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XIREG (Extreme International Real-Estate Group). OPERATIONS AND MARKETING PRESENTATION. Statement Disclosure To Principle and Limited Partners From General Partner.

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XIREG (Extreme International Real-Estate Group)

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xireg extreme international real estate group
XIREG(Extreme International Real-Estate Group)


statement disclosure to principle and limited partners from general partner
Statement Disclosure To Principle and Limited PartnersFrom General Partner
  • We go to great extent to secure your investments with our firm’s Operational Environment by building control and low risk for our Principles and limited Partners.
    • Preservation of Capital
    • Key Man Life Insurance
    • Business Income Loss Insurance
    • The Company High Integrity Level
    • Collaterized Lien on all Assets, Properties, and Overall company
key man life insurance
Key-Man Life Insurance
  • If I die the operating agreement from the LLC is instructed to pay off the debt so you are covered.
  • Besides banks requiring casualty insurance I am purchasing for your benefits If the properties burns down, casualty insurance will build it back again Your investment is covered, I’ve mitigated that risk as well.
business income loss insurance
Business Income Loss Insurance
  • If the properties and other assets burn down the bank’s and lender’s such as your selves still will be expecting payment and so will I “Naturally” So what I have done is put in place business income loss insurance that pays me for the lost rent while the properties is being re-built or rehabbed.
  • It’s insurance that I continue to get paid.
  • Also you are Collateralized
    • You have Liens against the properties. This is how you retain control. If I don’t perform, You exercise the remedies identified in your lien and you can seek control, and With us buying the properties below market value there’s extra equity protecting your investment.
major return models for principles and limited partners
equity partnership
  • But it isn’t limited to 49% when we are talking to about equity you the investor are entitled to as much equity you want of the deal on “buy an hold” transaction if we can hold lion-share of the cash-flow.
combination or hybrid return models
  • On Major Deal Transactions for Equity Partnership here is Our Return Model perimeters
  • .
  • (Transactions of $75 Million Dollars and Up)
  • 25% Interest to all private investors and 75% Equity to all private investors
xtreme international real estate group marketing strategies
Xtreme International Real-Estate GroupMARKETING STRATEGIES
  • Strategy we are Working On in the primary Business will be in Developing a Large Network of Boutique firms Across the United States in The “Hot Markets” of Each State
  • Building these Business System Let Say 5 Initial Boutique Location In all 50 States Giving us a Nationwide Exposure rate of 250 Markets we are covering
  • Each Year We Want to Build 5 Boutiques in Each City of Each State

MARKETING & TERRITORY STRATEGIES(United States Exposure to Real Estate Boutique Firm Development)Three Types of Firm Development: Sales, Acquisitions & Restructures

xtreme international real estate group
Xtreme International Real-Estate Group
  • It is a Lot more That we didn't Go Over But This is the Fundamentals That XIREG is Disclosing to Our Marketing Exposure & Territory Coverage.
  • In a “Perfect World” We want to be Exposed to All 50 States Before By 2015 Conducting In the Primary Business In all 50 States by 2020 Full Scale Dealing in Wholesales of Commercial Real-estate
  • By 2030 We Want to be Exposed to Acquisition and Restructures in The Real Estate Sector in Asia, Europe, Africa & Sydney Australia.
  • We Have Confidence That We Here at XIREG Will Hit This Mark! “It has Already Been Written”
xireg presents


Developing A Killer Staffing System Across Nationwide



can t have life without the life blood
Can't Have Life Without The Life Blood

XIREG or Extreme International Real Estate Group Is Going to be The Next Largest Real Estate Company To Hit the Global Market From Having Over 100 Nationwide Locations to Having Some of The Most Sophisticated Operation Bases In All 4 Corners of the World.

