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SAVE THE. BUT… HOW?. Solar Energy!. What about feasibility?. Today’s solar cells aren’t good enough!. We have to save the world. Here’s how. Presentation by Valerie Ding. What does that even mean?. Quantum dot solar cell . Image taken at Bent Lab (Stanford) by VD.

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what about feasibility
What about feasibility?
  • Today’s solar cells aren’t good enough!

Quantum dot

solar cell. Image

taken at Bent Lab

(Stanford) by VD


A tuning fork. Image courtesy

Planetware Online Shop.


Happy solar

Image courtesy Western

Gardeners, “sunflower”


Do you recognize this

brand of chocolate?

Image courtesy Izismile “In fun we trust”

their materials
Their Materials
  • CdSeS quantum dots + TiO2 substrate = quantum dot solar cell
    • (1) Make the quantum dots!
    • (2) Deposit the quantum dots onto TiO2!
    • (3) Design and make the solar cell!
their research goal
Their Research Goal
  • “Test the concept of a rainbow solar cell”
  • Examine “the influence of Se:S (selenium to sulfur) ratio in tuning…quantum dots”

Arainbow solar cell

is able to harness much

of the wavelengths

in visible light and more.

Image courtesy

their findings
Their Findings

Selenium to sulfur ratio affects the colors that the quantum dots emit

At right is the proposed multilayer quantum dot solar cell. FTO = flourine doped tin oxide

so what
So what?
  • That is always the question.
  • Santra and Kamat have determined important correlations between quantum dot material and photovoltaic performance that can bring quantum dot solar cells to the next level.
  • …Saving the world!