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12 September 2012 Recruitment International BDO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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12 September 2012 Recruitment International BDO. Robert Drake, Safe Screening . Agenda. Brief i ntroduction to Safe Computing/Safe Screening Screening and compliance l egal i ssues Pre-employment s creening and c ompliance Safe Outsourcing Questions and answers .

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12 September 2012

Recruitment International


Robert Drake, Safe Screening


Brief introduction to Safe Computing/Safe Screening

Screening and compliance legal issues

Pre-employment screening and compliance

Safe Outsourcing

Questions and answers

Safe computing
Safe Computing

  • long established and successful software and outsourcing provider based in the UK

  • wide variety of markets sectors with some vertical specialism, especially within the staffing and labour markets

  • Safe Tempest – end to end recruitment solution

  • Safe Financials – fully integrated accounting suite

  • Safe Credit Control – proactive credit and query management solution

  • Safe EMS – modular payroll, HR, self service and time and attendance

  • Safe Outsourcing

  • 7offices throughout the UK, with strong financial status

Safe screening
Safe Screening

  • Safe Computing acquired Safe Screening in November 2011 to compliment it’s product offering

  • Safe Screening can be used as standalone product or integrated into your ATS, e-recruitment or on-boarding processes.

  • in the cloud, based in the Amazon Web Services platform AWS.

    • stability

    • scalability

Prevention of illegal working and establishing the right to work in the uk
Prevention of illegal working and establishing the right to work in the UK

  • employer’s obligation to prevent illegal working

  • civil and criminal sanctions under the 2006 Act

  • the statutory excuse

Legal framework
Legal work in the UKframework

  • Asylum and Nationality Act 1996 (for those employed between 27 January 1997 and 28 February 2008)

  • Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (for those employed from 29 February 2008 onwards)

  • few prosecutions for the criminal offence under 1996 Act

  • 2006 Act retained criminal offence and introduced new civil penalty

Civil and criminal sanctions under 2006 act
Civil and Criminal Sanctions under 2006 Act work in the UK

  • employer may be liable for a civil penalty or commit a criminal offence

  • civil penalty imposed if employer negligently employs someone without the right to undertake the work for which they are employed (section 15)

  • criminal offence if an employer knowingly employs an individual who does not have the right to undertake the work for which they are employed (section 21)

  • only applies to employment contracts or apprenticeships - does not apply to self employed consultants

The statutory e xcuse
The work in the UKstatutory excuse

  • an employer is excused from paying a civil penalty if it can show that it complied with any prescribed requirement in relation to the employment of an individual.

  • in practice employers can establish the statutory excuse if they undertake a series of specified steps.

  • checks must be carried out before the employment begins.

  • conducting the checks on the day they start work will not satisfy the 2006 Act

Employer s legal obligations
Employer’s legal obligations work in the UK


  • must check validity of original documents

  • must identify false documents

  • must make and retain copies of original documents

  • should (and sometimes must) conduct regular checks

Straw pole
Straw work in the UKpole

Who currently undertakes pre-employment screening?

Any agencies providing as a service?

Who does it manually?

Any automated systems?

Who uses external data sources?

Who outsources?

When do we screen
When do we screen? work in the UK


Establish right to work and employee ID

Short List

Take up references


Selection offer

Start work

Match employee with ID documents

Screening work in the UK





  • pre-screening

  • candidate driven

  • compliance

  • contracts and compliance

  • real-time data validation

  • automated and manual workflows

Why screen
Why work in the UKscreen?

  • ensures the integrity of the candidate 

  • protects the reputation of the hiring firm 

  • guarantees compliance with corporate governance guidelines 

  • ensures compliance with industry regulations 

  • protects from negligent hiring lawsuits 

  • saves /generates your firm money 

Industry defined s creening s tandards
Industry work in the UKdefined screening standards:

Corporate Manslaughter

Act 2007





Developed Vetting

78222 NHSE

Employment Check Standards

NATO Confidential

NATO Restricted


Security Check


General Teaching Council


Security Industry Authority



National Security



Enhanced Basic Standard


Baseline Personnel Security Standard



Financial Services Authority

UK Border Agency

Right to Work

Cosmic Top Secret

5 work in the UKthgeneration screening


Data, technology and process

  • Using similar data sources

  • Quest for compliance automation

  • Early qualification

  • Cost effective

Check data sources
Check data sources work in the UK

Telephone No.


Date of Birth


Credit Cards


Business Universe



Fraud Alert

IP Address



DVLA work in the UK

Criminal background
Criminal work in the UKbackground

Passport checks
Passport work in the UKchecks

Document validation
Document validation work in the UK

  • there are 237 countries worldwide

  • each country has various different ID document types

  • document validation is the method by which images are analysed to determine weather they are valid and authentic

  • documents can be invalid for

  • a number of reasons:

    • expired Documents

    • fake

    • altered

What types of document
What types of document? work in the UK

Drivers licences


ID cards

Residents permits

Compliance work in the UK

External a udits
External work in the UKaudits

Outsourced service
Outsourced work in the UKservice

Questions and answers
Questions and work in the UKanswers