For this To be a Success we need a Strong Staffing System. In the next series of Slides I will share with you how we will build our staffing team from fresh out of the law schools and business schools to season Deals Makers to Even having the Appropriate Temp Service that will Help energize the Everyday to Day “Early Broiler” by 2015 we ill be FORBES Next Fastest Growing billion Dollar Company

staffing channels of operation
  • Here are the List of Staffing channels of operations for this Firm to be in any since a Success Story That “We All” would Like this Firm to Become!
  • Staffing Channels:
    • Walk In – Training Programs
    • Professional Temp Services
    • Business School Internship Programs
    • Law School Internship Programs
    • Summer Internship Programs
    • Recession Blitz Programs ( Limited Availability)
walk in training program
Walk In Training Program
  • Walk-In Program is a program that provides On The Job Training Program to anyone that is Interested in what the Firm has to offer now with it being the walk in program you Would Experience working the company from the ground Up versus any particular Skill Pre-set (Base Pay 1st Year 39,000.00 First Year)
  • Here is your What to Expect With the Walk In Program
    • Q1: (First 3 Month is Probationary Period)
      • Office Assistance & Sales Assistance
    • Q2: (Second 3 Months Management Training)
  • Develop Your Dream Team
    • Q3: (Third 3 Months Setting up Your Boutique Firm)
      • Setting your Investment Team & Office Management Operation logs (Day to Day Tasks)
    • Q4: (First Year In The Company)
      • Launching the Boutique Firm Developing and Closing Deal Flow For your Boutique Firm
walk in training program cont
Walk In Training Program Cont.
  • After the Firm has Proven it self to be Self Sufficient then It Expansion will Go into affect
    • Expansion Goal
      • Expanding Your Boutique Into Multiple Locations
      • Developing a Team to Generate your Deal Flow
      • Automate your Boutique So you Can Focus on Expanding your Business
    • Further Education
      • In Benefits of the Firm, There is a Scholarship program the Company Offers to the “WIA” So they Can Gain- the Competency Level of His Fellow Counter Parts From Business School & Law School Alike
further education cont
Further Education Cont.
  • The Scholarship program is Geared towards anyone who wants to Further their Horizon!
    • For the Benefit of the company Your Education will be Financed if you continue working with the company For at least 1 year after the furthering your education
    • Once The “WIA” or Walk-in Investor Associate's Boutique Firm has Developed Revenues of $1,000,000.00 He is Receives the Free Ride to Any-Law School or Business School on the Ride of the Company as an Partnership Inauguration Present from the Company
    • That Is To “Any” Business School or Law School in the World
misc training
Misc Training
  • IBBA Course Training
    • They will have a Full Expense Paid to go To Atlanta to Take on the Course to Get the CBI or Certified Business Intermediary License
  • Foreign Language Tutorial
    • Along with Getting Rosetta Stone Upon Being Hired You will have a Tutor Assign to you to learn a Second Language
  • The Success of Our Staff Will Maximize Our Shareholder Value & will Determine the Success of Our Firm
this firm is not for everyone it takes real hard work
This Firm Is Not For Everyone...(It takes Real Hard Work)
  • People Who will Become Employed by this Company Have some Of These Characteristics:
    • Competitive Spirit
    • Entrepreneurial Edge
    • Big Goals and Ambitions for Life
    • Wants to have Strong Financial Stability
    • Are 1000% “GO GETTERS”
    • Wants To Be “In Control”
the real estate boutique program
The Real Estate Boutique Program
  • Work the business for 2 years Giving it 40hrs a Week:
