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The Objectives of this Presentation

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The Objectives of this Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Continuing Professional Development to Meet Internationally Accepted Bench Mark Competencies By Fabian Jayasuriya Msc.(Eng.), CEng. (UK), IEng. (UK), IEng.(SL), MCIBSE, MITE, MASHRAE. The Objectives of this Presentation.

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The Objectives of this Presentation

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Continuing Professional Development to Meet Internationally Accepted Bench Mark CompetenciesByFabian JayasuriyaMsc.(Eng.), CEng. (UK), IEng. (UK), IEng.(SL), MCIBSE, MITE, MASHRAE

the objectives of this presentation
The Objectives of this Presentation
  • To review the fundamental core elements required for professional development which may have known to you
  • To explain you the need of continuing of professional development to the level of internationally accepted benchmark competencies
  • To encourage you to develop your professional competence
benchmark competencies
Benchmark Competencies

A. Knowledge & Understanding

B. Applications to Practice

C. Management and Leadership

D. Interpersonal skills

E. Ethics & Principles

knowledge understanding
Knowledge & Understanding

Maintain and Extend Sound Theoretical Approach

  • Read Technical Journals
  • Engage through a project involvement in new areas for development and research
  • Creative and innovative Development of Engineering Technology and Continuous improvement Systems
  • Read technical publications relevant to your field of engineering
  • Be a member of a professional institute relevant to your field of engineering practice
  • Read Publications of relevant professional institutions
  • Engage in post graduate degree level or graduate degree level studies
b applications to practice
B. Applications to Practice
  • Apply Theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solutions of engineering problems
  • Participate in discussions to enhance knowledge and understanding
  • Research, design and development
  • Implement design solutions and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Engage in carrying out necessary tests to evaluate

performance or to find out defects

  • Engage in cost plan for a project
  • Undertake engineering design
  • Conduct Value Engineering exercises
  • Read manufacturers literature and test data to establish understanding of a product or an equipment
  • Attend seminars
  • Visit technical exhibitions
management and leadership
Management and Leadership
  • Plan for effective project implementation
  • Budget, Organise ,direct and control task people and resources.
  • Staff management and technical development
  • Manage continuous quality improvements
interpersonal skills
Interpersonal Skills
  • Know and manage your own emotions, strengths and weakness
  • Effectively manage your own time
  • Work with others and communicate
  • Present and discuss proposals
  • Chair and record meetings and discussions
  • Write reports , prepare letters and documents
  • Deliver lectures / presentations
  • Improve listening skills
  • Learn languages ( English/Arabic )
  • Resolve conflicts and enhance productive working atmosphere
  • Be aware of the needs and concerns of others
ethics principles
Ethics & Principles
  • At all times uphold the dignity and reputation of your profession
  • Exercise professional skills and judgement to the best of your ability
  • Maintain your professional competence through systematic improvement
  • Discharge your professional responsibilities with honesty.
  • Do not undertake any work beyond your professional or technical competence
  • Be concerned about public health and safety issues
  • Be concerned about environmental policies
  • Mentor, assist and guide the professional development of others
  • Carryout continuing professional development necessary to maintain and enhance competence