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Taylor Currell

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Taylor Currell. Studio I Professor Brian Rex. Elevations and section modeled in Auto Cad. Studio I continued.

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Taylor Currell

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    1. Taylor Currell

    2. Studio IProfessor Brian Rex Elevations and section modeled in Auto Cad.

    3. Studio I continued I was able to represent the different spaces by combining Form Z and Sketch Up models. By making the inner works or wire Framing of the structure present it was possible to make the intent clear.

    4. Studio I Continued The theater structure in which I designed is constructed of interlocking shapes with a large rectangular transition space which navigates the entire length of the theater.

    5. Studio I Continued After finalizing the programmatic spaces I was able to diagram a walk through of the theater (using Form Z), starting at the entrance and ending at the theater screen.

    6. Studio IIProfessor Tai Chi Azegami This was a free hand assignment in which we were to choose some kind of object that dealt with a liquid in some way and to draw plans and sections of that object. The original drawings, of the hose faucet which I chose, were lead on velum sheets which were then scanned to explore further. The assignment was not only to display free hand rendering skills but also to show how one could relate different drawings on paper and also by using Photoshop. By overlaying multiple sections and plans of the faucet that I had chosen, I was able to find different void spaces and use them to highlight hierarchy.

    7. Studio II Continued This is my final submittal, for a Coney Island Design Competition in which the class participated in, which I sent to New York. The programmatic spaces were given to us included with square footage.

    8. Studio IIIProfessor Michael Peters This was an assignment in which we were to design a façade for Design Within Reach, a well known furniture dealer. The site we were given was one in Lubbock which we could go to and get pictures and information. To present my project in the most clear way I used Auto Cad renderings, Photoshop, and Autodesk VIZ renderings combined with photographs.

    9. Studio III Continued We were to design an aquatic center for this project which uses heavy trusses in its construction. My design started with the location of the pools. I placed the majority of the program in the central area where it could be located easily from almost anywhere. It is a two floor structure with the second floor acting as a observation/concessions deck. The locker rooms…..

    10. Studio III Continued …are located below the deck, along with first aid and a wet classroom. The façade of the structure is designed with a blue tent glass to represent the reason for the building, water or swimming. I also designed the building with varying joints in the facade to create a great deal of shadows to add to the overall appearance.

    11. Studio IV

    12. CDA Architects Chambliss Design Associates Location: Champions area of Houston of 1960 Started in 1995 Power Centers Grocery Stores Deerbrook Market Place: Humble, TX • Schematic Design • Construction Documents • Renderings • Interior/Exterior Registered in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas Univ. Plaza: Shreveport, LA