    • Your Business Will be Well over a 7 Figures
    • You will Have the Opportunity to Further Education with at an Elite Educational Institution On the Expense of the Company
    • Hire an OMAT or Office Management Assistant Team to handle your Day to Day Operations in the Office While Your Executive team and your Self is Scouting More Territory to Expand out to at Expense of the Parent Company
    • Traveling Expense Will be On the Expense of the Company
      • Private Charter Traveling
      • Business Class Traveling
      • Private Limousine Services for Traveling Safer Instead of Personal Traveling For Group & Executive Arrangements
professional temp services
Professional Temp Services
  • This is Fit For the Individual who is not quite Sure or even if they really do not want to Deal In our business any-way and they are wanting to have a nice “Padded” Income
    • Get Paid Handsomely to Be Assistant to:
      • Office management Team (OMT)
      • Deal Makers
      • Real Estate Boutique Program Trainees & Managers
      • Company Executives
professional temp services cont
Professional Temp Services Cont.
  • We Are Looking For Individuals That Do mind Playing Out as One of the Most Important Individuals on the Team, The Temps in these position Help with Organization and the Steady Flow of Productivity of the Individual they are Assigned to:
    • Need to be Polyglot But if you are Bi-Lingual that Okay as well
    • Strong Organization Skills and Capable of Multitasking is a Plus!
  • Usually They Are Around it They Might Find them Selves Wanting to Get On Board to the Real Estate Boutique Program Just as a IA or Investor Associate....
business school law school student internship program
Business School & Law School Student Internship Program
  • These are the “Pre Madonnas” Program But to Much Given much Is expected
    • 3Q Probation Period
    • Group Internship Program
    • Competition Base Program
  • Perks of this Program
    • Base Salary For the 3Q Probation period is 90K
      • Setup a (Backup Business Solution) (Boutique Firm)
        • Then Immediately They Start Working on Developing their M&A Deal Flow
    • Expectations High (End of 3Q Probation) Must have Generate At Least 5.5 Million Dollars in Gross Revenues Per Team
business school law school student internship program cont
Business School & Law School Student Internship Program Cont.
  • The Reason to why the Expectation is So High For the Business & Law School Internship is Because They are the Perfect Candidates To Join ( The Deal Maker Team & The Executive Force Team)
    • Deal Maker Team:
      • Executive Assistance to the Deal Makers, CPA's & Lawyers for the Overall Firms Operation Which Includes Higher Responsibilities
    • Executive Force Team:
      • This is the Team That will be close to the Board of Director As well they will Get First hand information of what the Company Needs to have done as well as Privy information that will Determine Actions cause and effect of the Companies Existence
summer internship recession blitz programs limited availability
Summer Internship&Recession Blitz Programs (Limited Availability)
  • Because We are Signing Up the Internship and Walk-in Investor Associate Program all year around It Only Leave
  • room for Serious Inquiries for the Summer Internship & Recession Blitz Program
    • This program is for serious Individual that have experience “hard- hits and wants a “quick boost” to bringing back their income level to where it once was,
    • it is also for the individual who is Mind sharp and want to experience a competitive yet fun environment all at the same time developing an substantial sum of money.
  • This is a 7 month program by the end of the program You are Guaranteed to be a boutique owner working toward being a Regional Leader in the Real Estate Boutique Program.
in summary





