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Air Pollution

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Air Pollution
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Air Pollution

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  1. Air Pollution

  2. Water Pollution

  3. Air and Water Pollution • The two main types of pollution that affect humans would have to be air and water. Everyday we use water to get ready for school or work. We also have to breathe clean air to be healthy and disease free.

  4. Effects of Air Pollution • Some effects of severe air pollution are lung cancer, asthma and Lung Infections. Most people that are affected by air pollution, don’t realize they are being exposed to it in till they are sick.

  5. Effects of Water Pollution • Cancer due to chemicals such as Arsenic, Barium, Lead etc. • Birth Defects and Fertility Problems (Male and Female) due to Pesticides. • Susceptibility to H1N1 (Swine Flu) due to Arsenic.

  6. How Air and Water Pollution Enter the Body

  7. How Water Pollution Enters the Body • Water pollution enters your body through drinking contaminated water. Once you digest the contaminated water it goes into your blood stream and you become sick. • Through skin exposure, example swimming in a polluted lake or body of water.

  8. Ways to Reduce and Avoid Air Pollution. • If you live in a high traffic area like some parts of china, that have a lot of air pollution. You can wear a mask that protects your lungs from inhaling polluted air. • To reduce air pollution you can walk to work or school if its in a reasonable distance. Invest in a highbred car. Use a bike.

  9. Ways to Avoid and Reduce Water Pollution • Test the water that you drink in your house for all types of chemicals. • Make sure that the lakes or beaches that you swim in are safe. • To reduce water pollution you can not litter for one, and when fishing don’t dump your garbage or waste into the lake or body of water.

  10. Areas with High Levels of Air Pollution • In certain areas of China the air is so polluted, that the people that live there wear masks when walking down the street because of the polluted air.

  11. Areas affected by Water Pollution • In a port in Newfoundland the water is constantly being polluted by fishermen that dump their waste into the water. On top of that the gas that’s being pumped into the water is outstanding.

  12. G.A.S.P. • Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) is a non-profit citizens’ group in Southwestern Pennsylvania working for a healthy, sustainable environment.  Founded in 1969, GASP has been a diligent watchdog, educator, litigator, and policy-maker on many environmental issues, with a focus on air quality in the Pittsburgh region.