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First Order Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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First Order Questions

First Order Questions

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First Order Questions

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  1. Data Architecture at EPA: Opportunities for Information Sharing Kevin Kirby, Data ArchitectJanuary 2, 2008

  2. Which programs/segments operate “Environmental Management” business lines? What does that mean in practice? Business functions Applications and Services Data Environmental Business Line First Order Questions

  3. EPA’s Enterprise Architecture

  4. Enterprise Architecture Segments • Segment priorities beginning in FY06 are highlighted with an asteric (*) • EPA selected Records Management as its FY07 priority segment Core Mission Area Segment Enterprise Service Segment Business Service Segment Partner Views

  5. Environmental Business Line FEA Business Reference Model

  6. Environmental Business Line EPA’s Environmental Mgt. BRM (top sub-functions)

  7. FEA Data Reference Model (DRM) How do I exchange Data? Query Points Exchange Packages Data Sharing Registries How do I Find and access Data What does the Data Mean? MetaData Data Context Data Description Taxonomies

  8. Data Management Functions Data Architecture, Analysis & Design Unstructured Data Management Data Quality Improvement Database Administration Data Stewardship, Strategy & Governance Reference & Master Data Management Data Security Management Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Metadata Management

  9. Environmental Business Line Questions for this Group • What data sets in support of your programmatic / segment activities do you have in DRM format? • What pertinent applications/services do you have, and how do these map to data sets and business functions?- What business lines do we have in common?- What Segment Architecture project(s) do we need to establish touch points among Segments? • Would you be interested in participating in a Community of Interest around MetaData

  10. Environmental Business Line Potential Goals of a Data Architecture Strategy • Share Business:Know what business functions are (or should be) conducted across offices/segments • Share methodologies and approaches • Share Services • SOA services • Federated business component systems • Share DATA • Converging data standards • Ultimately, shared ontologies?

  11. Environmental Business Line What EPA Is Doing to Enable Data Sharing • EPA Exchange Network- Building State Exchange Nodes • Data Integration/Data Warehousing COI- Exploring better ways to share information across EPA • Other Segment examples for discussion: • AIRQUEST: An outward-facing Data Mart developed by EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation • WATERS: Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data • Geospatial Services Segment Architecture: Designed by EPA to share geospatial capabilities through the GDG • Emergency Response: A portal for common emergency management data sets