extreme international real estate group
Extreme International Real estate Group

Division # 1

Extreme International Real Estate Sales Group

extreme international real estate sales group division 1
Extreme International Real Estate Sales Group (Division 1)
  • Order Of Company Operation
  • First Market Coverage
  • Five Year Profit \ Lost Projection
  • Setting Up the Acquisition & Restructuring Side of Division 1
  • Setting up the first division of this company is Detrimental to having the company starting out on the “Good Foot” For the Sheer Factor that it will be Generating Revenues Starting from Day 30! This Division with Nationwide Coverage by it self will drive Shareholders value Through the Roof! Making a Remarkable Q1
company order of operations first line of xireg business
Company Order of OperationsFirst Line of XIREG Business
  • XIREG First line of Business with this Real Estate Sales Group is but not Limited to the Following business:
    • The Sales Operation has 3 Departments
      • Department 1
        • Commercial Whole Sales REOs for Commercial Properties
        • Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions Business Development
      • Department 2
        • Strategies and Funding Liaisons
        • Joint Venture Partnerships & Strategic Alliances
      • Department 3
        • Call Outreach Center \ E-mail Center to Handle Follow-up , Greeting Letters & Procurement Letters Out bound & Inbound Mailers
company order of operations staff to operation ratio 6 1
Company Order of OperationsStaff to Operation Ratio (6:1)
  • The ration will play out as for every 1 department will be ran by a total of 6 associates
    • Now The “Office Culture” is Not Ran by normal Means:
      • Everyone is working towards a Similar Goal
        • Instead of Being Office Leader There is an Office Ambassador
        • Not One Person is Better then the Other ----
          • Every One May Have Different Strength
          • Ultimately Those Strength will Play out for the Bigger Picture of the company
  • Everybody Strength will Play-out in t he long Run!
    • Positions are Nominated They are not Assigned They Are Nominated Through the manner of the Office Ambassadors and The Boutique Manager, Office Book-Keeping to Field Operations
  • With three Department Plus the Boutique Manager there will be a total of 20 Associates That will Make up the Office!
extreme international real estate sales group division 11
Extreme International Real Estate Sales Group (Division 1)
  • Market Coverage is Important:
    • This is how we will “Define Our Growth”
      • For the Florida Corporate Headquarters all Associate That Start at this Location will Eventually Become Promoted and Each One will Be Owner of their Own Boutique Firm From The Field Operations to the Boutique Manager.
        • Example:
          • So there is a Total of 20 Individuals for a growth potential Alone of 18 New Boutique Development After the First 5 Years
    • Compensation : Everyone will Start with a Draw, For Logistics, Marketability, And for the aid of Tight Cornered Deals to be Made Each Investor will Have a Draw or Annual Pay-rolled Out to them Weekly
    • Sign- On Bonus: Signing on with the Firm There will be a 1k Sign On Bonus To Kick Start Your Business or To help with Relocation Expenses Etc... ( Spend Wisely) 180 day Probation Start at point of Signage
  • First Market Coverage In Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Central & South Florida Alike
extreme international real estate sales group division 12
Extreme International Real Estate Sales Group (Division 1)
  • I Need to make Things Clear:
    • 180 day Probation is not in place to scare anyone, all WIIA or Walk Investor Associates should feel a little special due to the legal and business majors actually only receive 90 day probation but the company believes in you and your talents and amongst everything your strong will to succeed!
    • Now we can all work hard, and at the same time have a great family-ship after working hard then playing hard but do understand like everything else in life there is a bigger picture we must follow which is in not benefiting anyone but the shareholders of the company which all they do is look at the bottom line which is why we have to drive revenues as hard as we can each quarter we all will have a strong team of individuals that will work with you to see you succeed we do not want to leave anyone behind in quite frankly a fairly Simple Business (NOT EASY) but Quite Simple!
    • So Let Make that Mark of Progression Every Quarter so then we can all enjoy our selves each Quarter
extreme international real estate sales group division 13
Extreme International Real Estate Sales Group (Division 1)

Recommended Sale Quota Each Month For The Boutique Firm

recommended sale quota each month for the boutique firm
Recommended Sale Quota Each Month For The Boutique Firm
  • Total Number of Associates In Boutique Firm
    • 18 WIIAs
    • 2 Managers
  • Minimum Closing Per Each Associate:
    • (3 Per Month)
  • Minimum Closing Per Each Associate:
    • (9 Per Quarter)
  • Minimum Closing Per Each Associate:
    • (27 Per Annam)
  • There is a Total of 18 Associates (Corporate Headquarter Boutique)
  • All together Annam closing is (486) with a minimum Spread Amount of 12,000 USD Giving Total Amount will Estimate First Year 5.83 Million Dollars at Location 1 and there will be a total of at least 5 locations in Jacksonville By it self by the end of The First Operating year!
Florida Expansion Coverage ReportThis Is Just Covering “Inland & beach side” of Jacksonville FLFirst Fiscal Year of Operation

