music reflects culture n.
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Music Reflects Culture

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Music Reflects Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music Reflects Culture. Classical Symphony. Listen to the Music. Why do you think a song is from a certain time period?. Music. Songs = good way of indicating trends and ways of thinking of a time period. Can you give me examples?. Music & Culture.

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music reflects culture

Music Reflects Culture

Classical Symphony

listen to the music
Listen to the Music
  • Why do you think a song is from a certain time period?
  • Songs = good way of indicating trends and ways of thinking of a time period.
  • Can you give me examples?
music culture
Music & Culture
  • We learn a lot about the culture of a period in history by listening to the music of the period.
  • Today we focus on the Classical Period.
  • Check out Mozart and Hadyn!
  • As you watch this segment, look for ways music composed during the periods reflects the culture shift after the Baroque Period. Remember to take notes!
  • Divide into groups of 4.
  • Using your notes, make 2 lists.
  • One list is for the characteristics of Baroque music.
  • Second list is for the characteristics of Classical music.
classical music
Classical Music
  • Classical period took place during the Age of Enlightenment (Age of Reason).
  • Composers sought to write pieces that made sense and that the listener could follow & understand.
  • Main inspiration for art produced during this period was the architecture of ancient Greece.
  • The typical Classical symphony was a great example of these influences with 4 movements:

1. the sonata allegro

2. a slow lyrical movement

3. a dance-like minuet

4. a brilliant rondo

  • Brainstorm for 10 minutes
  • Create a list of current cultural trends and ways of thinking in the U.S. today
activity discussion
Activity Discussion
  • Predict how these cultural trends will predict how music (in any style) will be created in the next 5 years.
  • Write song lyrics to demonstrate your understanding.
exit slip
Exit Slip
  • How was the Age of Enlightenment reflected in the study of science?
  • How did American culture reflect the Age of Enlightenment during the Revolutionary War?