Traditional chinese clothing chu nt ng zh nggu f zhu ng
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Traditional Chinese Clothing 传统 中国 服 装 Chuántǒng Zhōngguó Fúzhuāng - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traditional Chinese Clothing 传统 中国 服 装 Chuántǒng Zhōngguó Fúzhuāng. Ài kǎ 艾 卡 Zhōngwén 101 中 文 101. INTRODUCTION.

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Traditional chinese clothing chu nt ng zh nggu f zhu ng

Traditional Chinese Clothing 传统 中国 服 装 Chuántǒng Zhōngguó Fúzhuāng


艾 卡


中 文 101


There is no "typical" Chinese costume, although today, if any one style of clothing epitomises "Chineseness", it would be the Cheongsam, or Qipao, for female and the Tángzhuāng for male. Which evolved from ancient clothing of the Manchu ethnic minority during the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911).

Cheongsam (Qípáo) , meaning simply “long dress”, is popular because it fits the Chinese female figure well, has simple lines and looks elegant.

Tángzhuāng, literally “ Chinese Suit”, is the main form of formal dress for men on many occasions. 

Traditional Chinese clothing is not only colorful, artistic and elegant in the outside , moreover it has an internal symbolic meaning.

Clothing in Chinese society is a reflection of the culture’s values and beliefs.

ChinaVs Nicaragua

Chinese vs nicaraguan culture
Chinese Vs. Nicaraguan Culture.

Chinese Traditional clothing is suitable for wearing in all occasions.

Qípáo is also used as the wedding dress in North China.

Female outfit can either be long or short.

Recognized around the world, because of its simple yet exotic lines.

  • Nicaraguan typical costumes are beautiful and colorful, but uncomfortable for everyday use.

  • It is only used to represent the country in national or international cultural events.

    e.g. Miss Universe Event.

  • It is also used to dance Nicaraguan ballet.

Chinese clothing stores

In Asian Garden Mall.

New findings and thoughts

Clothing was invented in China about 4,500 years ago by yellow emperor “ first ruler of China”.

Chinese were wearing silk while other cultures were still dress in animals skins.

The earliest evidence of silk was found at the sites of Shānxī ,China. (27th century BCE )

The first Chinese characters were invented, and printed on clothing to show Chinese people’s rank and position.

e.g. wáng 王 monarch nú 奴 slaveyī 衣 Clothing.

New findings and thoughts

  • Chinese are said to have a fully developed system of matching, coordinating and contrasting colors and shades of light and dark in apparel.

  • Chinese clothing has an internal symbolism. E.g. Chinese associate color with specific seasons. Green represent spring, red –summer, white- autumn, and black-winter.

  • Red is the favorite color for Chinese people for red is considered as good luck that can keep evil spirits away.

Traditional Clothing is a meaningful and essential element in the history and culture of  China, for it represent the Chinese ancient way of life.


Wearing Tángzhuāng and Qípáo, became a popular trend again among Chinese people since it was presented as Chinese traditional national costume.

  • The ancient people’s world-view and way of thinking is manifested in Chinese Traditional clothing.