Florida Revenues Growth ReportThis Is Just Covering “Inland & beach side” of Jacksonville FLFirst Fiscal Year of Operation( In Hundred Thousands )

quarterly spike justifications
Quarterly Spike Justifications
  • To Justify why there is a spike in the projections is to simply share that each Firm has a “Specialized order of Business”
    • The Headquarter Might Specializes in All Areas of The overall Company Order of business From Sales to Restructuring
    • One Boutique Firm May Generate its Earnings on Corporate Restructuring Opportunities
    • The Other Firm From the Restructuring Firm May Only Generate Revenues In Sales and Restructuring
  • The Acquisition Firm and The Restructuring Firm May be Asset Rich where as The Sales, Leasing and Acquisition Firms Could be More “Cash Rich” Then the Restructuring & Development Firm.
florida expansion summary report
Florida Expansion Summary Report
  • Total Amount of Growth: Between 2014 and 2016 With 5 Firms Online ( $17,730,000.00)
  • Now: Lets Take these Figures and Cut them In Half: $8,865,000 And Say this is the Median That is Met in each Region
  • Tallahassee: 5 Firm Locations
  • Daytona Beach: 5 Firm Location
  • Ormond Beach : 5 Firm Location
  • Tampa: 5 Firm Location
  • South Florida: 5 Firm Location
  • Central Florida: 5 Firm Locations
  • Overall Florida Territory Coverage: 30 "Boutique Firms" Location
  • With 30 Boutique Firms in Jacksonville at Median Revenues
  • Florida Firms Will Spike Revenues of $265,950,000
nationwide expansion coverage report
Nationwide Expansion Coverage Report


Take a total of 30 Firms in each State at 50 states 1500 Boutique Firm Nationwide

With Median Revenues Generating at Each 5 markets in each State

1500 : $8,865,000 (Firm median) Overall Total: Potential Nationwide Growth in Revenues: $13,297,500,000

Before we Start Setting up Out of State boutique Firms We MUST HAVE All Florida Boutique Firms ONLINE and We Want to be able to Start Simultaneously Assembling Locations Out side of the Hot Market as well as in all 50 States

presentation high lights
Presentation High Lights
  • This Secondary Business will be “Fairly” Diversified
    • Business Development as “Acquiring Company”
    • Trading for Research & Development Due diligence
    • Setting Acquisitions Into Motion On Researched Targeted Companies
    • Mergers and Other Strategic Alliance Opportunities in Benefits of the Company
    • Target Business Sectors For Acquisitions
    • Target Business Sectors For Strategic Alliances
this secondary business will be fairly diversified
This Secondary Business will be Fairly Diversified
  • The Secondary Business will not be nothing less sophisticated then the first order of business.
  • Objective of the secondary business is to play out as a bridge and gateway into other sector of business.
  • Acquiring and developing other business divisions will not only develop growth for the company but also create Explosive Partnerships that will in return Generate Revenues, and diversify the firms overall business format .
business development as acquiring company xireg purpose
Business Development as Acquiring CompanyXIREG PURPOSE

Creating more jobs, Develop new products and Services, and growing by building and moving into other territories (nationwide and global) is the purpose for this division of the company but at the end of the day ultimate goal is to maximization of shareholder's stock value in the commercial leasing and multifamily rental housing industry!

trading for research development due diligence
Trading for Research & Development Due diligence
  • We Have a research entity that sole purpose is to research through day trading transactions along with other financial & Legal due diligence for companies that are but not limited to as follow:
    • Small Cap Firms & Larger Publicly Traded Firms Alike
    • Nationwide Firms as well as Global Firms Alike
    • Financially Distressed
    • Industrial Obsolescence
    • Asset and or Cash Wealthy
    • Strong Labor Force
  • These Companies that fall under These Criteria we will Set Fourth for Merger, Restructuring and or Acquisition Opportunity If we receive any kind of Resistance from the organization Far into the Transaction and or Due Diligence we will Set fourth for a Tender Offer Strategy
other industries targeted for business development opportunities
Business Services

