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Teacher Induction South Western Sydney Institute PowerPoint Presentation
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Teacher Induction South Western Sydney Institute

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Teacher Induction South Western Sydney Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teacher Induction South Western Sydney Institute. Crown Employees (Teachers in TAFE and Related Employees, Bradfield College and Teachers in TAFE Children’s Centres) Salaries and Conditions Award 2009. South Western Sydney Regional Human Resource Services. HUMAN RESOURCE RESPONSIBILITIES.

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Teacher InductionSouth Western Sydney Institute

Crown Employees (Teachers in TAFE and Related Employees, Bradfield College and Teachers in TAFE Children’s Centres) Salaries and Conditions Award 2009

south western sydney regional human resource services
South Western Sydney Regional Human Resource Services


  • Strategic HR Management
  • Performance Management
  • Discipline
  • Complaints
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Payroll & Leave Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Workforce Planning
  • OH&S
  • Workers Compensation
  • Rehabilitation

Building Z Wetherill Park College

The Horsley Drive Wetherill Park 2149

Phone number 9609 9249

Fax number 9609 7319

employment conditions entitlement resources
Employment Conditions & Entitlement Resources
  • SWS Intranet page Policies and Other Documents (PoD)
  • SWSI Regional HR Services Intranet page
      • http://swsitwww/SWSI_Intranet/HR/HRindex.aspx
  • Industrial Relations URL
    • Awards, salary rate, industrial instruments
  • Human Resources URL
    • HR Policies & Procedures
conditions of employment quiz
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

Some questions to discuss in your groups relating to:

TAFE Teachers Award

TAFE Teacher Programs



Performance Management

Code of Conduct

conditions of employment quiz1
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

1 TAFE Teachers Award

Do I know the name of the Award covering my employment?

Are all my entitlements and conditions of employment covered by this Award?

Where could I find it?

Who can help me with questions on my employment conditions?

conditions of employment quiz2
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

2. Teachers programs

How many weeks do I work each year?

How many hours do I work each week?

What type of activities would I be doing in my teaching program?

Do I complete my weekly hours at my College?

How do I record my timetable?

conditions of employment quiz3
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

3. My Leave

What type of leave do I have?

How much leave am I entitled to?

Who do I contact if I cannot come to work?

How do I request approval for leave?

Do I get recognition of previous TAFE work for leave entitlements?

conditions of employment quiz4
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

4. Salaries

Do I get any salary loading for different activities?

Do I get paid overtime?

How many salary steps are there for a TAFE teacher?

Can I have my employer superannuation contribution in my current super account?

Do I have the option of salary sacrifice?

conditions of employment quiz5
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

5. Performance Management

Am I entitled to professional development or training?

Am I covered by a performance management scheme?

What support do I get in my first year of employment?

When and how am I confirmed as a permanent employee?

conditions of employment quiz6
Conditions OF EMPLOYMENT Quiz

6. Code of Conduct

Can I have a second job?

Can I use TAFE equipment for personal use?

Appropriate use of electronic communication?

What is expected by “professional and appropriate” behaviour?