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Corporate Giving

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Corporate Giving
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  1. Corporate Giving From Within the Jewish Community

  2. Things to Consider • Is there a difference between the individual’s gift and that person’s corporate gift? Really? • Does the donor perceive this as “double dipping”. • Can you determine which gift would yield greater amount?

  3. Does the corporate gift include family members who would not otherwise support the school? • How does the corporate giving program fit into the global fund raising picture? • Capital or annual? • What about the current economic situation? • How to create a key informants program.

  4. Corporate GivingThe Non-Jewish Community • Religion and religious causes receive virtually no support from the corporate community.

  5. How to overcome this obstacle. • Create a separate case for support that emphasizes the community aspects of your cause.

  6. Why would a non-Jewish corporation give to a Jewish private school? • Good corporate citizenship – create a positive image in the community • Self interest. Looking for Jewish business • Location and employee base • Strategic alliance with another non-profit • Can’t say no to the solicitor

  7. Research • Search business journals for philanthropic giving • Search for 990 listings of distributions • Identify key local, regional, and national decision makers • Conduct key informant exercise

  8. Tasks • Craft individual proposal for each company. Identify project that would be of interest. Avoid generic asks. • Create marketing materials that contextualize the religious or very specific ethnic aspects of the school. Avoid Hebrew or Yiddish terminology, • Study the fund raising guidelines of the corporation and follow them. Don’t ask if you don’t fit the criteria. • Identify the professional decision maker in the company and pick their brains. • New companies in an area are sometimes more eager to make themselves known as good corporate citizens. The most successful tool is a visit to the school.