Durable Goods Wholesaling

Computer Software

Real Estate, Mortgage bankers and brokers



Robotic Automation

Housing Technology


Different government Misc

Defense Engineering

Other Industries Targeted For Business Development Opportunities
  • Radio and TV Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy
  • Investment and Commodity Firms
due diligence vs staff solution we will need an incredible level of staffer
Due Diligence vs. Staff SolutionWe Will Need an Incredible Level of Staffer
  • Due Diligence is Needed to handle Acquisitions, Restructuring or any Kind of Business development Transactions of any size and shape and the People we have on the Payroll Qualified Individuals we will be lowering the risk of Investment and Time that is wasted!
  • Lawyers CPA's And Investment Bankers with Environmental Specialist are Just as Important to have like Having Operational Management Teams and Integration Specialist for Post Deal Success, and we will need all of these above!
infrastructure development how we will handle day to day business
Infrastructure DevelopmentHow we will Handle Day to Day Business
    • Dedicated Plazas, Multiple Levels, Floors in Office buildings , The more Space we Have The More Staffing we can handle the More Production Hours we can clock, The More Work we can have done through each quarter.
    • Need an Internal Mailing System, Mail Room For the Massive Out Going and Incoming Mail,
    • Massive Call Switch-Board retrieval and outbound center also need a Hi-Tech System For Conducting Large Global Video Conferences as well as Conference Calls
    • Massive Level of Internal Temp Service For Assigning Assistance to Key Personnel
    • Transportation and Logistics Needs to be Secured for Key Personnel for Traveling From City to State to Countries alike!
office infrastructure locations
International Office Locations

Middle East

Dubai United Arab Emirates












South America


Office Infrastructure Locations
  • Nationwide Locations
    • South East Region
      • Jacksonville FL ^First Location Developed*
      • Tallahassee FL
      • Boca Raton FL
      • Orlando FL
    • North Eastern Region
      • Massachusetts
      • Manhattan
      • Washington DC
    • Western Region
      • Los Angeles
      • Seattle
    • Canada
      • Ontario

These Operation Makeup the secondary business for Extreme International Real-estate Group In a Perfect World We are wanting to Setup Operation For Both the Primary and Secondary Business Formats for Faster Growth and Higher Productivity

Expected Launch Date We Are Trying to Hit is Q4 of 2012 And This is For Both Jacksonville Florida Primary Real Estate Division & The Business Development Secondary Division

