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New Horizon College English. New Horizon College English. 新视野大学英语. 新视野大学英语. 新视野大学英语. 视听说教程. 视听说教程. 视听说教程. UNIT 7. UNIT 7. Does money talk?. Contents. Lead-in Matching Game Brainstorming Watching and Discuss ing Acting It Out Fun Time Oral Assignment. Book 2 – Unit 7. Lead-in.

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New Horizon College English

New Horizon College English







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Does money talk?

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  • Lead-in

  • Matching Game

  • Brainstorming

  • Watching and Discussing

  • Acting It Out

  • Fun Time

  • Oral Assignment

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Work in groups, discuss the following questions and then share your answers with the whole class.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Questions for groups 1 and 2:

1. Is money the most important thing in your life? If

not, what is it and why?

2. If you have a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Questions for groups 3 and 4:

1. What qualities must a person have to make big


2. If someone wants to borrow money from you, would you lend him some? If not, what would you say?

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Matching Game

Work in pairs and try to do the matching.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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  • Learn about the coins of the American and English currency. Compare them with the Chinese coins.

American Coins General names English Coins Chinese Coins

2 pence

5 pence

10 pence

20 pence

50 pence

1 pound

1 fen

5 fen

1 jiao

2 jiao

5 jiao

I yuan





half dollar

usu. paper form

1 cent

5 cents

10 cents

25 cents

50 cents

1 dollar

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B.Here are some proverbs or idiomatic use concerning money , Now the whole class works together to translate them into Chinese.


Money talks.


Money is the root of evil.



Penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Save your pennies for a rainy day.


A penny saved is a penny earned.


Every coin has twosides.



He turned up like a bad penny.

She married money.


Book 2 – Unit 7

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B.Now the whole class works together to translate the Chinese sayings into English.


to start from scratch

to keep up with the Johns



to spend money like water


to squeeze one’s dollar


to make a fortune


to tighten one’s belt


to have money to burn


to be heavily in debt


to tight purse strings

Book 2 – Unit 7

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C.Work with your group members to list as many things that people can get and not get with money as possible.

Things that can be bought with money

Things that cannot be bought with money

A villa in the ideal district

A harmonious family and real love

A great meal in a luxurious restaurant


Real comfort and friends

A splendid car

A tour all over the world

Enjoyment and happiness

Beautiful clothes and jewelry

Inner beauty and elegance

A large collection of books and paintings

Knowledge and competence

All kinds of gym equipment




Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Now watch two clips from the movie A Million

Pound Note. After that work in groups of 4 and have a discussion. Then finish the following tasks.

Clip 1

Clip 2


Your Tasks:



Book 2 – Unit 7

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Book 2 – Unit 7

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Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Task 1. Group Discussion

Group members work together, retell in English what happens in the two movie clips. Then each group sends one member to report your understanding of the influence of money on people’ s life.

Reference 1 >>

Reference 2 >>

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Reference 1 The first clip:

Wanting to throw away his old-fashioned and worn-out clothes,

Henry Adams walks into a tailor’s. After explaining what he

wants, he is directed into the basement where the cheap ready-made

clothes are sold. While Henry is trying on his clothes, the boss

tells the boy, Todd, who is waiting on Henry, to send Henry away

quickly by the side door. After Henry decides to buy the suit and

asks to pay for it a month later, Todd mocks him for having no

money. But after Todd sees the million pound note, he is stunned

and just lets out some sob-like sounds. Then the

boss comes and he is astonished to see the note, too. He changes his

attitude immediately, and offers to make scores of suits for

Henry to wear for all the seasons. He measures Henry and introduces him to the best hotel.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Reference 2 The second clip:

After people getting to know that Henry Adams is a millionaire, they invite to various occasions, such as an auction for an orphanage. He offers all that he has with him, 82 pounds and 10 shillings but the others are not satisfied. Then his joking gesture

With a child was mistaken for the offer of 5,000 pounds. And he is forced to accept that even though he is reluctant to.

Then a variety of appeals come to him, from the hospital

, the children, the church, and so on. He cannot feel at

ease even in his sleep. He wakes up from his dreams because of the

appeals for money. He cannot afford such kind of life any more and decides to hide in some safe place in order to avoid all the troubles

that the million pound note has brought.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Task 2. Group Discussion

Compare the different ways in which people behave to

Henry Adams in the two movie clips. What do you think is the reason? Do you think this phenomenon is common nowadays? Then each group sends one member to report

your understanding.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Task 3. Debate

After watching the movie clips, do you think money

can bring people greater freedom? Have a debate with your partner(s) on this topic.

Reference 1 >>

Reference 2 >>

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Reference 1

For “Money can bring greater freedom”

I think money brings people more freedom in many

respects. Take the jobs we have for example. Many people work not because they like what they do, but because they need the money to buy food, clothing, shelter and other necessities in life. They simply have no choice. But if they have enough money, they can take a job that is both a source of earnings and of pleasure. No longer do they have to work extra hours to earn more, or check every price tag to make sure what they buy justify the expense. In that case life will be much easier.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Reference 1 (cont.)

With money they will be free to buy luxuries and modern conveniences to enjoy material comfort. And the material comfort can give them a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. They may feel free to donate to charity, church, and anyone or any organization in need. In this way they not only achieve peace of mind but also win respect from the public. Moreover, when freed from financial problems, people can devote more time to what they really love to do. Many a time, a lack of money is the obstacle that prevents people from pursuing their goals. But if they have money, they will have both the time and the means to do what they wish to do. Money can really give them greater freedom.

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Watching and Discussing

Reference 2

Against “Money can bring greater freedom”

Many people think life would become easier if they had more money. But unfortunately this is very often not the case.

