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Parenting for Success

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Parenting for Success
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  1. Parenting for Success Rui DU

  2. 01 Company Overview 02 Why DCN 03 Case Studies Agenda

  3. Company Overview

  4. Company Overview Mission DCN’s mission is to achieve excellent worldwide Ethernet solution provider by providing global customers with a full range of networking products and solutions.

  5. Company Overview DCN Profile Lenovo Lenovo Digital China 1: 2000 Split from Lenovo Group 2: 2001 IPO in HK Stock Market 861HK Hony Capital 5.13% 18.56% KIL 57.14% 13.64% SAIF Partners 5.52% Public Lenovo Holding Date by 01/05/2011

  6. Company Overview Market Achievements Revenue : 75 Millions USD in 2009, 85 Millions USD in 2010 Growth: Healthy and rapid growth in both revenue and benefits Overseas revenue year on year growth rate is over 200% 24% average annual revenue growth 71% average annual benefits growth Market Position in China Market: No.1 in Government Leading in Top Market No.2 in Finance No.4 in Tele-com Enterprise Market No.1 Source: IDC SP 2010

  7. Company Overview Human Resources R&D 55% Supply Chain 10% Administration 5% Sales/Marketing 30% 5% 10% 30% Sales/Marketing R&D Supply Chain Administration 55% 1,000 highly trained employees

  8. Quality control oriented product delivery In-depth understanding and satisfaction of customers’ quality requirements Quality culture oriented for supply chain and factories Company Overview Quality Control oriented

  9. Company Overview Global Presence Russia DCN (Headquarters) Germany Beijing DCN Financial Centre Hong Kong Mexico India Singapore • 6 Sales Areas: Great China, EMEA, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and America • Representative offices in Frankfurtin Europe,Moscow in Russia, Bangalore in India, Singapore in Asia Pacific

  10. Why DCN

  11. Why DCN Full Range Product Line Chassis Switch GE L3 Switch( Copper) DCRS-5980-28T-DC/PoE DCRS-5980-52T-DC/PoE DCRS-5960-28T/28T-DC/PoE DCRS-5960-52T/52T-DC/PoE DCRS-9816 DCRS-9808 DCRS-7608 DCRS-7604 GE L2 Switch DCRS-5950-52T DCRS-5950-28T DCRS-5750-28T/28T-DC/PoE DCRS-5750-52T/52T-DC/PoE DCS-4500-26T-PoE DCS-4500-26T DCS-4500-50T DCNOS INSIDE GE L3 Switch( Fiber) DCS-4500-24T(V2) DCRS-5960-28F DCRS-5960-52F DCRS-5950-24 DCRS-5950-26 FE L3 Switch FE L2 Switch DCRS-5650-28C DCRS-5200-28 DCS-3950-26C DCS-3950-28C DCS-3950-52C DCS-3950-28CT-PoE DCRS-5650-52C DCRS-5200-52 Network Management System DCS-3650-8T DCS-3650-8C/DC/PoE DCS-3650-16T DCS-3650-16C DCS-3650-24T DCS-3650-26C/DC/PoE Link Manager NM

  12. Why DCN 100GE Platform Chassis Switch 24*GE SFP 4*10G XFP 24*10G SFP+ 100G platform chassis switc 24*GE IPv4/IPv6 MPLS L2/L3 RIPv1/V2 OSPFv2 BGPv4 DCRS9800 Core Routing switch QoS MVR PIM-SM/DM MRPP HA 7604-M1XFP12GX12GB 7604-M1XFP12GX12GB 7604-M4GX24TX 24*GE SFP 4*10G XFP 48*GE SFP 48*GE 10G L3 Switch DCRS7600 Core Routing switch IPv4/IPv6 MPLS L2/L3 RIPv1/V2 OSPFv2 BGPv4 QoS MVR PIM-SM/DM MRPP HA

  13. Why DCN Layer3+ 10GE Switch DCRS5980 10G Routing switch DCRS5960 10G Routing switch 10G Advance MPLS Enhanced Stack Switch 20(or 44)*10/100/1000Base-T+ 4*GE Combo+2*Slots /most 4*10GE IPv4/IPv6 MPLS L2/L3 RIPv1/V2 OSPFv2 BGPv4 QoS MVR PIM-SM/DM MRPP PoE AC+DC 10G Advance Stack Switch 20(or 44)*10/100/1000Base-T+ 4*GE Combo+2*Slots /most 4*10GE 10G Advance Full GB Fiber Switch 16(or 44)*GB SFP slots+ 8*GE Combo+2*Slots /most 4*10G XFP IPv4/IPv6 MPLS RIPv1/V2 OSPFv2 BGPv4 QoS MVR PIM-SM/DM MRPP AC+DC