funding request petition
Funding Request Petition
  • Amount of Capital Requesting
  • Type of Capital Requested
  • Allocation Preference of the Capital
  • Purpose of The Capital
  • Preference to the Number of Investor
funding request petition1
Funding Request Petition
  • Purpose of The Capital
  • The purpose of the capital is but not limited to:
    • Acquire the First 5 Apartment Complex Businesses
    • Setting The Structure of the Organization
    • Establishing Credit Lines & Bank Lines For the Organization
    • Establishing Phone \ Internet Services for the Organization
    • Once Having the First Headquarters Setup
      • To Have the Organization Evaluated
      • Have The Organization SEC Compliant to Pitch to Angels & Other Equity Placement
  • To Move Forward to Higher Capitalization
    • Taking Company Through IPO through OTCX to Main Street Exchanges for Maximized Capitalization
setting the structure of the organization
Setting The Structure of the Organization
  • The Organization Is As of November was Incorporated Under
  • World Town Investments Incorporated, but due to lack of capital we could not continue to feed the company, having to allow the company to go into dissolution now the corporation is still on file at www.sunbiz.org it was incorporated in 2007 before having to pay taxes on this corporation due to the dissolution (already a $800) fee to Reinstate the structure. We have 5 years from 2007 which is only 3 more years. I Would really Like to Use that Corporate Name and have “XIREG” as a division under the Corporation
  • Doing this, we Could Move Forward Expeditiously
  • If this isn't a recommended option then I will Go head and Secure the Fictitious Name Extreme International Real Estate Group For the Overall Company Name!
establishing phone internet services for the organization
Establishing Phone \ Internet Services for the Organization
  • The Phone Establishments (Both LAN lines & Cell)
  • Also Being Able to Have Cable or Satellite Internet Services for the Business is also going to be very Imperative
  • Multiple E-Mail Accounts, Cell Phone Accounts, with Internet and Email Accessibility & Capabilities
having the first headquarters setup
Having the First Headquarters Setup
  • Having the Business Headquarter is “Major” Concern Like the
  • Principle in Real Estate It is all about Location, Location , Location
  • We Are Looking For the Corporate Location to be Set Downtown Jacksonville Florida There are plenty Of locations That are up for sale Down Town Jacksonville Great For Office Space
  • At the Same Time if We Could Purchase a Corporate “Asset” Condo Then we Could Have it set up as an “Office” and It will be Great for Bringing Clients and for Other Corporate Events. If we decide on a Condo the location would have to be set on the beach Next to Hotels and Other Benefits for the Clients, Investors and Others who may be coming down for business with the company.
having the organization evaluated
Having The Organization Evaluated
  • Having The Organization SEC Compliant to Pitch to Angels & Other Equity Placement
    • Evaluated By The FTC By Filing the “Regulation D” Form
      • Once Filed then Making Sure The business Plan is to Par Then the company can Get an Estimated value of How much the Company is Worth
    • Then the company will become compliant to be able to start pitching to accredited Equity Placements, Private Placement, Angels or even Venture Capitalist
    • We Pitch to an Angel , VC, Private or even Equity Placement then From there we move in to Maximizing Capitalization Setting Fourth for the IPO through OTCX then Moving into Main Street Capital & Global Markets for Maximum Capitalization
funding request petition2
Funding Request Petition
  • Allocation Preference of the Capital
    • Allocation of the Capital Is Much to the preference of the Investor who will invest into the company.
    • The Company Expects the investor will have their monitors in place to make sure that the capital is being used according to or not out of the norm then what seed capital appropriately to be disbursed for.
    • The Company Invites having investor play a vocal point in to management if wants to be a part of the hands on day to day task of the organization, or if they want to be hands off and remain silent then that's their choice as well
  • The Company Understand Greatly of your position investing into the company! This is why we leave the way the capital is allocated open for Discussion.
list of supporting firms the company will be using
List of Supporting Firms The Company Will Be Using
  • Consultant:
    • George Gigalissi: Commercial and Residential Real Estate Wholesales Specialist
    • Lance Edwards: Commercial Real Estate Business Acquisition Specialist and SEC Compliance Professional for Public Offerings and Fundraising
    • Tiber Creek Corporation: Specializes in Securities Governance, SEC Compliances, and the IPO, DPO process.
  • Bread street (Investors Relations)
    • Evaluate and Implement government Compliance for your Company Before Going after pubic offering
    • Database for Venture Capitalist, Angels, Hedge Fund Financing for your Business. For Second Round Funding & Deal Financing
  • RealQuest.com & Realtor.com Real Estate Property Analysis & (DF) Site!
  • Loopnet: Commercial Real Estate Dealflow Database
xtreme international real estate group x i r e g stage 1
Xtreme International Real Estate Group (X.I.R.E.G)STAGE 1

Commercial Real Estate Whole Sales & REO Wholesales Execution in Less then 50 Days

Developing the System to Work on Automation for the higher Production to Have Maximum Exposures

