximately 47 per cent of DES-DMS business
    • business available in 97 of the 110 ESAsacross Australia
  • New contracts 2 March 2015 – 4 March 2018
  • DSS intends to offer contract extension for all other providers delivering DES-DMS until 4 March 2018
  • Performance review and business reallocation process
overview of des
Overview of DES
  • Assists job seekers with disability, injury or a health condition to find work
  • Introduced on 1 March 2010
  • Two uncapped demand-driven programmes:
    • DES-DMS - Assists job seekers with disability who require assistance to find sustainable employment, but who are not expected to need long-term support in the workplace, and
    • DES- Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) - Assists job seekers with permanent disabilities who require assistance to find a job and who require long-term ongoing support in the workplace to maintain sustainable employment
job seeker gateway and eligibility to des dms
Job seeker gateway and eligibility to DES-DMS
  • DES-DMS eligibility is generally determined by:
    • Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) or
    • Job Capacity Assessment (JCA)
  • Job seekers can enter DES-DMS by:
    • Referral from Centrelink/DHS
    • Directly registering with a DES provider
    • Job in Jeopardy that assists at-risk workers
services delivered to des dms job seekers
Services delivered to DES-DMS job seekers
  • An individually tailored pathway to employment
  • Development of an Employment Pathway Plan (EPP)
  • Build linkages with employers and local labour market
  • Develop connections with other service providers
  • Up to 24 months of employment assistance available for job seekers
service fees outcome payments
Service fees & outcome payments
  • Service Fees paid until the participant is placed into employment or full-time education
  • Job Placement Fees are payable when participants are placed in a job
  • Outcome payments are paid for a sustainable employment or education outcome
  • Flexible Ongoing Support payments are paid on a ‘Fee-for-Service’ basis for each instance of support
characteristics of des dms participants
Characteristics of DES-DMS participants

DES–DMS Caseload of approximately 75 100 as at 31 March 2014

characteristics of des dms participants2
Characteristics of DES-DMS participants

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse 23 per cent

Homeless 6 per cent

Ex Offender 7 per cent

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 4 per cent

certification with the national standards for disability services
Certification with the National Standards for Disability Services
  • All DES providers must be certified against the National Standards for Disability Services within 12 months of the Deed commencement date
  • DES Deed commences 2 March 2015
  • DES providers must maintain their certification in order to receive DES funding in accordance with the Disability Services Act 1986
proposed selection criteria
Proposed Selection Criteria

Criterion 1 – Strategies for the delivery of DES-DMS

– Management and governance arrangements

(30% weighting, limit of 25 000 characters)

Criterion 2 – Past performance

(40% weighting, limit of 15 000 characters per ESA)

Criterion 3 – Local strategies and employer engagement

(30% weighting, limit of 25 000 characters per ESA)

Specialist Services Criterion

(pass/fail weighting, limit of 5000 characters per ESA)

tendering requirements
Tendering Requirements
  • The RFT will be released on AusTender
  • All Tenderers must lodge their tender on AusTender only
  • Late Tender lodgments will not be accepted
  • AusTender: Austender
  • Promote open and fair competition
  • External Probity Adviser to be appointed
  • Probity Plan
  • Integrity in evaluation and selection processes
  • Objective and consistent assessment of all tenders
  • Defensible process and outcomes
contact with ministers
Contact with Ministers
  • Business as usual for portfolio Ministers during the tender
  • When meeting with stakeholders, Ministers can only provide publically released information about the tender
contact with dss and the department of employment
Contact with DSS and the Department of Employment
  • Business as usual for DSS during the tender
  • Tenderers can contact Department of Employment’s Employment Services Purchasing Hotline in relation to the tender
  • Departmental staff will not engage with Tenderers in a manner that could be perceived as influencing the tender process
  • Communication processes
information sessions and webinars
Information sessions and webinars
  • RFT Information sessions early to mid-July 2014
  • The RFT contains information about submitting your tender
  • More information
  • DES-DMS Tender
useful information
Useful information
  • Current DES-DMS Deed


  • Labour Market Information Portal

Labour Market Portal

  • Map of the ESAs with business


  • espurchasing@employment.gov.au