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Life In The Theater

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Life In The Theater. By Nicci , Maria, Emily, and Connor. Shakespeare’s Theater Company. Male actors only Called “Lord Chamberlin’s Men” Later called “King’s Men”. Where They Performed. The courts of Queen Elizabeth I Church of King James I

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Life In The Theater

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life in the theater

Life In The Theater

By Nicci, Maria, Emily, and Connor

shakespeare s theater company
Shakespeare’s Theater Company
  • Male actors only
  • Called “Lord Chamberlin’s Men”
  • Later called “King’s Men”
where they performed
Where They Performed
  • The courts of Queen Elizabeth I
  • Church of King James I
  • Lord Chamberlin’s Men staged performances at The Theatre.
  • 1599-performed at The Globe permanantly
  • Later the company performed at The Blackfrairs
london playhouses and other sites
London Playhouses and Other Sites
  • London Inns were important until the 1590’s.
  • London Playhouses

~Outdoor/public playhouses or indoor/private playhouses

  • First London Playhouse was built in Shoreditch by James Burbage in 1576
  • Famous Theaters-Curtain, Fortune, Rose, Swan, Globe, and Hope.
inside the theaters
Inside The Theaters
  • Shape- Polygonal/circular or square.
  • Diameter-72-100 feet.
  • Could fit 2-3,000 people.
  • Groundings and Nutshells

~groundings are people in back of the audience that were exposed to bad weather.

inside the theaters continued
Inside the Theaters (Continued)
  • The Early Stage

~Roof was called “The Heavens”

~53 feet in width, 27 feet in depth.

  • A Private Theater in Blackfrairs

~1608 indoor/private playhouse at Blackfrair’s, built in 1596 by James Burbage

~Stage was lit by candles

~Could hold less than 1,000 people, expensive admission

staging and performance
Staging and Performance
  • Scene changes with no curtain

~At end of a scene, all actors would exit stage, and new ones would come on.

  • Bare stage with different levels

~Most of Shakespeare’s stages were bare

~Some actors went beneath satge and came up through a trap door

staging and performance continued
Staging and Performance(Continued)
  • Boy Actors

~No women were actors.

~1660-women did act in public.

~Competition-Children of Paul’s and the Children of Chapel Royal

business arrangements
Business Arrangements
  • Phillip Henslowe owned the rose and leased it to other companies.
  • Shakespeare was very involved in the theatrical industry.
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