  • Acquiring the Business Consultant
  • Review over Business Outline
  • Start Developing The Business Structure
  • Simultaneously Start Sending Out First Direct Mailing Campaign
  • Prepare To setup Phone Systems
    • 24 Automated Phones
    • 24 Live Phones
  • Setup Virtual Assistance along with Virtual Transaction Coordinator.
acquire business consultant
Acquire Business Consultant
  • Setting-up Wholesaling infrastructure
    • Put Together the Direct Mail Campaign
    • Setup the Phone System
      • 24 hour recorded message
      • 24 hour live answering service
    • He will teach us how to setup the virtual assistance and teach the us how to implement the system to the virtual assistance
      • Done Correctly The VA(s)
        • Will Send Out Paper Work and Follow-up
        • Will Send Follow-up On Phone Calls
        • Will Give Messages -Follow ups
        • Make Offers On Properties
      • If Virtual Transaction Coordinators Setup Correctly
        • VTC will close on all approved Deals
  • All we focus on is Developing the Overall Market Exposure for the Business.
developing business structure
Developing Business Structure
  • We will start Driving Revenues before we start developing the business structure
    • If done correctly we should have made between 70 and 250K in Revenues at this point, we could be making more in revenues at this point.
  • We will be Building a LLC for this division this will be an aged shelf Structure (between 3 and 7 years old)
    • Developing a company presence , a Corporate Headquarters
    • The Company will Acquire between 100 to 400K in Corporate Funding
    • Have a Company Phone Listing ( Setup a Virtual Office)
    • Have a Company Office ( Location where the Mail will come)
    • We will receive, Corporate Documents , Seals and all the Dressings
  • Ideally- You will allow me to do this in about all 50 states then we will have enough revenue where we can have a central location where all mail is forwarded to
    • We Can Hire Professional Mail Openers to be placed in this location.
transaction profile commercial wholesales transactions
Transaction ProfileCommercial Wholesales Transactions
  • Here is a Profile of what each transaction profit margins look like
    • Between $75,500 conservatively and as high as $180,000 per Deal
  • Realistically we will transact at the beginning between 3 to 5 deals during any given M&A campaign
    • Main Overall Focus 5 tier 1 Markets in all 50 States
      • One Market Campaign Based on 3 Deals Closed with above Numbers.
        • Low: $35,500
        • High:$ No limit of Income opportunity
    • Take these number and you can multiply this by working 250 Markets we are trying to have exposure to in the long run of thing
      • 250 markets times 25K Clients \ Prospective Commercial Property Acquisitions
        • Conservatively 6.25 Million in Potential Transactions
  • We can all have a piece of the pie and live with abundance on this
develop a residual system acquisitions of income asset portfolios
Develop a Residual SystemAcquisitions of Income Asset Portfolios
  • We Develop a Separate LLC for Income Streams that will bring us Monthly Residuals
    • For Every 100 Thousand dollars we Go into acquisitions of a Cash flowing apt building
      • That’s 10 Apt buildings per every million dollars made from being made from mother company ( wholesaling companies)
    • Every Apt Building MUST go into a corporation Structure of it own for Asset protection purpose
  • We Focus On Acquiring 10 Apt buildings or more per each state that is hot for cash flowing We can get exposure into for property acquisitions
  • We Will have Several LLC(s) due to the banks actually limiting us after 10 properties before we would have to acquire another llc for acquisitions of asset portfolios
  • All We need is 10 States to Focus on, But we will attack all 50 states and then some over seas markets as well objective for the sake of the partners and equity is to flip the company into the public market for maximum capitalization as a REIT \ Private Equity Firm.
  • If we secure capital then we can move faster. we will know how each part of the infrastructure thoroughly works and we will have a well polished well oiled machine .
  • By time we start setting up the Income Asset Portfolio Acquisitions we can consider going for higher capitalization through going into the public market as a holdings firm
  • Then we can go after other properties
    • Self Storage Facilities
    • Media Towers – Com-Tower Lease Buyouts
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Strip and Premium Shopping Plazas ( Acquisitions and Development)
    • Ultimately Complete Distressed and Toxic Asset REIT Buyouts (LBO)
  • When We Go into the Public Market we can Then Focus on Acquisitions and Buyouts of all Real Estate Related Firms, From Civil Engineering, to Hospitality Management and Every Firm in Between. But this is just an Avenue.