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  1. ALIVE By Kurt

  2. You decide you go look You deicide to call the police You wake up in the middle of the night like batman, CRASH! You hear a sound coming from your basement.

  3. To go back to bed and check the next night Go stay at an apartment cause your too freaked out You call the police to come to your house. You tell them that it’s a robber but you didn’t know for sure. They arrive at your house and surround it you run as fast as you can. The police go into your house and look everywhere they found no one at all. The police think you are lying to them. They leave you off with a warning. You have two choices

  4. You go all they back to bed and go to sleep. The next morning you prepare in case anyone comes to your house in the middle of the night. Its 12:00 you look out for anything suspicious. Nothing changes at all so you go back to sleep and wake up then next day and live your normal life and put all this stuff behind your life Click to go back

  5. You two investigate the house separately Look through the house together You go over to your friends apartment you plan to stay over. Because your to freaked out about the situation. You plan to stay for one night. So you wake up the next day you say your good byes. The police call you telling you your house is perfectly safe. You go back and make dinner and go to bed. You hear an annoying ticking sound that wakes you up its about midnight. You don’t want to go check out this thing alone so you call a friend to come to your house (Pick a partner) You two investigate the house (GHOST BUSTERS)

  6. You grab your flashlight and go check it out. You see a woman there. You rub your eyes to check if your seeing things and you were. Than you think back about 2 years to the tragedy.

  7. Then you go back to your room and go to bed. You wake up in the morning feeling like P diddy then you go down stairs to eat breakfast. You eat toast and check the news and it said that there was a twister in NYC. (New York City) Then you look back into your past and about all the earthquakes and tsunamis. To get all that stuff out of your head you clean up all your dirty rags

  8. After all of that stuff you go to hit the city. (By that I mean you go to buy some new clothes) while your walking you see dog doo so you avoid it and you continue walking you buy a new jacket and umbrella. So you start walking through rain OH WOAAAHH. Then you see the same person you saw in your basement you walk past the person You walk up to them and ask some questions You just walk past them and go home

  9. You walk up to them and ask several questions and get no reply they just walk past you. After that you just walk home thinking why. Why did they not reply to you. Your just so furious

  10. The minute you got home was the minute you went crazy. (not like insane crazy, just the crazy like you want to massively remember something)So you go up to your room and put a string around your finger. Trying as hard as you can to remember who the person was. After about half an hour you make lunch fried rice. Afterwards you take a nap and end up waking up in the middle of the night again

  11. Then you hear another noise this time is was coming from your attic Go check out Ignore

  12. Of going home Going to meet the survivor in person (Go to museum) You ignore it and wake up the next day. You get some toast and some coffee. After you finish eating you watch some TV. After that you want to visit another survivor from the accident. When to arrive at his apartment you ask several questions but your final question you ask about a certain survivor. He replies saying her name. Then you remember who that person was. After your talk you say your good byes. Afterwards when your outside your thinking

  13. You go home and have lunch. You watch some TV to get that stuff off your mind. After you go to your bed and take a rest after the long day. Then you wake up the next day you try to leave the house but all the doors are locked. So you go back to your room to go pick up the keys. But you cant find them. So you look out the window and see that its pitch black. Then you actually wake up on a real day. So you skip breakfast and go to a history museum to see if anyone remembered about the incident 2 years ago other than you the other and Jake. So you get into your car. And drive down to the local history museum

  14. Look around the museum and see if there are any monuments about the incident Walk up to them and ask if a survivor You make it there and try to open the doors but there locked a security guard comes up to you and says that they are closed today. You lie to the security tell that you have to the manager here for an interview. He unlocks the door and lets you into the museum you see someone there and your not sure if you know them or not. They are not not trustworthy. You feel like you know them but your not exactly sure. You either want to:

  15. You walk up to them and ask nervously. But while you are asking you have a bad feel. They don’t reply and instead run. You chase after them. They break the window and run down the ally way. Call security Chase after yourself

  16. You call the security. But they don’t believe you. They call the cops and arrest you. The police say that your lying to them again. (BAD ENDiNG) THE END Click to go back

  17. THE END…..Again Click to go back You follow after wards through the window. The person is ahead of you they push down a few garbage bags behind. But just because your that awesome you do a super mario jump. (Yes I'm serious you jump that high) You look ahead and there gone they disappeared like dust. And they also leave you with a curios mind. After you look everywhere you think they might be at there not. So you leave all of this stuff behind in your memory and go back to your normal life.

  18. Your grab your flashlight again. (If you chose choice number 1 on the second slide/page) you go to look for the sound that’s around in your attic. You see the same woman (if you chose the same choice) but this time you weren't seeing things.

  19. You bring her downstairs and ask a few questions but she doesn't answer any of them at all. You drop her off at your friends apartment. But after about a week you stay at your house thinking if you should pick up Suzy at her apartment to investigate the crash in NY (Crashed plane)

  20. So you do pick her up and go to a rich friend. To get a plane. He gives you one plane and a pilot. All three of you fly all the way to NY. To investigate the crashed plane. But mid way through riding the plane all electronic devices shut down including the plane. Then Boom the plane crashes.

  21. The End When the plane crashes you, Suzy, and the pilot grab the parachutes. And bail out of the jet. You see all the wreckage from the twister. So from your past experience from surviving the other “tragedy” you gather supplies and make shelter. So then when you Suzy and the pilot finish making shelter. You help out with the construction workers to rebuild New York after another 2 years you finish rebuilding it. After you go home with Suzy and go back to your old lives