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pg26 countable nouns PowerPoint Presentation
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pg26 countable nouns

pg26 countable nouns

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pg26 countable nouns

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  1. GIRAFFEDescription: The Giraffe Family ruminants is distinguished by having only two fingers oneach foot. It is the tallest animal in the world, with a necklong, a ridge descending and long legs. It has a coupleof horns on the head about 10 inches. dunbrown cut by a network of yellowish linesclear. Has a height of 5 to 6 meters and its weight reaches1,180 kilos.

  2. The elephantDescription: Kind of mammals of the order of the proboscides, this way called by the special form of his nose, prolonged in the shape of horn or proboscis. It is the major mammal of the land.

  3. rabbitcharacteristicsRodent is a mammal of about 40 centimeters long.It is a small animal with long ears and short tail. It has four toes on the hind legs in the previous five.Its white flesh is edible and fragrant, delicate, tender and tasty.skillsThey can to jump They can to eat quicklyThey are very intelligent

  4. lioncharacteristicsis the second largest cat, only the tiger is bigger.The largest known lion weighed 826 pounds. The lions live in the wild weigh less than those living in captivity.Lions are considered critically endangered as a species.About 10,000 years ago, there were over Lions on Earth than any other animal in Africa, except for humans.SkillsThe lion has a powerful roar can be heard over 8 miles away. With a mighty roar, the lion warns intruders within its territory or serves to communicate with members of their clan.

  5. pg26countable nouns Uncontable nouns How much sugar is there? Is there any sugar ? There is some sugar There isn’t any sugar How many aples are there? Are there any apples? There are some apple There aren’t any apples

  6. pg40Pronunciation can not = can’t cannot expressing In order express ability we use the verb can + the simple form of action verb AFIRMATIVE FORM INTERROGATIVE FORM NEGATIVE FORM I I I YOU YOU YOU HE HE HE SHE SHE SHE IT CAN See CAN IT See? IT CAN’T See WE WE WE YOU YOU YOU THEY THEY THEY