presented by janeen tucker evp workforce development n.
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Presented By: Janeen Tucker EVP, Workforce Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented By: Janeen Tucker EVP, Workforce Development

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Presented By: Janeen Tucker EVP, Workforce Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented By: Janeen Tucker EVP, Workforce Development. March 25, 2014. For Clarification. For Clarification. Interns One semester or over a season (summer, etc ) Paid or unpaid/ Credit or non-credit

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presented by janeen tucker evp workforce development
Presented By:

Janeen Tucker

EVP, Workforce Development

March 25, 2014

for clarification
For Clarification

For Clarification


  • One semester or over a season (summer, etc)
  • Paid or unpaid/Credit or non-credit
  • Often times students will do more than one internship throughout their college career so that they can try out a couple of different fields or positions and compare them to see which one they like best


  • More than one semester
  • Students might take classes in the fall and then work for the company during spring semester
  • This rotation can sometimes go on for more than one year


  • Students or employees who work with an employer that agrees to ‘sponsor’ and train for a specific skilled trade
go intern benefits resources
GO intern! Benefits & Resources
  • Online Resources
  • Go Intern! Partner Handbook
  • Intern Job Posting site
  • Coordination with 17 bi-state colleges & universities
    • GSU, CSU, Kennesaw, Mercer, CTC, Embry-Riddle, Auburn, Tuskegee, Miller-Mott, Troy, GA Tech, UGA, Southern Poly, UA, Virginia, CVCC, Phoenix
identify your business needs
Identify Your Business Needs

Do you need an intern?

  • Do you have difficulty finding qualified new employees?
  • Does your organization require skills or talents that are typically not learned in the classroom?
  • Do you provide goods or a service that sets your business apart from the competition?
  • Do your full-time employees have projects that could benefit from the focused attention of an intern, such as research or special projects?
  • Will existing resources, equipment and accommodations be sufficient for the intern?
  • Do you have appropriate personnel to oversee interns?
develop intern job description
Develop Intern Job Description
  • Every intern, whether volunteer or paid, needs a job description.
  • A good job description should tie directly to the missions and objectives of the organization describing:
    • Responsibilities of the intern position
    • Qualifications
    • system of support
    • Accountability
    • Successful performance measurements
  • A thorough job description will help avoid confusion and maximize your staff’s time and efforts.
  • The Partner Handbook will walk you through 11 questions to help you develop a good description and provide samples.
recruiting interns
Recruiting Interns
  • Participating companies will have exclusive avenues for recruiting interns including:
    • Go Intern! Career Fair, exclusively for companies hiring intern positions
    • Coordination with 17 bi-state college & universities
    • Chamber members may post intern job descriptions at:

  • Applicants apply directly to you and the hiring decisions will be up to you
selection process
Selection Process
  • The selection process for interns should closely resemble your company’s process for hiring regular employees
  • The success of the internship depends upon a good match between the company and the intern
  • Steps for evaluating student resumes and applications
  • Sample Interview Questions
intern program management
Intern Program Management
  • Formal intern orientation
  • Setting up a mentoring system
    • Mentor or Project Teams
  • Evaluation process
    • Intern Assessment
    • Employer Assessment
    • College/University Evaluation Form
  • Dress code policy and sample
    • Casual, Business Casual or Business Professional
human resource issues
Human Resource Issues
  • Proper Classification
    • Intern vs Employee
  • State and Federal Employment Laws
    • Fact Sheet #71 – US DOL Wage & Hour FLSA
  • Compensation & Benefits
    • Paid or Unpaid
    • Credit or Non-Credit
  • Social Media and Sample Policy
  • Dismissal of Intern Situations
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Should we offer academic credit?
  • How do I find an intern?
  • What are the benefits of mentoring an intern?
  • Should I offer an orientation?
  • Should I give the student a post-internship review?
sample forms
Sample Forms
  • Internship Application
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Internet Access Policy
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Social Media and Blogging
  • Internship Job Descriptions
  • Employer Evaluations
for more information
For More Information


Janeen Tucker

Executive Vice President

Workforce Development, Human Resources