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American romanticism

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American romanticism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American romanticism. Examining a Cultural Journey. FOCUSED NOTES…. (1) Ideals (2) Culture (3) Central Question (4) A Response… (5) Basic Philosophy (6) Basic Goal (7) Blending Ideals & Reality (8) Drawing Conclusions. “We will walk on our own feet; We will work with our own hands;

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american romanticism

American romanticism

Examining a Cultural Journey

focused notes
  • (1) Ideals
  • (2) Culture
  • (3) Central Question
  • (4) A Response…
  • (5) Basic Philosophy
  • (6) Basic Goal
  • (7) Blending Ideals & Reality
  • (8) Drawing Conclusions
“We will walk on our own feet;

We will work with our own hands;

We will speak our own minds.”

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

What American ideals are evident in this quote?Are these ideals still alive and well in our current society?
  • The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
  • Philosophy; beliefs; principles; values.
  • Usually reflected through a group’s art, music, or literature.
  • How do we display the culture of Fremd on a daily basis?
central question
Central question
  • Would American writers continue to imitate the English and European models of writing, or would they finally develop a distinctiveliterature of their own?
romanticism a response
Romanticism: A response…
  • Industrialization—squalid cities, wretched working conditions, disconnect between nature and the individual…
  • Limits of reason
  • Imagination can discover truths that the rational mind can’t reach
  • Powerful emotion connected to natural, unspoiled beauty



imagination individual feelings wild nature reason logic cultivation
ROMANTICISM’S BASIC PHILOSOPHY…Imagination, individual feelings, wild nature_________________________Reason, Logic, Cultivation

…in the realm of ART– placed a new premium on the intuitive, “felt” experience!

romanticism s basic goal
Romanticism’s basic goal

To rise above the “dull realities” to a realm of higher truth…

  • (1) Searched for “exotic” settings in the more “natural” past or in a world far removed from the industrialized city.
  • (2) Tried to reflect on the natural world until dull reality fell away to reveal underlying truth and beauty
blending ideals reality
Blending Ideals & Reality
  • Romanticism is RISING
  • America is EXPANDING
    • Westward Expansion
    • Growth of Nationalist Spirit
    • Rapid Spread of Cities
  • America “The limitless frontier”
    • Revolutionary Art Connections???


By Ralph Waldo Emerson

main idea detail notes
Main Idea – Detail NOTES
  • Begin by previewing the section for reading…
    • Look for: bolded words, italics, tables, charts, images, pull quotes, section headings, paragraph organization, reading questions, vocab., footnotes…
    • Give yourself a purpose for reading…
main idea detail notes1
Main Idea – Detail NOTES
    • These main points can take the form of questions or key words
    • Look to TOPIC SENTENCES to guide your note-taking in this section
    • Record information that elaborates on main points
    • Write the author’s ideas in your own words
    • Make the author’s message your own in order to ensure better comprehension and retention

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reading partners
Reading Partners

“Nature” by Emerson

Background/Vocab. page 205

Essay pages 205-206

Brock, Lauren

Johnny, David

Carly, Danielle B.

Virginia, Sara

Matt, Sarah

Danielle R., Brianna

Nick M., Mike

Katherine, Christine

Emily M., Ethan

Lucas, Katie

Brad, Nihaal

Emily G., Phil

Nate, Nick P.

Matt, Jackson

Aman, Julian Z.

James, Alex

Ashley, Austin

Karlee, Joe

Taylor, Julian G.

paragraph 1
  • Emerson catalogues the importance of solitude.
  • Stars: awe-inspiring; thrilling; deserving of reverence; are to be admired.
  • People take stars…and other elements in nature…for granted.
paragraph 2
  • Natural objects are to be revered because they are always there but always “inaccessible” to humans
  • Nature reflects all the best qualities of man.
  • Nature always surprises and delights man.
paragraph 3
  • We are all poets when we speak of nature.
  • Even though all men can be in, experience, and write about nature…no man owns the whole landscape.
  • We can own parts of nature, but never all of nature.
paragraph 4
  • Most people can’t truly see nature
  • Most people only see nature superficially.
  • Children retain an innocence that allow them to truly see nature.
  • To love nature is to retain this childhood innocence and ability.
paragraph 41
  • Most people can’t truly see nature
  • Nature assuages our troubles by taking us outside ourselves and reconnecting us to the grandeur of its divine creation.
  • In nature we can be perpetually young.
paragraph 5
  • The most special aspect of nature is the hidden relationship between man and the natural world (vegetable)
  • We (humans) are not alone in the world.
  • Nature has a spiritual effect on humans.
paragraph 6
  • This delight and power comes from the harmonious relationship between man and nature
  • Nature is not always beautiful to the eye.
  • The look of nature will mirror the spirit of the man.
nature raft
Nature Raft
  • Role – A specific element of nature
  • Audience – A specific piece of modern day technology
  • Format – A persuasive letter
  • Topic – Argue why the natural world can afford more benefits to human beings than modern day technology. Be as specific as possible in your examples. Employ one example of either LOGOS, PATHOS, or ETHOS in your argument. Look to Emerson for support!!!