  14. Why DCN Layer3 10GE Switch DCRS5950 10G Routing switch DCRS5750 10G Routing switch 10G IPv6 Routing Stack Switch 24 (0r 48)*10/100/1000Base-T+4*GB Combo+4*10GE 10G IPv6 Routing Fiber Switch 24*1000Base-X(SFP)+8*GB Combo(SFP/GT)+ 2*10G XFP** QoS MRPP IPv4/IPv6 RIPv1/V2 OSPFv2 BGPv4 10G Switch 20(or 44)*10/100/1000Base-T+ 4*GE Combo+4*10GE 10G Advance Full GB Fiber Switch 22 (or 44)*GB SFP slots+ 4*GE Combo+ 4*10G XFP MRPP Basic Routing RIPv1/V2 PoE AC+DC IPv4/IPv6

  15. Why DCN Layer2 GE/FE Switch DCS 3950 FE Switch DCS3650 FE Switch 24*FE +2*GE Combo DCS-3650-26C-PoE DCS-3650-8C DCS-3650-10C 16*FE +1*GE Combo 24*FE 24*FE +2*GE Combo 8*FE +(1 /2 GE Combo) IPv4/IPv6 QinQ QoS Security PoE DCS4500 GE Switch Full Gigabit Intelligent L2 Aggregation Switch 26(or50)*10/100/1000Base-T+4* GB SFP(Combo) DCS-3950-52C DCS-3950-28C DCS-3950-28CT-PoE 48*FE +4*GE Combo DCS-3950-26C 24*FE +4*GE Combo 24*FE+2*GE Combo+2*GT DCS-3650-26C 24*FE +2*GE Combo DCS-3650-16C DCS-3650-24

  16. Why DCN Technology Advantages: DCNOS • IGMPv1 • IGMPv2 • IGMPv3 • IGMP v1 Snooping • IGMP v2 Snooping • IGMP v3 Snooping • MLD v1 • MLD v2 • MLD v1 Snooping • MLD v2 Snooping • MVR for ipv4 and ipv6 • IGMP Proxy P:BGP、LDP PE:LDP、MPBGP、RT/RDACL、EXP QOS CE:VRF、OSPF • DVMRP • PIM-DM • PIM-SM • PIM-SSM • PIM-DM FOR IPV6 • PIM-SMFOR IPV6 • IPV4 multicast over IPV6 tunnel • Multicast source detect • Multicast controlled received Networks IPv4/v6 MPLS Multicast HA ISP2 ISP1 • OSPF • OSPF 802.1X Security • MRPP • Link trunk CPU filter • ECMP • PBR DHCP snooping option82 sFlow • VRRP • VRRP v3 URPF Firmware backup • LACP(802.3AD) • STP/RSTP/MSTP AM and Strong ACL ICMP limited Equipments MAC-binding DCNOS

  17. Why DCN Technology Advantages: IPv6

  18. Multi-layer Ring Protection Protocol Min 50ms Ring refresh Ethernet based ring protocol Real time state detect Auto refresh Why DCN Technology Advantages: 50ms Protection Hello packets Sent Flush Sent LINK-DOWN MRPP EMVTE • Enhanced Multiple VLAN subnet Traffic Engineering • MVTE • Min 50ms refresh time(ULPP+ULSM) • Traffic Load balance • Redundancy Master Node ULSM V 1-80 Slave port Master port √ V 61-80 V 1-20 V 41-60 V 21-40 ULPP Transit Node Transit Node V 1-40 V 41-80 Transit Node Transit Node Master Slave SW A SW B SW C

  19. Why DCN Professional Service With Quick Response OEM Users Users Users Service quality control system Partners OEM partner Service Support Team Agency Customer service hotline Service management system Key Customer/Key Partner contact window Service Management System: 5 Regional Service Team from Oversea Market Dept. Product Management Dept. After-Sales Service Dept. Testing Dept. and R&D Dept. Key Partner/ Key Customer Contact window: 7*24 hotline, IM etc EU Office

  20. Why DCN AAA Supply Chain Management • Agility, Adaptability, Alignment (3A) supply chain management ensures a quick response to market requirements with high quality and low cost • Worldwide logistic platform, with hubs established in Frankfurt,Beijing, Hongkong and Shenzhen

  21. Case Studies

  22. CERNET2 IPv6 Server Campus IPv4 Network DCRS7608 IPv6 NMS DCRS7604 DCRS5950 DCS4500 Case Studies RENMIN University IPv6 Network • Devices deployed:DCRS7608 DCRS7604 and DCS4500 • No1 IPv6 Network in China • More than 10,000 Access China

  23. Case Studies FTTx in Russia Backbone Network 5950-26 MRPP DCS 3950-28C • Devices deployed:DCRS5950F and DCS3950 • The project covers one city of 5,000 homes • DCNMRPP and Ring techniqueensure high reliability and expandability, providing IPTV, VoIPand Internet access Russia

  24. Case Studies Netherlands Enterprise User • Devices deployed:DCRS7608 and DCRS5750 • High reliability, each L2 Switch dual-homed to the backbone switches for redundancy • MSTP runs between the backbone switches and Layer 2 switches • Fully interoperable with existing standard-based devices High Speed Network Cisco Router F/W NMS Server Farm DCRS7608 DCRS5750 Netherlands Offices

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