Temperate grassland
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Temperate Grassland. By: Aeron Roberts. The Climate.

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Temperate grassland

Temperate Grassland

By: Aeron Roberts

The climate
The Climate

  • Temperate grasslands have a temperate continental climate, which is cooler than savannas. Temperate grasslands have warm, humid summers with an average temperature of 18° C and cool, dry winters with an average temperature of 10° C. Most of the rain falls as convection rain in the Summer and sometimes frost and snow may occur in the winter.

Where it is located
Where it is located

  • The Temperate grassland biome is almost found in every place o n the planet but Russia as well as Europe.

Some dominate animals
Some Dominate Animals

Golden Eagle, Gray Wolf, Jaguar,Rabbit,Impala,Kakapo,Llama, Hyena,Gnu,Gecko

Vegetation of the grassland
Vegetation of the Grassland

  • They are only grass and some small shrubs in the grassland. Due to this the animals there are usually either burrows or relatively small.

Human impact
Human Impact

  • The positive-There really isn't any positive impact that I could find in the grassland.

  • The negative- We have hunted down the animals of the grassland and destroyed some of there habitats into almost extinction . Some animals were killed for meat, fur or in the case of elephants there tusks.


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