For one thing, money is something that feeds upon itself. The more money people have, the more they want and the stronger their desire to accumulate fortune. There are always bigger houses and better cars out there. This point can be well illustrated by John Rockefeller, one of the richest men in the past century, when asked how much was enough for him, answered, “Just a little more.” Once people get trapped in this desire, they become slaves to money and lose their freedom. For another thing, money and material goods make endless demands on people’s time and energy. The more they own, the greater the demand. So they may end up busily

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Watching and Discussing

Reference 2 (cont.)

attending to their money instead of enjoying the comforts that their money is supposed to provide. Meanwhile, they will have few friends but many enemies; they do not trust people, not even their own family; they are always eaten up by worries about how to make more money and how to keep their money. So even a person have all the money in the world, he would probably be friendless, lonely and unhappy, for money cannot buy the most valuable things in life, such as love, friendship and good health. Again they become slaves to money.

No one can get anywhere without money, but can’t get everywhere with money. Therefore, it seems reasonable to conclude that having too much money may actually limit one’s freedom.

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Acting It Out

Situation 1 — Two Friends

John has just got the monthly allowance from his father. He wants to blow it all so he asks Tom to go shopping with him. Tom asks him what he wants to buy. John was not quite sure and he goes on to say that he wants to buy some CDs. Tom tries to convince John to save the money until he knows what he needs. John says saving money doesn’t sound like much fun. He goes on saying that he needs some new CDs. Tom says that John also needs a financial advisor.

Reference >>

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Acting It Out

Sentences for reference

For Tom:

That just sounds like you…

That’s so like you/ your style…

If you spend all that money on…

If you waste all your money on…

You also need a financial advisor!

You need someone to tell you how to use your money.

For John:

…I want to blow it all.

I want to get rid of it right way.

I don’t know/ I’m not sure…

If I just hold on my money…

If I just save my money…

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Acting It Out

Situation 2 — Two Colleagues

Robert gives some money to the beggar because the beggar looks miserable. This surprises Susan because Robert is usually careful with his money.

She believes that the beggar should find a job to support himself. Unconvinced, Robert argues that he would offer to help when some one have a hard time in life. Although Susan insists that the beggar will waste the money, Robert prefers to share some of his good luck with others.

Reference >>

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Acting It Out

Sentences for reference

For Susan:

You gave your hard-earned cash to…?

You are always so careful with/about your money.

You are always so economical.

I just wonder why the guy doesn’t get a job…

They will just waste the money if…

For Robert:

He looked as if…

I’d like to help/ give a hand when…

Some people have a hard time…

I’d like to share some of my good luck with…

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Acting It Out

Share your bargaining strategies with your partner(s). Then try to act it out.

Situation 3 — Customer(s) and shop assistant

You want to buy a pair of shoes to wear on a party. You find a pair of high-heeled red shoes which goes well with your skirt. Then you bargain with the assistant on the price. Finally, the shop assistant gives you a 30 percent discount.

Reference >>

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Acting It Out

Sentences for reference:

  • For the assistant:

  • Have you been waited on?

  • Please take your time and let me know if you need help.

  • They fit you perfectly. And the color going well with …/ is very becoming to you.

  • This is our sale period. This price is already 20 percent off.

  • Then I have to consult the boss for a further discount.

  • For the customer:

  • I’m just browsing…

  • Could you recommend a pair of shoes …?

  • This pair is a little too tight/wide…

  • I hope you wouldn’t mind hunting…

  • Can you give me a discount?

  • Will you give me any discount if I …

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Fun Time

Here are some interesting sayings about money.

Read and discuss on them with your partners:

Money can buy off a mean person, but it can never buy off truth.

Money is a bottomless sea, in which honor, conscience, and truth may be drowned.

Money doesn’t change people…it just unmasks them.

Friendship is like money…easier made than kept.

Laziness is like money…the more you have, the more you seem to want.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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Fun Time

A dollar won’t do as much for people as it used to…but then people won’t do as much for a dollar as they used to.

A balanced budget is when the month and the money run out together.

The gift people appreciate most is something you made yourself… like money.

It’s funny how a dollar looks so big when you take it to church and so small when you take it to the store.

The two most important things about your money are, to make it first, then make it last.

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Fun Time

Now listen to a song about money, and fill in the blanks with the missing words:

Money, Money, Money

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the ______  I have 

to payAin’t it sadAnd still there never seems to be a single ______

left for meThat’s too badIn my dreams I have a planIf I got me a __________ manI wouldn’t have to work at all, I’ll fool around and 

have a ball...




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Fun Time

Money, money, moneyMust be ________In the rich man’s worldMoney, money, moneyAlways _______In the rich man’s worldAha-ahaaaAll the things I could doIf I had a little moneyIt’s a rich man’s worldMan like that is hard to find but I can’t get him 

off my ______Ain’t it sad




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Fun Time


And if he happens to be free I bet he wouldn’t ____ meThat’s too badSo I must leave, I’ll have to goTo las vegas or monacoAnd win a _______ in a game, my life will 

never be the same...Money, money, moneyMust be funnyIn the rich man’s worldMoney, money  moneyAlways sunny…


What do you think of the

lyrics of the song?

Is it too money-oriented?

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Oral Assignment

Prepared for a short play:

Imagine you were walking on the street. A robber jumped out with a knife in hand to order you to give him all your money and the valuables. How would you react? What would you do and say to save your valuables as well as your life?

On next class, one student will play the role of the robber. Another student the victim. Give the whole class a performance to see who will win in the end.

Book 2 – Unit 7

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That is all.

See you next time!