Eat right get tight
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Eat Right, Get Tight! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eat Right, Get Tight!. This is not a get skinny quick regimen, It is a Life Change…. Click here to get started!. Are you tired of promises to lose weight fast? - Fad diets, diet pills, and miracle foods do not work, and they are not in the best interest of you!

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Eat right get tight

Eat Right, Get Tight!

This is not a get skinny quick regimen, It is a Life Change…

Click here to get started!

  • Are you tired of promises to lose weight fast?

  • -Fad diets, diet pills, and miracle foods do not work, and they are not in the best interest of you!



  • Do you want the real answers to losing weight and being healthy?

  • -Losing weight and becoming fit it not about dieting, it is a healthy change in lifestyle.

  • -This presentation is an over view for the new you, with information on healthy eating, exercising, muscle building, and long term goals!

  • Are you ready for a change????

  • If so…

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Healthy Change

  • -Healthy change begins with a positive mindset. You have to realize that losing weight and becoming fit is a marathon, not a sprint. Results will come!

  • The first step is revamping your eating plan. It takes balanced meals at proper times.

  • The second step is exercising. Healthy eating will help to lose weight, but exercising speeds up the process.

  • The third step is taking the exercising to the next level by incorporating muscle toning to lose those “flabby” areas to see the real results.

  • And last is a long term commitment with yourself. Remembering that this is not a diet, a person goes on a diet and quits. This is a lifestyle change that should last forever and if committed, it will help a person look great and add years to their life!

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1. You Are What You Eat…

  • -Healthy eating takes knowing what kind, how much, and when to eat food. Skipping meals results in low metabolism rates and will make a person crave food. Balanced meals at the right times is the way to go.

  • The easiest way to find out what you should eat is by going to

  • The website is provided by the United States Agriculture Department and is free to the public.

  • The website customizes specific food pyramid charts based on information you enter about yourself. This shows what categories of food are needed and how much your daily calorie intake should be.

  • The website also provides a MyPyramid Menu Planner, MyPyramid Tracker, and Tips & Resources.

2. Exercise 101…

  • After a meal makeover takes place you should begin to see some changes. Your body will begin to feel cleansed and more energized.

  • This is when exercising comes into action! Exercise increases the need for energy in your body, which increases metabolism. In order to lose weight a person must burn calories, and a high metabolism helps to burn more calories.

  • When beginning to exercise it is important to know your limitations!

  • -First, you will need a doctor checkup to make sure you are in good health.

  • -Second, a workout plan is needed.

  • -Workout plans can be as simple as starting to walk thirty minutes a day for a month, then increasing to 40-50 minutes or even a light jog. Workout plans can also be extensive to include interval training and circuit training.

Click here for more Exercise 101

3. Exercise Plans:

  • Depending on your age and physical fitness will determine were you should begin your exercise.

  • It is recommended that 30-60 minutes three times a week should be spend exercising.

  • One of the best ways to determine a workout plan is referring to the MyPyramid website again. The MyPyramid tracker allows you to see how many calories different exercises burn.

  • Some examples of exercise are simply walking at a brisk pace for 30-60 minutes, jogging for 30-60 minutes, riding a bike at a faster pace for 30-60 minutes, joining a fitness class, or interval training (for ex. walk for five minutes, jog for two minutes, walk for a minute, run at a fast pace for thirty seconds; repeat several times).

  • Example videos:



Champions click here…

4. Beach Ready…

  • After beginning an exercise program, the next step is to get the beach body. This happens with toning the body!

  • Weight programs help with toning the body. And no, weight programs do not have to make a person bulky.

  • The key is to start out with small weight, then progress.

  • Weight training takes knowledge and the best advice is to research weight training programs written by strength trainers, or have a trainer write a program for yourself.

  • By this point you have had a healthy eating makeover, progressed in exercising, starting body toning, and now it is time for new beach wear!!!

Finish Up

5. Way to Go!!!

You did it! Just remember this a not a diet, it is a lifestyle change that should last you forever.

So start getting healthy and add years to your life!

Enjoy the ride…

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